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Instagram’s Threads is a creative platform enabling users to articulate their thoughts and feelings via text verbally. Installing the app on your mobile device and then signing in with your Instagram credentials will get you access to all of the available features within the app. If you have a verified account on Threads, the content you post there will have a far better chance of getting viral, which will in turn, increase the number of people who see it. For instance, when you become Instagram Verified, a badge will automatically be added to your Instagram profile and Threads account. If you do not want it to be displayed on your Instagram profile, you have the option to remove it from your profile. You can get verified on threads by following the procedures outlined in this article, which will walk you through the process step-by-step. So let’s get started:

How to Get Verified on Threads

Threads provide an easy-to-follow procedure for gaining verification of your account. On Threads, obtaining a certified Bluetick may often be accomplished in one of two ways.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a verified account on Instagram, you will also have one on Threads. When you set up your profile on Threads, we will immediately check your verification status.

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By using Instagram’s Legacy Verification Process

You can request to be confirmed on threads by using Instagram’s verification mechanism from its legacy days.

Please proceed in the following manner:

1. Launch the Instagram mobile app.

How to Get Verified on Threads

2. Simply select the Profile icon in the screen’s lower right corner.

select the Profile icon

3. Tap the three horizontal lines that look like a hamburger in the upper-right corner.

Tap the three horizontal lines

4. After that, select the Privacy and Settings options.

select the Privacy and Settings

5. Look for the words Request verification in the search bar in that location.

Look for the words Request verification

6. To request verification, tap the button.

7. Complete the form, then click the “Submit” button.

click the "Submit" button.

NOTE: Please be aware that the verification status of your account is not guaranteed. Users of Instagram who are prominent and of public interest are subject to verification.

By using Meta Verified

Instagram then displays the subscription cost. Select the Subscribe button. Like Twitter’s Blue service, Meta verified requires payment to confirm your identity. However, this service is limited in its availability to specific areas.

Follow these steps to become a verified user on threads that use the Meta verified system:

1. Launch Instagram.

Click instagram

2. Select the User Profile button located in the right-hand corner.

Select the User Profile button

3. Then, on the upper right, click the “hamburger” menu.

click the "hamburger" menu.

4. When the Meta Verified option appears, select it.

Meta Verified option appears

5. Simply click the Subscribe button.

click the Subscribe button.

6. Click the “Sign Up” button now

7. Instagram then displays the subscription cost. Select the Subscribe button.

8. Click the “Pay now” button to make a payment.

Click the "Pay now"

Now that you’ve paid, Meta will contact you and ask for proof of identity within 48 hours. State or federal IDs are acceptable for verifying identity. Once you’ve confirmed, a blue check mark will appear on your Instagram and Threads profiles. All of this, then, was connected to checking the Threads account.

Additional FAQs

Can I get verified on Instagram with 100 followers?

You can obtain your account verified regardless of the number of people who follow you as long as you can provide evidence that you are a “notable” person, which means that you are a person who is highly searched for or that your account represents a business or organization that is generally recognized.

What is meta-verified?

Meta, the corporation that owns Instagram and Facebook, has introduced a new service in India called Meta Verified. The service provides a membership bundle with a verified badge, account protection, and support. For a monthly price of Rs. 699, users can subscribe to Meta Verified on either Instagram or Facebook, and the service is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Can I buy Instagram blue tick?

Users can pay for Meta Verified, which would get them a blue checkmark and access to several other services. Meta Verified is a service that requires users to subscribe to make purchases of verification badges for the cost of Rs. 699 per month on mobile applications for iOS and Android for Facebook and Instagram.

Do you need Instagram for threads?

Because Threads is based on the Instagram platform, users must have an Instagram account to use the app.

Do threads use hashtags?

In contrast to Twitter, Threads does not appear to use hashtags, and the platform does not appear to offer a function that enables users to search for particular text or keywords. It also enables users to publish up to ten photos in a single post, the same limit placed on Instagram. This is in contrast to the limit of four images that is placed on Twitter.


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