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When you mute someone’s story, they won’t be notified that their content has been concealed, which is one of the many benefits of this feature. Because of this design choice, nobody’s sentiments were damaged. It is also easy to take a vacation from the content that another person is posting for some time without unfriending or banning them.

Instagram Stories are distinct in that they are shown at the top of your screen while you use the app. This is a terrific method to keep up with content, but if you follow a large number of accounts or if someone is oversharing, it can get in the way of the pleasure you have on Instagram. You have the option to mute them if this is the case. In the next paragraphs, you will get an explanation on how to silence Instagram Stories:

How to Mute Instagram Stories

Instagram stories may be muted very quickly and easily. To begin, you will need to either use the Instagram mobile app or a mobile browser to log in to your Instagram account. After you have checked in, you can directly click on the user’s story if it shows in your feed. Using the mobile app, you can immediately mute the user by pressing and holding the tale button.

How to Mute Instagram Stories

After selecting the Mute Story option, the person’s profile should no longer appear at the top of your feed. You must navigate the user’s profile to access the website through a web browser. You may discover the user’s account by either searching for the user or looking in the Following section of your profile. You cannot identify their account if the user has no recent postings.

selecting the Mute Story

Once you have arrived at that location, select Mute from the list that appears when you click on the Following button next to the user’s profile image. If you press the toggle button next to Stories, you will be muted from viewing any Stories posted by them until you unmute them. Be aware that the person whose posts you muted will still be able to read your own Stories and that you will continue to see all of their other posts even after you have muted them, in contrast to the situation that would have occurred if you had unfollowed them instead.

press the toggle button next to Stories

Additionally, their Stories will continue to appear in their profile as usual. They won’t just show up on your stream by itself. It is easy to understand how this strategy can be time-consuming if you follow a large number of people, but for the time being, it is the only way to manage which Instagram Stories you see on your account.

To unmute a user’s stories, you must first open the user’s profile; however, the rest of the process is virtually the same; it is performed in the opposite order. This is followed by clicking on Following, selecting Mute, and turning off Stories.

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Can You Get Rid of All Stories

The fact that it is impossible to erase Instagram Stories is a huge source of frustration. This will be incredibly helpful if you’re trying to reduce your time on Instagram since it will enable you to manage your time better there. Nevertheless, if there are particular stories you no longer wish to view, you can mute them.

Advantages of Muting Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories feature can be disabled, which might be advantageous in various ways. You can take a break from someone’s content without having to unfollow them, which may be helpful if you are trying to avoid spoilers for a show or movie you watch on television or in the theatre.

You can take a break from someone’s content using the “Vacation” option on their profile page. In general, you may utilise it to cut down on the amount of time you spend filling out the application and zero in on the most pertinent narratives.

Additional FAQs

Can someone see my story if I muted him?

When you mute someone on Instagram, you quietly excuse yourself from a conversation without causing a scene. It’s the social media version of that. If you choose to mute someone, their posts and stories will no longer appear in your feed; however, they will still be able to see your posts, and you can view each other’s profile pages.

Can you hide someone on Instagram?

By hiding an account’s posts from your feed or story, also known as “muting” an account, you are reducing your interactions with that account. You can unmute any accounts that you want to see if you want to begin seeing their posts again in your feed.

What does it look like when someone restricts you on Instagram?

When someone restricts your Instagram account, a few things will occur immediately. They will not see any of your communications in their direct messages. The message requests portion of their website will record all of your exchanges. It is hard to determine whether they are online because their activity status is concealed.

Does blocking on Instagram hide stories?

You have the option to prevent specific followers from viewing your stories. Even if it does not prevent someone from communicating with you permanently, it does obscure the story. Your profile and clips are still visible to the person blocking you. You can add certain users to a chosen list, and then you will have fulfilled your obligation to maintain the secrecy of your stories with respect to those users.


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