What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?


In this Blog, we will talk about What Does ISO Mean on Facebook? Some of the things that come with using social media are slang. You’ve probably already met a few people on Facebook that you might not have known before if you use it often.

Want to be on top of your slang game? Keep reading to learn some of the most common words you might see as you scroll through your feed.

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

Based on the social network you’re on, ISO can mean different things. On Facebook, it means “In Search Of.”

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

People on Facebook will use “ISO” to talk about a thing they want to buy or are looking for that other people they know might know about. People who write “ISO a good doggy daycare in the area” on their page exemplify this. Their friends will then be able to tell them which dog daycare they think is the best in the area.

What Are Some Other Possible Meanings for ISO?

Again, the acronym ISO may refer to a variety of various things depending on the social media network that you are on. When you’re on Facebook, the acronym ISO will almost always stand for “In Search Of.” However, you may discover alternative interpretations in other contexts.

When you encounter this word, you could also come across it being used with the meanings “in favour of,” “in the interest of,” or “in place of.” These are just some of the possible alternatives.

How do I know what EUC means on Facebook?

In the Facebook Marketplace, you may encounter other words you don’t know. EUC is one that you might come across and not know what it means.

“EUC,” for “Excellent Used Condition,” is one word people use to describe what they want to sell on Marketplace. Of course, the phrase means exactly what it says: the item has been used but is still in great shape.
All it does is help users make it more likely that their item will sell. By saying that the item has been used but is in great shape, you might get more people interested because the word “excellent” is used.

Keep an eye out for the word “EUC” the next time you’re looking for something in Marketplace. It could make your next buy a lot easier.

What Does NWT Mean on Facebook?

NWT, “New With Tags,” is another term you might see on Facebook Marketplace or any other social media site where people can sell things.

When an item is marked “NEW TRADES,” it means that the seller hasn’t used it much and that the tags are still on it to show that.

How do I know what PPU on Facebook means?

The phrase “Pending Pick Up,” or “PPU,” is often used on sites where people sell things to each other. On Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, you might see “PPU” written somewhere in the text.

PPU means that the customer and seller have agreed to the terms of the deal, and the thing is ready to be picked up. If the buyer doesn’t get the item from the seller, it will be open for other buyers to contact the seller.

Frequently Asked Question

What does ISO mean in a sentence?

“ISO” is a slang word that means “In Search Of.” People use it to say they want or need something or someone, usually on the internet, in places like social media, dating apps, or classified ads.

In a Facebook post, what does ISO stand for?

A lot of the time, ISO on Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups means “looking for.” If someone is looking for a certain product, this is an open call for anyone who has that product and wants to sell it to make an offer.

What does Snapchat ISO stand for?

“In Search Of” is what ISO stands for. People use this phrase a lot on social media and in online markets to say that they are looking for a certain item.


It’s always helpful to understand and be able to spot terms like the ones we talked about. Check out any of these terms the next time you’re on Facebook or Facebook Marketplace.

Now that you know all the possible slang you might encounter, you can look at them and say, “Hey, I know what all of these mean!”

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