How To Add Music To Instagram Posts – Complete Guide 2023


We’ll tell you about that How To Add Music To Instagram Posts? While it’s simple to produce an Instagram Story, much planning has to go into them before it can be considered genuinely amusing. Luckily, Instagram has various features that may assist you in making your stories as entertaining as humanly possible.

You may have some fantastic photographs or videos, interesting effects, and stickers to overlay on top of them. However, your narrative is still lacking one essential component: music. Instagram provides access to various songs from its music collection and a selection of songs from your preferred music streaming services, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam. All you need to know about using music in your Instagram stories is provided here for your convenience.

How Should Bloggers and Companies Use Instagram Stories?

How To Add Music To Instagram Post

You’ll agree with us that Instagram is expanding at a rapid rate. Nevertheless, it is no more only a place to keep up with the lives of our friends, family, and acquaintances. On the other hand, Instagram is aiding the expansion of small enterprises and providing influencers with a platform to exhibit their skills and make a living.

Instagram’s story and reels feature may be used to great success by aspiring influencers and company owners to boost sales. If you already have a full plate, all you have to do is publish content using a social media scheduling tool or scheduler. As soon as you begin using a program to schedule Instagram posts frequently, you’ll notice how the content and regular posting begins driving traffic toward your brand.

How Should I Make My Instagram Account Unique?

How To Add Music To Instagram Post

The days of relying entirely on a company website to bring in new customers are, without a doubt, long gone. The world has become Instagram-friendly recently. Hence, entrepreneurs in retail and e-commerce have realized they may successfully direct followers to buy their items through direct message (DM) or lead them to their official website. Of course, the challenge is making themselves noticeable amongst the competition.

That’s when the helpful features of TechQrunch begin working for you. TechQrunch is an Instagram posting scheduler that remembers optimal and least-effective posting times. As a company owner, you can’t deny wanting to make the most of the shopping option for Stories that Instagram introduced to increase its e-commerce presence.

But if you lose your way while attempting to keep your equilibrium, you must pay for TechQrunch’s services. It has everything you need, from Instagram bio examples to Instagram post size recommendations. Also, TechQrunch will assist you in working towards a more extensive online sales effort. With the help of a social media scheduler, you can give your Instagram business account a more cutting-edge appearance.

We’ll make you stand out by adding compelling and visually appealing calls to action to your Instagram stories and posts. One of Instagram’s newest features is the ability to include music in your stories and highlights, and TechQrunch will teach you how to master it. Let’s move on to learning how to embed the tune into an Instagram story now.

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How Do You Add Music To Your Instagram Story From An Android Or iPhone?

The issue of “how to add music to an Instagram story” is one of the most often asked of Google, and we’re here to answer it. Let’s get right to it and include some Instagram-sourced tunes. Until your app has been changed, adding music will be the same on iPhone and Android. The necessary procedures for including music are detailed below.

  • Launch your Instagram “me” page. To add a story, hit the “+” next to your profile picture.

Launch your Instagram "me" page. To add a story, hit the "+" next to your profile picture.

  • Click an image or choose an old one from your collection to tell a tale.
  • Tap the sticker symbol on top after choosing a movie or picture.
  • Go to “MUSIC” sticker.

Click an image or choose an old one from your collection to tell a tale.

  • Identify the tune you’d want to include in your narrative now. After you’ve located it, click on it.
  • You may now choose any paragraph from any song at random. You must adjust the slider bar to play just the section you wish to hear. You should be aware that it has a fixed 15-second playtime.

How To Add Music To Instagram Post

  • If you touch on the album art thumbnail, you may swap it out for the lyrics instead.
  • Choose the album cover or the lyrics, then press the “done” button.
  • The album cover may be dragged and dropped to a new location, and its size can be adjusted by extending the thumbnail to the desired proportions.
  • When you’re ready to share it on Instagram, choose “your story” in the bottom left.
  • Choose “close friends” if you don’t want your whole following to see it.

Video Guide



The Inner Workings of Instagram’s Musical Features.

Introducing music to Instagram was motivated by a desire to provide users with a new medium to share their emotions. There are hundreds of songs available for you to peruse, and you can easily choose the one you want to listen to. One of the nicest features of Instagram is that you can embed content from other apps, like Spotify, directly into your story. After you finish, you may insert your favorite text, and everyone visiting your profile will read the same thing!

Adding music to an Instagram post is not an option.

If you can’t access the Music tab, it might be because your Instagram app is too old. While uploading a tale, the “Add Music” option will not be available in this app version. A simple app update from your phone’s app store should resolve the problem.

Will Instagram postings with audio be allowed?

Whether it be for a Story or a classical music concert, there are no restrictions on the use of music (for example: filming a live artist or band performing their music). Your video’s duration may decrease proportionately to the number of full-length, recorded songs it contains (for example: muted or blocked).


It’s reasonable to assume that you may use whatever music you choose from inside Instagram to accompany your video. A creative muse in disguise would have done the trick. This means that Instagram is getting a lot of buzz as a consequence.

You’re probably itching to start your Instagram story now that you know how to add music, so let’s learn how to alter the backdrop color on your Instagram story. There are many valid reasons for wanting to change the color scheme of your Instagram Story, but one of the most common is to create customized cover images for your highlights.


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