How To Reply To A Message On Instagram – Complete Guide 2023


So, Are you wonder about How To Reply To A Message On Instagram? Don’t worry In this article TechQrunch will tell you everything about that. You devote a significant amount of time to using Instagram. But you detest sending DMs. Why? because you are unable to respond to a message on Instagram in general or because you are unable to respond to a particular message on Instagram. Is there really no way to avoid it? In any case, there is! You now have an easier time responding to individual messages on Instagram. Use the “Swipe to react to messages” functionality to choose quote and respond to particular users’ messages.

What is Instagram DM (Direct Message)?

Instagram DM (Direct Message) is a feature on the Instagram app that allows users to send private messages to other Instagram users. It enables you to have one-on-one conversations with another user or a group of users, privately and without the content being visible to others. When you send a DM on Instagram, it appears in the recipient’s inbox and they will receive a notification that they have a new message. You can send text messages, photos, videos, and voice notes via Instagram DM. Instagram DM is a popular feature for staying connected with friends, family, and followers on the app. It is also used by businesses and influencers to communicate with their customers, clients, and fans privately.

How to Reply to a Message on Instagram

Don’t stress. It’s a breeze to complete the steps! If you own an iPhone and use Instagram, this is how to respond to a message.

  • You may check your messages from the feed by tapping the messenger icon in the top right corner of the screen.

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram


  • You may choose a one-on-one or group chat from your messages.

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram

  • Pick on a post that interests you and reply to it here. To respond to a message, swipe right until a reply button appears, then release. Swipe left if you’re responding to your own message.

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram

  • One other option is to long-press a message and then hit the “Respond” button.

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram

Now, the first message will appear above the text area. The message you’re now responding to will be saved in conjunction with your current response.

  • To respond, please put your thoughts into the box below and click the “Send” button.

  • Since your answer will appear alongside the first message at the top, it will be simple for everyone to understand to what you were replying.

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How to Reply Directly from Instagram Web

When you have installed the latest cross-platform messaging update, you will be able to use Instagram on the web to respond to individual messages after you have done so on the mobile app.

Open the website for Instagram on any web browser on your computer, and then go to the section labelled Messages (DM). From there, you will be able to utilize this function.

  • Make your selection from the list of conversations on the left side of the screen.

  • Find the message to which you wish to immediately respond and hover your mouse pointer over it in the conversation view. To respond to this comment, click the “Reply” button.

  • The next step is to click the “Send” button once you have typed your message into the text field.


If you get a direct message on Instagram, how do you respond to it via Messenger?

If you swipe right on the message itself, a reply arrow icon will appear; clicking it will return you to the text area. Just go look. a text field where you may type your response to the message that has been sent to you.

Instagram’s update messaging feature seems to have disappeared.

To access your profile, just tap on your profile photo in the lower right. Right-click the app’s icon and choose the Settings menu. Choose Update, then select Messages to be updated.

What’s the deal with Instagram Messager?

To send a direct message to another Instagram user, just tap the conversation bubble symbol in the top right corner of the app. Nevertheless, linking your accounts is required before sending an Instagram DM to a Facebook acquaintance using the Instagram app.


In conclusion, replying to a message on Instagram is a simple and straightforward process. To reply to a message, you can either swipe left on the message or tap and hold on the message to bring up the reply option. You can then type out your response, add photos or videos, and send it back to the sender. If you want to reply to a specific message in a group chat, you can tap and hold on the message and select the “Reply” option to send your response. You can also use the “Unsend” feature to delete a message you’ve sent, or the “Like” button to show that you’ve seen a message without necessarily responding to it. Remember to keep your responses polite, clear, and appropriate for the conversation. With these tips in mind, you can easily reply to messages on Instagram and stay connected with your friends, family, and followers on the app.


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