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Embark on an enigmatic journey within Honkai: Star Rail’s captivating Hook quest, delving into the mischievous world of The Moles. In this mission, you’ll untangle a web of intrigue, accompany Hook on her quest, and ultimately uncover the elusive culprit behind her father’s missing prospecting device. This article will explain to you the hook quest guide in Honkai Star Rail:

How to Start The Quest

When the player reaches Trailblazer Level 21, Hook will send them a request for help. You must speak with her in Boulder Town to begin the side quest.

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The player and Hook will travel to Rivet Town early in the adventure to look for an old treasure that Hook left behind. Instead, they find and enlist the aid of Julian, yet another member of the Mole family.

Hook Quest Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

By threatening to tell Natasha, the town’s doctor, about the two people, he hopes to force them to help him find his treasure. The player has no choice but to worak with the kids and search the abandoned town for whatever they need. Monsters have overrun the town.

What is Hook’s Gift?

To unlock Hook’s Gift, the final side quest in the Hook quest chain, you must have already completed the Old Brigadier’s Treasure and the Little Hook’s Treasure side missions. The hook will send a notification to your phone once you’re done.

The quest will officially begin after reading the message, which contains an auction advertisement. 350 Trailblazer Experience, 60 Stellar Jades, the Teddy Bear Jun Jun, 6 Adventure Logs, 200 Shields, an Underground, and 20,000 Credits await you if you complete this assignment.

Find the Julian’s Treasure

When you go to Rivet Town, find Hook and start the treasure quest by talking to him. You must rapidly dispatch the few Fragmentum monsters between you and the objective marker. When you reach the main drag, the target indicator will be swapped out for a yellow search ring. Ignore everything else and focus on the central table to retrieve Julian’s wealth.

If players are in a hurry to complete tasks, they can miss this detail. If the Trailblazer looks into the bright spot, Hook will lecture him on a watershed moment in the Moles’ history. After that, they will be given a Rusted Key and a Bottle of Marbles.

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Suspect to pick in Hook’s Quest.

In Hook’s first quest, you must help her retrieve a rare and valuable prospecting instrument stolen from her father during the mines’ chaos. After defending him from the other miners and checking his health at Natasha’s Clinic, you must return to the mine to assess the situation.

After questioning them, you must officially accuse one of the four suspected offenders lurking around the miner’s camp. The cook is the correct answer, but the tailor, helper, and merchant are also options. Continue the task after accusing him.

The good news is that if you accuse the wrong culprit and they escape, you may still complete the quest by catching them while they dump the stuff to Sampo and recovering the broken device. If you accuse the wrong culprit and they escape, you can’t complete the mission until you accuse the right suspect.

Where You Can Get Hook’s Treasure

Hook’s treasure is beyond the street barricade. Continue to the right along the alleyway until the next scene begins. When Hook starts rushing about, go to the Geomarrow crates near the mine entrance.

You may find ancient drill equipment that Hook received from her father’s childhood coworker. Unfortunately, it’s broken, so she and the player must find another alternative. Hook suggests visiting the orphanage instead of giving up. After exploring the passageways, defeat the two rooftop Fragmentum squads.

After a brief exchange, players can employ Findie to help Hook retrieve her goods. This will lead players to Julian’s Time Capsule beside the rusted slide and Hook’s old teddy bear, Junjun, near the guard rails’ stack of crates.

After visiting the orphanage, visit the Boulder Town clinic to talk to Hook and Natasha. The doctor will give the girl a quick synopsis of the teddy bear’s story and a surprise to make her smile.

Additional FAQs

How do you trigger companion quests in Star Rail?

You can access Companion Missions once you reach the required Trailblaze Level or finish the associated missions.

Should you drink the Blizzard Immunity Honkai: Star Rail?

A unique perk will be applied to the Trailblazer’s party if the player decides to consume the Blizzard Immunity. Characters with the Blizzard Immunity status are immune to the Freeze condition. Once Natasha completes this task, she can board the Astral Express.

What is the pity rate in Honkai Star Rail?

Every 10 pulls will yield a 4-star item, but the odds of drawing a 5-star item are only 0.6%. However, thanks to the pity system and the accumulation of soft pity, those odds increase to 100% between 75 and 90 pulls.

Who is the strongest character in Honkai Star Rail?

The current best DPS in the game is HoYoverse Seele. Seele, a DPS unit for the Honkai Star Rail, is among the best in the game. Due to her Quantum’s increased speed, this character can quickly dispatch enemies that aren’t bosses.


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