How to Edit Tweets on Twitter on Your Mobile


You are the author of the tweet. You have just sent it. You have regrets. So what do we do now? If you have Twitter Blue, your tweet will not go live right away; instead, you will have a few seconds to retract it before it is published. Alternatively, to make changes to it. You can make changes to your tweet even if you go back and look at it after it has already been published. Nevertheless, you only have a quarter of an hour. You will learn how to edit tweets on Twitter by reading the information contained in this post. So let’s get started:

How to Edit Tweets on Twitter on Your Mobile

Twitter Blue subscribers are the only users who can modify their tweets after they have been posted. You may read news stories without being interrupted by advertisements if you subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs $4.99 per month and grants access to experimental new features such as the edit button. In addition, the Twitter mobile app is the only place where you may modify tweets; the website does not support this feature.

  • Visit the website or download the app for Twitter to register for the Twitter Blue service. Choose Twitter Blue by clicking the More option on the left sidebar or tapping your profile image in the top-left corner of the screen. After that, you’ll have the option of subscribing using either a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Twitter Blue Screen

  • By registering, you will be able to begin the editing process immediately. Tap the three dots that are located in the top-right corner of a tweet that you have made during the last half an hour.

Tap the three dots that are located in the top-right corner

  • Then, navigate to the tweet. After that, click the Edit Tweet button.

click the Edit Tweet button.

  • A new screen that is formatted similarly to the one on which you compose tweets will appear. Use it to change your tweet in any way you see fit; you can add text, delete text, or even include a picture. Click the Update button when you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Twitter not allow you to edit tweets?

Thus, Twitter has established some guidelines around the altering of your tweets. To begin, to update a tweet, the post must have been initially published within the past half an hour or less. After that period has elapsed, the tweet will be unchangeable.

Do you need Twitter Blue to edit Tweets?

It is essential to take into consideration that at this time, only Twitter Blue subscribers can edit their tweets.

Where is edit access on Twitter?

You can modify who has access to your ads account by selecting the name of your account in the top right corner and then selecting “Edit access to account” from the drop-down menu that appears. You have the option to either “Add access” or “Edit access” once you have reached the multi-user login screen for your ads account. Click the “Add access” button to add a user.

What is the difference in Twitter Blue?

Editing tweets, uploading videos in 1080p resolution, and using the reader mode are examples of the subscriber-only capabilities that Twitter Blue users will have access to. A subscriber’s account will also be marked with a blue checkmark once it has been evaluated to see whether or not it satisfies all of our requirements, including those about the prohibition of impersonation.


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