What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?


In this blog, we will talk about What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? No one is surprised when terms that you might not know show up on social media sites every once in a while. If you scroll through Instagram often, you may have seen “NFS” and wondered, “What does that even mean?”

You might see the acronyms NFS and other words that look like that on Instagram. Keep reading to learn more.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

Several answers to the question, “What does NFS mean?” The answer is that it stands for more than one thing. NFS on Instagram means “No Filter Sunday,” which is what people use when they post a picture on Sunday that doesn’t have any filters on it.

“Not Following Specified” is another meaning of NFS. This is when you’re following someone, but they’re not following you back.

You may also see “NFS” used to mean “Not For Sale,” which is more of a business sense.

What Does CFS Mean on Instagram?

Close Friends (CF) or Close Friends Stories (CFS) is an Instagram tool that lets users choose who can see their secret stories. Only the people who have been selected will be able to see the user’s posts.

One great way to control who sees what you share is to use CFS. Use CFS if you don’t want all 500 of your friends to see what you post.

If you want to learn more about CFS and what it means, click on this link.

What Does TBT Mean on Instagram?

People post old shots of themselves on social media every Thursday with the hashtag “#throwbackthursday,” which stands for “throwback Thursday.”

It used to take over the internet every Thursday, but not many people use it now. It’s still used by some, but not as many people compared to before. Look up “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram to learn more about the subject. You might be shocked.

Frequently Asked Question

What does Wizz text NFS mean?

NFS can mean different things in text messages when not in the Wizz app. When used this way, NFS usually means “Not for Sale.” This phrase is often used to say that something or someone is not for sale.

What does NFS mean when it talks about a girl?

Many times, “NFS” means “New friends” when people chat or use social media. NFS can also mean that someone wants to make new friends. They could say on Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter that they wish to or even need new friends.


You can use any of these names if you want to. Thank goodness you now understand what they mean and can use them from now on!

So, the next time you post a picture without a filter on a Sunday, an old photo on a Thursday, or a Close Friends List on a Tuesday for no reason, try using these terms!

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