How To Mute A Zoom Meeting – Complete Guide 2023


TechQrunch easily brought up a technical issue to tell you about How To Mute A Zoom Meeting? Recently, Zoom has become a popular platform for video conferencing and online meetings. While attending these meetings, it’s not uncommon to encounter distractions such as background noise, unwanted interruptions, or even technical issues. To avoid such distractions, Zoom provides various features that allow you to mute yourself or others during a meeting. In this context, muting a Zoom meeting refers to silencing yourself or someone else during a call. By muting participants, you can eliminate unwanted noises and maintain focus on the meeting’s agenda. In this article, we will discuss how to mute a Zoom meeting and the options available to you as a host or participant.

How to Mute on Zoom

While using an iPhone or Android smartphone, the Zoom app provides the same functionality. This implies the steps for muting Zoom on an iPhone also apply here. The process of muzzling other participants in a Zoom meeting must also be covered. This is only possible if you are the meeting host. You may do this in two ways:

1. Mute all on Zoom Call

You may access the Participants option by tapping the screen during a call. If you tap it, you can add individuals to the call. The option to mute everyone is underneath the list of participating people. A confirmation window will appear when you touch it. Allow members to unmute themselves is selected in the accompanying pop-up. If this box is unchecked, the other people in the chat cannot reactivate their audio.

Mute all on Zoom Call

2. Mute Individuals member

If you’d like to mute only certain individuals in the call, you must enter the Participants page again. To mute someone, go to their profile page and, press the gear icon next to their name, then choose Mute Audio. When ready, choose Unmute Audio from the same menu to restore sound.

Mute Individuals member on zoom meeting

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How to Mute Zoom on PC

Like iOS and Android, the Zoom experience on Windows phones will be seamless. On the other hand, if you’re using a Windows Computer, you have some more flexibility. As Zoom was designed with PC users in mind, it supports various shortcut keys and hotkeys.

On Windows, pressing Alt+A mutes Zoom. Under the Settings menu of your Zoom client, you may modify the shortcuts to suit your needs. By selecting Keyboard Shortcuts, you can examine the whole list and customize each shortcut.

Mute Zoom on PC

Windows users may also use the following keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out:

  • Use Alt + V to play or pause the video.
  • A quick Alt+F1 toggle will take you to the current speaker’s perspective.
  • Pressing Alt + M mutes or unmutes the audio for everyone except the host.
  • Using Alt + Shift + S will begin or end the screen sharing.

Any regular user of Zoom will quickly learn the many shortcut keys for the program’s many features.


Can you please tell me how to silence myself in Zoom?

Following the instructions for your operating system or platform should have no trouble muzzling Zoom’s audio.

Can I silence only one person in a Zoom meeting?

The answer is yes. To mute a specific participant on the call, you must return to the Participants tab. To silence someone, go to their profile page and press the gear icon next to their name, then choose Mute Audio. When ready, choose Unmute Audio from the same menu to restore sound.


To sum up, muting a Zoom meeting is a crucial feature that helps minimize distractions and ensure a productive meeting experience. Participants can mute themselves to prevent background noise or disruptions, while hosts can mute others to maintain meeting control. Zoom provides various options for muting, including clicking on the “Mute” button or using keyboard shortcuts. Depending on their needs, hosts can also mute individual participants or everyone in the meeting. By muting participants, Zoom makes it possible to focus on the meeting’s agenda and maintain a professional meeting atmosphere. Overall, muting is an essential tool in Zoom’s toolkit that can help improve the quality of virtual meetings.


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