How to Change Your Background on Roku TV


The options for customization now available are expanded by an entirely new dimension thanks to theming. On your Roku streaming device, the home screen’s default theme is one that you can change. The application of a theme will result in a differentiated look all around. Everything from the menu’s colors and designs to the patterns displayed on the primary screen’s background. As a result, you can personalize the experience by applying a Roku theme that complements the decoration of your wall or background. The steps that are outlined below will guide you through the process of changing the backdrop on your Roku TV:

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How to Change Your Background on Roku TV

Change the Wallpaper:

To modify the picture displayed in the background when the current themepack is activated, go to Settings > Theme > Wallpapers. Clicking the Get wallpaper button will allow you to select the desired background image for your computer.

How to Change Your Background on Roku TV

After the background image has finished downloading, you will need to select it before you can click the “Set as wallpaper” button. When you press the “home” button on your remote control, you ought to be able to observe the recently installed wallpaper that you have chosen to use as the background for your TV’s home screen.

Change the Themepack:

A themepack is an integrated collection of home screen wallpaper, screensaver, and sound effects created to look and perform cohesively inside a particular theme. A themepack can be downloaded individually or as part of a larger package. For instance, the Rainforest Theme pack comes with a screensaver that shows forests, streams, and a variety of wild animals. It also contains wallpaper for the home screen that shows a rainforest and sounds that mimic the sounds of jungle animals.

choose settings

To modify the theme pack, navigate to the Settings menu on your Roku TV, then pick Theme, and finally Select Theme Packs from the menu that appears. There is a huge variety of theme packs that may be purchased, some of which are Space, the Jungle, the Western, Romance, Kids, and many other options.

choose themepack

Now, go ahead and download the themepack you want, and once it has been completed, select it before clicking the button labeled “Set theme pack.” Your recently chosen themepack will now be applied to the home screen of the TV, where it will replace the current wallpaper, screen saver, and noises.

set the themepack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my Roku screensaver?

The steps below will allow you to explore different screensavers and make changes directly from the Settings menu. Select Screensavers. You can navigate to the My screensavers section to select a screensaver already installed on your Roku device, or you can search among the many available screensavers to locate and download a new favorite.

Are Roku screensavers free?

The approximately 200 gorgeous high-definition screensavers available for your Roku contain thousands of photographs combined. New screensavers will be uploaded once a week regularly.

Does Roku TV have art mode?

Through the settings that may be changed, you can establish music options, artwork titles, mattes or frames to improve the artwork and manage the display duration of each piece of artwork. In addition, you can name the artwork. Thanks to Artcast, users of Roku have access to the most extensive selection of streaming artwork currently accessible.

How do I get custom themes for Roku?

Tap the “Settings” icon that’s located on the Home Screen of your device. Select “Themes” from the menu options. Proceed by selecting from among the many options that are accessible. Pick the option that piques your interest, and then hang tight while it loads.

What is the best picture mode for Roku?

Low Power: Capable of producing less wasteful use of energy. This is the “out of the box” setting that is used by default. Standard: Suitable for day-to-day viewing in moderate to bright lighting environments. A picture that is intense and dazzling, ideal for use in spaces with a lot of available light.


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