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TechQrunch will tell you How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram? Since you use Instagram, you know that the social media network is an excellent location to upload your photographs. You’ll see images of people, places, and other things posted by people you follow, and you may also share pictures of people, places, and things you take yourself. What should you do if you wish to upload more than one picture at once? You may have at least two photographs that go together or that it would make better sense if they were put together. This page will demonstrate how to add several photographs to a post on Instagram using the service’s mobile app and website version.

How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram

Adding several photographs to an Instagram Story is as easy as using the Choose button to pick up to ten photographs and videos that, much like a slideshow, will be played one after the other. This is the quickest and easiest method to add numerous photos.

  • While on the home screen, swipe right to access the Stories tab.
  • To access your Camera Roll, you’ll need to tap the picture symbol in the bottomleft corner of the screen.
  • Hit the Choose button, then choose up to ten photographs and videos to include in your Story, each becoming its separate side. The next step is to tap the arrow in the screen’s lower right corner.

Click on Instagram plus button

  • You may personalize each picture or video on this screen by adding text, stickers, or several other effects. A wide variety of options are available for further personalizing your Instagram Story.
  • After you are done, press the arrow in the screen’s lower right corner.
  • Touch the circle next to the audience that you want to see your story (either Your Story or Close Friends), then hit the Share button.

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Upload many images to a single Instagram post.

  • A regular Instagram post may include a maximum of 10 photographs that you’ve chosen to share.

Click on Instagram plus button

  • You may pick up to ten photographs to show in the post by tapping the symbol that looks like several photos are being selected at once.

Select Multiple Photos On Instagram

  • Tap the Next button, and then, if necessary, add any filters you want to use. After that, hit Next a second time.
  • Draft a caption for the post and, if you so want, complete the additional parameters.
  • Click the Share button.

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Why am I only allowed to choose one?

Instagram’s photo-sharing limitations are often attributable to software flaws, connectivity issues, or other app-specific factors. To rectify the situation, please close the Instagram app and update it. You may upload numerous photographs at once using the desktop version of Instagram.

Can you tell me how to make a reel with more than 10 images?

Choose from your gallery grid to upload many images at once. There’s a symbol of two squares touching there. Choose the photos for your reel by tapping the circles next to them. Whether adding many photos to your feed or creating a Story, the procedure is the same.

Can somebody tell me how many photos you can have in an Instagram carousel?

Instagram carousels are collections of photographs and videos viewed sequentially by swiping to the left. Instagram allows up to 10 media files to be used in a single carousel post.


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