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A brand new social networking application called Threads was recently developed by Instagram, which Meta owns. Just like Twitter, it enables you to publish threads, respond to posts posted by other users, and follow interesting profiles. You have arrived at the right place if you are unfamiliar with Threads and want to learn how to locate and follow your Instagram pals on the platform. You can follow any or all of your Instagram friends, regardless of how you access that list; this is true even if some friends have not yet joined Threads. This post will walk you through the steps to follow your Instagram friends on Threads. So let’s get started:

How to Follow Instagram Friends on Threads

Method 1: From Threads profile

There is still a way to follow your Instagram buddies, even if you skipped that step during the initial setup or wish to follow more people than you originally planned. Launch the Threads app on your mobile device after completing the account setup process.

How to Follow Instagram Friends on Threads

Tap the Profile tab, which is located at the bottom right corner of the Threads window.

Tap the Profile tab,

When the screen displaying your profile appears, tap the number immediately to the right of your name and bio. Even if you don’t have any followers, this followers count will still be shown on the screen as “0 followers,” even if that’s what it says.

tap the number

You will be able to view a list of people who are following your Threads profile when the following screen appears. To continue, select the Following tab at the top of this window.

select the Following tab

Tap the See All button at the top when selecting the Following tab.

Tap the See All button

This will launch the “Follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram?” screen, providing a list of your Instagram pals. Scroll down until you find the person you want to follow, and then press the Follow button on the right side of that person’s profile picture.

press the Follow button

You may also use the search box that is located at the very top of the page to hunt for a certain name or username in the list. When their profile appears, you can send a request to follow them by tapping the Follow button that appears next to their name. You might see the label “Following” or “Requested” appear in lieu of the Follow button if the person whose account you followed has either a public or a private version of their account.

Accounts that have not yet registered for use with Threads will also show up in the “Following” section. You can import your whole following list onto Threads by tapping the Follow All button at the bottom of the screen, which gives you the option to do so.

tapping the Follow All button

When you do that, a message will appear on the screen informing you of what will take place due to your carrying out this action. Tap the OK button to acknowledge and commit to your choice.

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Method 2: From the Activity screen

The Activity screen of the Threads app notifies you when someone mentions or likes your thread but also when someone follows you or has issued a follow request. In addition to these notifications, the Activity screen alerts you when someone sends a follow request to you. Launch the Threads app on your mobile device to follow your Instagram pals directly from the Activity section.

Launch the Threads app

Tap the Heart icon in the Threads interface’s lower right-hand corner.

Tap the Heart icon

When you do this, the Activity screen will become available within Threads.

Find Instagram Friends on Threads

If you scroll down this screen, you can see if someone has started following you on Threads. If so, you can follow the person by tapping the Follow button beside their username within the app.

tapping the Follow button

If you have your Threads account set to Private, you won’t be able to locate the people who followed you straight on the Activity screen since you must first accept their follow request before you can see who has followed you on Threads. To do so, select the Requests tab, which can be found at the very top of the Activity screen.

select the Requests tab

In this section, you can view a list of users who have made follow-up requests on Threads. Tap the Confirm button next to the user’s username to accept their request.

When you do that, you’ll notice that a Follow button has replaced the options that were there before. To follow someone back on Threads, you can do so by selecting the Follow button next to their username.

selecting the Follow button

You might see the label “Following” or “Requested” appear in lieu of the Follow button if the person whose account you followed has either a public or a private version of their account.

see the label "Following" or "Requested"

Everything else you need to know about following your Instagram friends on Threads has been covered above.

Additional FAQs

How do I confirm all follow requests on a thread?

Because there is currently no functionality allowing users to concurrently confirm all Follow Requests on Threads, manually accepting individual Follow Requests can be time-consuming. It is not possible to accept all of the requests at once, as in Instagram’s top right corner using the manage option.

What are insta threads?

Instagram has developed a second app called Threads for users who want to share text updates and participate in public debates. You are permitted to publish status updates of up to 500 characters in length, and you can include links, photographs, and videos with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

Do threads delete your Instagram?

It wasn’t long before word got out about a certain clause in Threads’ privacy policy, which coincided with the platform’s growing popularity. “At any time, you can deactivate your Threads profile; however, to permanently delete your Threads profile, you will first need to delete your Instagram account.”

Does Thread have an app?

Threads are now available for iOS and Android in more than one hundred countries, and users in those countries can download the app through the respective app stores for Apple and Google.


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