How to Turn Off Stream Chat on Twitch


Twitch currently ranks as one of the most popular sites for live video streaming. Twitch has experienced explosive growth in the past several years, and there is a good reason for this. The platform is well-regarded among gaming enthusiasts. To gratify the substantial user population, the platform constantly introduces brand-new functionality. Nevertheless, the chat portion of Twitch is one of the platform’s most fundamental and incredible aspects. This post will provide you with instructions on how to disable stream chat in Twitch. Okay, so here we go:

How to Turn Off Stream Chat on Twitch

On PC:

Twitch chat can be hidden on a PC by switching to full-screen mode, typically accessed by hitting “F.” However, there is another way to disable chat on a PC while keeping the stream information and scrolling choices intact. How to achieve this is as follows:

  • Start broadcasting on Twitch.

Stream Chat on Twitch

  • To access settings, use the cog icon to the right of the “Chat” button.

select the cog icon

  • Just click the “Hide Chat” button.

click the "Hide Chat"

  • A message indicating that Twitch conversation has been disabled will replace the chat window. To activate it again, use the button in the top right corner of the screen.

use the button to show chat

The Twitch stream chat (and the notification, as mentioned earlier) can also be hidden, simply minimizing the chat window. The chat window can be shrunk to smaller by clicking the “Collapse” icon to the left of the “STREAM CHAT” label. You can acquire a larger viewing area while still having the option to scroll through the stream’s details if you collapse the channel list to the left of the stream (using a similar icon to the right).

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On Mobile Phone:

Following the methods below will assist you in turning off chat on Twitch when using an Android device:

  • Participate in a stream.
  • If the app is displayed in portrait mode, you can switch it to landscape mode by tapping the rotate icon, which is located in the bottom left corner of the video stream.

Turn Off Stream Chat

  • Tap the icon labeled “Crossed-out chat” (located to the left of the rotate button).

Tap the icon labeled "Crossed-out chat"

On PS4:

If you are viewing a stream on your PlayStation 4, you can hide the chat by following the steps on the computer. On the other hand, you may also link your console to your Twitch account to stream games directly from your console. In this scenario, you can completely remove the chat feature from the overlay. Before you go live, you can do this by going into the broadcast options and unchecking the “Chat” option. This option can be found on the PlayStation 4 and is labeled “Display Message to Spectators and Spectator Comments.”

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Managing Twitch Chat on Mobile for Streamers

Whether you use the official Twitch app or a third-party app, you will have no trouble managing your Twitch chat on your mobile device. The chat panel can be reached quickly and conveniently on mobile devices by tapping the chat bar that is situated on the navigation bar. This bar will appear at the bottom of the screen for you to view. The most recent viewer will be highlighted in the chat window once you have tapped the chat button, and the window will be displayed. You should be able to find some settings for managing the chat at the very top of your screen.

Apps from third-party developers typically provide extensive tools that can assist you in managing your chat settings. Additionally, they improve the quality of the user experience overall. These apps also allow you to manage chats across various devices, which is convenient. Your audience will remain interested if you inform them about the different mobile chat management alternatives. The functionality of your channel, as well as its safety, will benefit from this.

Additional FAQs

Does Twitch work on mobile?

Through mobile game broadcasting, anyone can stream mobile games to Twitch directly from their mobile phone or tablet. You may download the Twitch app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How does Twitch work?

Watching other people play video games may be an entertaining and communal activity when using the live-streaming platform known as Twitch. Streamers are gamers who broadcast their gameplay through the Twitch app (and online at Twitch. tv). Streamers play their favorite games while offering a running commentary on the action. Streaming is available both offline and online.

Is Twitch without ads on mobile?

Users of Google Chrome can search for and add an ad-blocking extension from the Google Play Store by selecting the icon that looks like a piece of a puzzle in their browser. If you do this, the browser will prevent advertisements from loading on any website, including Twitch. The Android operating system follows the same procedure.

Is Twitch safe for kids?

Children aged 13 and older can create an account if an adult supervises them. Remember that you do not need a Twitch account to view streams on the platform. You won’t be able to participate in chat if you aren’t logged in, but the conversation will still be seen; this means that any potentially adult content will still be accessible.


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