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Tagging is one of the tools you may use on Instagram to make the experience feel more like a group activity, which is in keeping with the “social” nature of social media platforms. You might want to tag or name a person in the tale you upload, whether it is a photo of a group you are sharing as a narrative or a story you are uploading expressly for someone else. On Instagram, tagging a user will typically result in that user receiving a notification about the tag; the only exception to this rule is when a private account tags a user who isn’t already following that account. You will learn to tag someone on Instagram by reading the following post. So let’s get started:

How to Tag Someone on Instagram

When using the mobile app for Instagram on an iPhone or Android device, you have four different options for mentioning or tagging other users.

Tag someone in a new Instagram post 

If you mention someone in a post and then click the “Tag” button, that person will see your mention in their profile’s “Photos and videos of you” area.

1. Open your Instagram app.

2. touch the plus sign to create a new post, make any necessary edits to the photo, and then touch “Next.”

3. When you are through making changes to your photo, select “Next” once more.

4. Complete your article as you normally would, but before publishing it, tap the “Tag People” button.

 tag someone on Instagram

5. Pick the area of the photo where you want the tag to display by tapping there, then entering the person’s name or username and tapping to pick them.

6. On your iPhone, select the “Done” option; on your Android, select the checkmark.

7. Publish your content by tapping the “Share” button.

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Tag someone in an existing Instagram post

1. Open your Instagram app.

2. Go to your profile and find the post in which you want to mention or tag the person you want to mention or tag yourself with.

3. To change the photo or video, tap the three dots above the thumbnail and “Edit.”

Tap on the edit button

4. Once you have selected the “Tag People” option, enter the person’s name or username and select the user corresponding to that information.

Tag someone in an Instagram Story

1. Swipe to the right when viewing your feed or tap the camera symbol in the upper-left-hand corner of your screen.

2. Take a photo or video to create your narrative (or select one by touching the thumbnail of your most recent photo in the screen’s bottom-left corner), and then tap the “Aa” option in the top right corner.

3. Start entering their username after typing “@,” then pick the user you want to tag by tapping on their username when it displays. Type “@” and then begin entering their username.

When you mention another user in your story, a link will automatically be created to that user’s profile on Instagram. The person you tag in your story will receive a push notification as well as a direct message within the app providing them a sample of your tale. However, remember that you may only use a maximum of ten of these tags for any photo or video story you post.

Tag someone in a comment on Instagram

Technically, you cannot tag other users within a comment. However, you can achieve the same result by mentioning their username in your query. This is the method.

1. To leave a comment on a post, you must first tap the icon that looks like a speech bubble.

2. After typing out your message (if necessary), hit the “@” symbol and input the person’s Instagram username.

3. Tag the user in your comment by tapping their username appropriately.

Why Are Tags So Important?

There are several reasons why tagging can be beneficial for your Instagram profile, including the following:

Engagement –  When you tag people or companies in an Instagram post, that user or brand will be notified that you’ve mentioned them. As a result, they have a greater propensity to check out your profile and contribute a comment. The individuals or companies you have tagged may repost your photo, which is an excellent way to get your message to a broader audience. This can then lead additional individuals to your profile, which can ultimately lead to an increase in your number of followers.

Acknowledgement – It’s a win-win for everyone involved if you repost a photo and tag the person who originally posted it; not only will you be helping to promote the other person’s business, but you’ll also demonstrate to your audience that you value the contributions of others. You’ll do it for someone else this time; the next time, someone else will do the same for you!

Awareness – When you “tag” other users in your images, you ensure they will receive a notification informing them of your action. Additionally, these photographs may eventually be viewable on the user’s Instagram page, which may enhance the number of the user’s followers and the visibility of the user’s account.

Additional FAQs

Where is the tag list on Instagram?

Select the Pictures of You icon above your photo grid to view your pictures. This will reveal any Instagram posts in which you have been tagged. When using a computer, locate the Tagged button in the upper-right-hand corner of your post grid, and click it. You will need to either approve the photo or unhide it if you cannot view one in which you have been tagged.

Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?

By default, Instagram enables users to tag 20 individuals in a single post. If you reach that number, you won’t be able to tag anyone else in the photo. Confirm whether or not you have reached the maximum number allowed. In that situation, you must get rid of several tags to maintain a number lower than 20.

What is the difference between tagging and mentioning on Instagram?

An Instagram user can be “mentioned” by typing their username followed by the at a symbol in a comment or caption. This will alert the user that they are being mentioned and bring their attention to the post. On Instagram, tagging a user is done in or on the image of the post you originally created, and you can tag several accounts within a single image.

Why tag someone on Instagram?

Using Instagram tags allows us to expose our material to a greater audience. However, there is more to it than just using hashtags; tagging other accounts and users is an excellent method to expand one’s reach and cross-promote to others who have relevant interests. Tagging other accounts can help increase engagement with your content. It is to your advantage to tag as many accounts as possible.


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