How to Remove Threads From Instagram Bio


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to Remove Threads From your Instagram Bio that are now shown in your Instagram bio if you are experiencing any frustration due to their presence. Your account on Threads is directly connected to Instagram’s newest social media app, which is called Threads and was built by Instagram. The result is that the Threads badge will automatically appear on your profile bio.

You may delete the Threads from your Instagram bio by following the steps below. Be aware that after removing it, you won’t be able to show the Threads badge that was previously hidden on your profile.

What is Instagram Thread?

A new program called Threads has been released by the firm responsible for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. People can hold discussions in real-time on the site, which resembles Twitter in appearance and consists of a feed mostly comprised of text-based updates but also allows users to upload photographs and videos.

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How to Remove Threads From Instagram Bio

  • Launch the Instagram app on the device you’re using first.

Remove threads from instagram Bio

  • To access your profile, choose the symbol that looks like a Magnifying Glass in the lower right corner.

Remove Threads From Instagram Bio

  • Locate the Threads Badge under your profile photo, then touch on it.

Remove Threads From Instagram Bio

  • A pop-up will open to remove Threads from your Instagram bio; choose “Hide Badge” from the menu that appears.

Remove Threads From Instagram Bio

  • Tap “Remove Badge” to validate your action and complete the process.

Remove Threads From Instagram Bio

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What exactly are the app threads utilized for?

The Instagram team has built a new app called Threads, a messaging service focused only on text. It provides a one-of-a-kind platform for having private discussions and exchanging brief text snippets with a small group of close pals. Threads provide consumers with a messaging experience that is familiar and tailored to their specific needs by integrating Instagram seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Question

How can you unhide an Instagram thread badge?

Can You Unhide Instagram’s Threads Badge? Unfortunately, it cannot be restored once someone removes the Threads badge from their Instagram bio. Instagram warns users that ‘you can’t put anything back to your profile after you’ve deleted it.’

How can I show my thread badge again?

Once you conceal the Threads badge on Instagram, you cannot unhide it. Once you’ve removed the Badge from your profile, it’s gone. This is mostly because the Threads badge is intended to be transitory to entice people to download the program for themselves.

Is it possible to turn off threads?

“You may deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but it can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account,” a disclaimer in Threads’ privacy policy states. This comment, however, also suggests that you may terminate your Threads account without impacting your Instagram account.

Is it possible to erase threads without deactivating Instagram?

Mosseri elaborated: To be more specific, you may deactivate your Threads account, which conceals your Threads profile and content, switch your profile to private, and remove individual threads postings without erasing your Instagram account.

When did Instagram threads first appear?

Threads will be available in 100 countries on July 5, 2023, except the European Union, where Meta seeks clarity from authorities “amid regulatory uncertainty about the service’s use of personal data.” Threads had two million users within a few hours, followed by five million.


That brings us to the end! If you follow the instructions in this method, you can successfully remove the Threads section from your Instagram bio. However, be careful that once the Threads Badge on Instagram is hidden, there is no way to reveal it later. Instagram does not support this feature. This limitation is in effect for both the present and the foreseeable future. By selecting the Delete Threads Account option, you can delete any threads connected to your user account.


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