Goodbye to Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio, the best iPad Pro accessory

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio,
The Smart Keyboard Folio, a quirky and very not luxurious keyboard accessory, is no longer compatible with the OLED iPad Pros. The 11-inch version can still be used with the sixth-generation iPad Air, but that’s all. Here are some key points about the Smart Keyboard Folio and its discontinuation:

Negatives of the Smart Keyboard Folio:

  • No trackpad, so unless you pair a mouse with your iPad, the only way to navigate around is by touching the screen.
  • No backlit keys.
  • Only two angles to pick from when using the iPad upright.
  • No spare USB-C port or any extra connectivity.
  • No alternative from Apple.

Positives of the Smart Keyboard Folio:

  • Versatility and a lightweight design.
  • Fabric-covered keyboard felt damn near invincible.
  • Can still be used with the sixth-generation iPad Air.

Comparison with the Magic Keyboard:

  • The Magic Keyboard is a bit more comfortable than the Smart Keyboard Folio.
  • The Magic Keyboard has a USB-C pass-through port for charging built right into the hinge.
  • The Magic Keyboard has a trackpad.
  • The Magic Keyboard is noticeably heavier than the Smart Keyboard Folio.


  • The 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard Folio costs $199, and the 11-inch model costs $179.
  • The Magic Keyboard costs $349 for the 12.9-inch model and $299 for the 11-inch model.

The Impact of Discontinuation

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio

The discontinuation of the Smart Keyboard Folio may come as a disappointment to users who relied on it for productivity and typing on their iPad Pro. While the Magic Keyboard is a more premium option, it’s also more expensive and may not be suitable for all users.

Third-Party Options

Users who want a keyboard accessory for their iPad Pro will have to look to third-party options, which may not offer the same level of integration and compatibility as the Smart Keyboard Folio. Some popular third-party options include:
  • Logitech Slim Folio Pro
  • Brydge 10.2
  • Zagg Rugged Book Go

Apple’s Focus on Magic Keyboard

Apple’s focus on the Magic Keyboard, which is a more laptop-like accessory, may be a sign that the company is prioritizing a more laptop-like experience for the iPad Pro. This could be a strategic move to position the iPad Pro as a more serious competitor to laptops.

Legacy of the Smart Keyboard Folio

The Smart Keyboard Folio was a unique and innovative accessory that offered a great typing experience for the iPad Pro. Its discontinuation marks the end of an era for Apple’s keyboard accessories. While it may not have been perfect, it was a popular option among users who wanted a lightweight and versatile keyboard accessory.

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