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In the vibrant world of LEGO 2K Drive, the thrill of racing combines with the joy of crafting colorful block creations. With 2K Games and Visual Concepts at the wheel, this game promises unique surprises and adventures. Explore our guide to conquer all Trophies and Achievements and make the most of your exhilarating journey. This article will explain you trophy/achievement guide in LEGO 2k Drive:

How Many LEGO 2K Trophies and Achievements are There?

PlayStation players can earn 39 LEGO 2K Drive trophies. One Platinum trophy, 22 Bronze, 12 Silver, and four Gold medals are included. Xbox gamers can get 1,000 Gamerscore from 38 achievements. Most LEGO 2K Drive trophies and milestones may be achieved by finishing the single-player campaign.

This includes collecting 50 new cars, damaging 1,000 objects, and winning Story mode’s final Sky Cup Grand Prix race. You must play LEGO 2K Drive for a long period to get the Platinum trophy. In Folk Hero’s Story mode, you must complete all quests.

LEGO 2k Drive

A tough feat that involves spinning 1,080 degrees in the air without a jetpack earns a gold award and 100 GS. Crystal Clear is the hardest award or accomplishment. This requires using the lawn mower to remove every weed patch on Earth, which takes time.

Obtaining the LEGO 2K Drive Platinum trophy should be easy if you work hard. Other gaming prizes and milestones are harder. Since online multiplayer games have no trophies or accomplishments, collecting them should be easier now.

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All Trophies and Achievements in LEGO 2K Drive

Trophy/Achievement Guide

The complete list of trophies and accomplishments for LEGO 2K Drive may be found below.

Trophy/Achievement Trophy Quality  Description

Tastes Like Platinum

Platinum Earn every trophy in the game
A Charismatic Mentor Bronze Get your first Checkered Flag in the story

Cruising Big Butte County

Bronze Drive around in Big Butte County in Story mode

Cruising Prospecto Valley

Bronze Drive around in Prospecto Valley in Story mode

Cruising Hauntsborough

Bronze Drive around in Hauntsborough in Story mode

New Challengers

Bronze Play 10 races or mini-games in Play With Everyone

3K Drive

Bronze Drive 3000 miles (4828 km)

Hop Upington

Bronze Jump 100 times

Just the Start

Bronze Collect 50 new vehicles

The Pit Crew

Bronze Collect 15 new drivers

Road Hog

Bronze Destroy 200 traffic vehicles

Brick Separator

Bronze Destroy 1000 objects

It Used To Work

Bronze Wreck 100 times

Sidewalk Hog

Bronze Punt 200 pedestrians into the air

Big Butte Champion

Bronze Beat the Big Butte Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode

Prospecto Champion

Bronze Beat the Prospecto Valley Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode

What’s This Button Do?

Bronze Use every type of power-up at least once

Heat Seeker

Bronze Hit opponents with missiles 15 times

Free Banana Smoothies

Bronze Discover all the Garages in the world in Story mode

Read the Manual

Bronze Complete all chapters of the Go-Kart tutorial in the Garage

Honk Means Hello

Bronze Talk to 150 folk

Hauntsborough Champion

Bronze Beat the Hauntsborough Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode

Couldn’t Have Drifted Better Myself

Bronze Drift 5000 meters

Missile Misser

Silver Avoid 50 missiles by jumping over them in races

All Perked Up

Silver Collect 10 Perks


Silver Find all the jetpacks in Big Butte County in Story mode


Silver Find all the rotorpacks in Prospecto Valley in Story mode


Silver Find all the batpacks in Hauntsborough in Story mode

Roadshow Ready

Silver Find all the Collectables in Big Butte County

Township Treasurer

Silver Find all the Collectables in Prospecto Valley

Paranormal Procurer

Silver Find all the Collectables in Hauntsborough

The Golden Ending

Silver Earn a Gold Medal in every On-the-Go event in the world

6K Drive

Silver Drive 6000 miles (9656 km)

You BREAK Stuff!

Silver Destroy 15000 objects


Silver Get to level 30 in Story Mode

Sky Cup Champion

Gold Beat the Sky Cup Grand Prix race in Story mode

Higher Orbit

Gold Spin 1080 degrees in the air without using a jetpack

Crystal Clear

Gold Mow down all weed patches in the world in Story mode

Folk Hero

Gold Complete all quests in the world in Story mode

While competing in the races in LEGO 2K Drive won’t take up too much of your time, progressing through the levels to meet the game’s requirements will require the greatest dedication.

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To a similar extent, the same can be said of the side quests and collectible hunting that players will need to engage in if they want to earn all of the trophies and awards available in the game.

Additional FAQs

How many GB is LEGO 2K Drive?

LEGO 2K Drive seems like a promising game right from the start when you install it. LEGO 2K Drive is only 9.3GB in size on Xbox Series X, which is shocking given its potential.

How many people can play LEGO 2K Drive?

The main focus will be playing through the Story Mode together, putting all six players in the game’s shared environment to participate in missions/races or go on their adventures.

Can you play LEGO 2K Drive offline?

Overall, LEGO 2K Drive was fun, even offline. Yes, I had a few minor problems, and playing on the Switch has certain limitations (slow load times between worlds or before races and the occasional hard crash and performance chug).

What is the difference between LEGO 2K Drive regular and awesome?

LEGO 2K Drive’s Awesome Edition costs $100. Still, it includes the Year 1 Drive Pass with the first four seasons of DLC, 550 in-game coins, the Awesome Pizza Vehicle, 3 days of early access, and the Awesome Bonus Pack with a Wheelie Stunt Driver minifig, Machio Beast Vehicle.


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