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In this Blog, we will talk about Starfield Sabotage Stealth Walkthrough. For Ryujin Industries, sabotage is one of the most thrilling action missions available in Starfield. Your rise through the ranks of the technological behemoth, from lowly operator to double agent, has been dramatic, to say the least.

Your journey across the Volii System will lead you to the shocking conclusion of the mole’s infiltration into the Ryujin. The decision will be yours to make, regardless of whether it serves the company’s best interests or your own. Learn more about the Starfield Sabotage task and what it entails by reading this walkthrough.

How to open the Sabotage mission

To get to the Starfield Sabotage task, you need to finish all of the Ryujin Industries quests in Starfield up to The Key Ingredient.

You’re almost done with the group tasks in Ryujin Industries, and the game is coming to a close.

As you move from Back to the Grind to Guilty Parties, where you set the course for Ryujin Industries, you are getting close to the end of the game. Your story stops here because of the choices you made along the way and the people you worked with.

How to finishSabotage in Starfield

To finish Starfield Sabotage, you need to have the Neuroamp execution surgery, get inside the Infinity LTD, and make the story public.

You have to be very sneaky and fight a lot during this long task. Before you go under the surface again, you might want to get your stealth gear together and put on your Disrupter.

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Come meet Dalton Fiennes.

Land in Neon City at Alpha Volii in the Volii Star System and go up to the Executives Floor of Ryujin Tower. This is the first step in the Starfield Sabotage stealth guide. In his office, you can find Dalton. He will tell you about Sabotage and all of Ruijin’s executives in Starfield.

You will either go after Imogene or Ularu next, depending on the choice you made in the last task. He will talk about what he talked about with Masako and how they came up with a plan to reveal the mole in the meeting of the executives.

Go to the meeting.

No matter which side you choose, Imogene will be blamed for being the mole. It will be to trick Ularu, who is the mole, or to work with her to hide the truth.

News about the story will be sent to the public through SSNN, and you will be sent to Veena for the Internal Neuroamp study.
Use the lift to get to the Research and Development Floor and look for Veena in the Neuroamp section. Get on the operating table and wait for the surgery to put the Neuroamp in your brain.

Once the goal is reached, Veena will explain how Internal Neuroamp works and send you to the Observation Deck to test it. Because of this, you will be able to direct and change other people’s brains that are being scanned.

Pick up the Neuroamp.

DeMarcus has agreed to be a test subject for the Neuroamp. He will pick up the key on the table and use it on the Secure Door Control if you use Manipulation on him. The Neuroamp will work because it will open the door. The “E” key on the computer can be used to do this.

Next, Veena and DeMarcus will talk about their experience and excitement about the project. Then, you need to go see Masako for your task.

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Get information about the task from Masako

Masako is in her office upstairs. To get there, take the lift across the hall and go up to the Executive Offices Floor. She will give you the task of breaking into Infinity LTD using the method you choose.

The first way is to sneak up on the top and get in through the repair door. For the second one, you need to meet Lucas under a fake name and use your people skills. The meeting is just a way to get into the building; you won’t be there.

Once you’re inside the building, you need to finish three key tasks: get into Lucas’s computer on the Executive floor, get into Fae Sengsavahn’s computer, and get their Neuroamp prototype from the R&D floor.

You need to start Ularu Chen’s program to keep an eye on things on those computers. This will keep Project Dominion from getting out to the public.

You can also use a key Ularu gave you to get into the computer console in the repair door and mess up Infinity LTD’s heating system.

This will cause gas leaks on every floor, so the whole company will have to leave for your safety. Finally, they will give you an agent suit that makes you more stealthy that you can use here.

Which side do you want to take (Ularu or Dalton)

Take the info to David Barron at the SSNN field office when you finish the goals. Don’t tell anyone who you are, and come back to finish the Starfield task “Sabotage.”

If you choose to be on Ularu’s side, you will meet her in her office, get all the tools you need for the job, and talk about your plans for Masako.

Starfield Sabotage Stealth Walkthrough

You will need to see Dalton on the Executive Floor if you want to believe Imogene. The original file will be kept as proof against Ularu, and he will give you a new version that doesn’t blame Masako.

Find a way to get into Infinity LTD.

To start the second part of Sabotage in Starfield, go to New Atlantis at Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System.

To be more stealthy, you should wear the spy suit and bring food like Hippolyta did. Also, take off your spacesuit, helmet, and pack so that you don’t get caught.

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Take the NAT to get to the Commercial District. The Infinity LTD building will be right in front of you. Dezi works at the front desk. Tell her that Skyler Lumin has a meeting in Marketing. The receptionist on the Marketing floor is Aelys Ortiz. She will show you how to get to the lift and then let you go.

Here, you can choose how you want to get in. The roof entry will make it a little harder to be stealthy, but it gets the job done. We found that selling was the easy way to do things.

Try to access Lucas’s computer by climbing up on the roof.

If you choose to enter Sabotage through the maintenance hallway path, use the elevator at Infinity LTD in Starfield to get to the roof of the building. The opening on the left will take you to a massive ventilation fan, which will put you directly in front of Infinity Security.

(Optional) Manipulate the guard so that the fan may be turned off.

In Starfield, you can stop the fan by using your Neuroamp to manipulate the guard and turn off the switch. This will also stop the fan. Descend the fan, and you will find yourself in the chamber below. If you choose to, you may do damage to the systems on the left side of this screen.

Go into Lucas’s office.

If not, use the vents on the right to get to the false ceilings below. Turn around and face the other side. Walk to the right and drop down near the left door.

Guards will still be walking around, so use Digipick to quickly open the door. Get into Lucas’s computer with the Digipick and run the Overseer program on it.

To get to Lucas’s computer, you can go through the marketing floor.

Here’s how to get to the Marketing floor of Infinity LTD in Starfield if you’re taking the meeting route in Sabotage. Talk to Aelys, then wait for him to leave so you can call Nina Hart. After a short time, go in the same way as he did.

Use Lucas’ computer to run the program.

For the hatch above, go straight through the WC door and climb up on the stand in the back. Go up through the hatch until you reach a vent that lets you out onto fake ceilings.

Take the first right, and then use the boxes to get to the top floor. Lucas in a brown jacket will be right in front of you.

Trick him with your Neuroamp to get the door to his office opened for you. Before you use Lucas’s computer, don’t forget to close the door behind you. Use Digipick to unlock it, then run the Overseer Program.

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Launch the app on Faye’s computer.

When you’re done with Lucas’s, go back to the door and jump over the fence on the left to get to the fake roof. You need to put the program on Faye’s computer and run it. There is a tower ahead in Starfield, so be careful.

In Starfield Sabotage, crouch, walk straight to the vents, and then drop back down through the WC hole to avoid the Turret. At the end of the hall, turn right and go into the office room.

Starfield Sabotage Stealth Walkthrough

In the back, there is a room with vents that you can use to get back to the fake ceilings.

To get to another vent, crouch down, walk to the right, and turn left at the corner of the wall. Then, take another right. There is another vent down below, but don’t jump out of it.

Leave the room slowly and jump on the pipes on the left. After going around the corner, keep going along the road and enter through the vent.

To get into the room, drop down and use the hatch at the end. Faye is just around the corner, so turn around, crouch down, and go upstairs.

Use your Neuroamp to control her and get her to open her computer. Run the program and quickly go by her before it wears off. Someone left an “R&D ID card” on the computer table. This can be used to get the “Neuroamp Prototype.”

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Get the prototype back.

To leave the area, go up the stairs from Faye’s office and use the door in the corner on the left. Keep in mind that guards and office workers will be all around it, so be careful.

A large open office with Infinity Engineers and security will be in the far corner on the right. To get to the R&D ID card reader near the secure door on the right, use Neuroamp to move the worker closest to you.

The door will be open soon. Wait until the guard turns around and quickly crouches down and walks through. Lock it and hide behind the side black luggage.

Do not close the blinds until the engineer has left. Use the switch next to the shelf on the right. The hidden meter will go back to normal after a short time, so quickly hide behind the desk before it wakes him up.

Use your Neuroamp to control the Infinity Engineer, and use your Digipick to quickly open the Security Access Controls behind him. Turn off the warning and get the Internal Neuroamp Prototype from the room next to the blinds that are holding it.

Out of Infinity LTD

Now that all of Infinity LTD’s goals have been met, it’s time to move on to the last part of the Sabotage task in Starfield.

To open the Security Access Door, go to the right and use the Access Switch. Get rid of the guard with the Disrupter and run up the stairs. Follow the arrow to the lift, and then take it to the front door of Infinity LTD.

Send a report to SSNN’s David Barron.

The SSNN building is lucky because it is right next to Infinity LTD in Starfield. When you get to the front door, go up the stairs to the SNN building.

There will be a reporter named David Barron looking out the front door. He will be the one to tell everyone about it.

Please give him the Overseer Program. It will give him all the proof he needs for his story. He says the story will be up in an hour if the proof is proven. That’s your cue to leave and come back.

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Tell Masako what you found.

Finally, you need to give Masako an update at the end of the Starfield Ryujin Sabotage task. She will be in her office on the Executive Office floor of Ryujin Tower, which is higher up.

It will depend on which side you take when you listen to the SSNN Broadcast with her.

Mistake: Masako’s bad finish

The Starfield There will be a board meeting at Ryujin Industries Sabotage that will decide what will happen to Infinity LTD and Masako if you lie to her.

That’s when she’ll ask you to Change 50% of the Votes to Her Favor. She thinks Ularu is not fit to be CEO, so this will help her keep her job.

Attack on Masako – Happy Ending

She will be happy with your report, and she wants you to talk to other board members about what to do with Infinity LTD’s future.

They want to get rid of the rival and get their resources, which will make Ryujin look better in the eyes of the public. She wants you to persuade them to buy off Infinity at a low price.

No matter what happens, this will finally finish the Sabotage task for the Ryujin Industries group in Starfield.

 How to Fix Starfield’s Sabotage Mission Bug

There is a chance that the Sabotage Mission in Starfield will have a bug that will keep you from finishing it. Here are all the steps I took to fix this error:

  • For Starfield Sabotage Stealth player, you need to take off your “Suit, Pack, and Helmet” and make up your clothes. This will fix the bug, and then you can add the gear.
  • Since there is a bug, people can’t get to the “Research Level.” The Elevator Shaft is the only way to do this, but it can’t be reached. You need to take the lift back down to the ground level and then go to the Marketing level. From there, you can get to the deck that leads to the elevator shaft by going up the spiral stairs. You can get to the Research level with this Elevator Shaft.
  • You can also use Console Commands to get to the Research level. We need to use “Prid 00014E4F” and “Move to Player.”

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Frequently Asked Question

How do you go about sabotaging Infinity Ltd?

You need to sneak into the Infinity LTD Research and Development area and steal the Neuroamp Prototype to finish the Starfield Sabotage task. You can’t get into the place because the game doesn’t tell you how to do it. You can finish the task by force or by sneaking up on people and manipulating them.

What can you do to mess up Starfield’s heating system?

You can drop through with little damage if you use the Manipulate skill on the guard to get them to turn off the fan. Then, use the Maintenance Systems console below to mess up the heating. This will get rid of everyone but the guards.

Do you know how to fly in Starfield?

In either case, flying in Starfield can be hard at first, but the game has a way to help you quickly get the hang of things and improve your skills. You can use a pilot simulator as many times as you want in Bethesda Game Studios’ space RPG.

What can you do to stop beer Starfield?

Go into the Recreation Field and then go left through the fence. The Filburn Agricultural Brewing Computer is on the wall next to the metal boxes. Raise the temperature by 20°C. Sabotage that works.

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