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Threads, a new platform that competes with Twitter and is analogous to Instagram, has been introduced, and both setting it up and using it are fairly straightforward processes. It is possible, however, that you will not find the Threads app to be useful for a variety of reasons; this is despite the fact that the app offers an improved user interface (UI). If you have previously registered a Threads account but no longer wish to make use of it, the steps necessary to delete it from the service will be outlined in this post. Proceed with what you were doing if this is the case. So let’s get started:

How to Deactivate Threads Account

You will need to delete both your Instagram and Threads account to delete your account; therefore, you may wish to consider deactivating your account rather than deleting it. Your connected Instagram account will not be affected if you deactivate your Threads account; therefore, you can continue using Instagram in the same manner as previously. You also have the option to deactivate your Instagram account if that better suits your needs.

The steps to delete your Threads account are outlined here for your convenience.

1. Tap the icon that corresponds to your profile in the bottom navigation bar of the Threads app.

How to Deactivate Threads Account

2. Tap the button that looks like three horizontal lines.

Tap three horizontal lines.

3. Tap the ‘Account’ tab.

Tap the 'Account'

4. Then the ‘Deactivate profile’ tab appears.

'Deactivate profile' tab appears.

5. On the following screen, all you need to do to deactivate your Threads profile is hit the button that says “Deactivate Threads profile.”

says "Deactivate Threads profile."

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Delete Threads Account

Once you’ve joined Threads, the only way to delete your account is by also deleting your account on Instagram, which makes the process of removing a Threads account exceedingly complicated. This is due to the fact that the only method to delete your Threads account is by also deleting your account on Instagram. Consequently, if you are prepared to go to such lengths, the following is a guide for deleting your Threads account.

NOTE: Please keep in mind, as was previously said, that completing this process will result in the deletion of your Instagram account. Before moving on, you should first ensure that you are one hundred per cent positive that you want to delete your Instagram and Threads accounts.

  • Tap the icon that corresponds to your profile in the bottom navigation bar of the Threads app. Now, select “Menu with the Hamburger Icon”

Tap the icon look like profile icon

  • First select the ‘Account’ tab, then select the ‘Other account settings’ option.

select the 'Account' tab

  • To view additional information, select the ‘See more in Accounts Centre’ option.

select the 'See more in Accounts Centre' option

  • To access your personal information, select ‘Personal Details’ from the menu that appears.

Delete Threads account

  • After that, select ‘Account ownership and control’.

select 'Account ownership and control'.

  • Then select ‘Deactivation or deletion’ from the submenu that appears.

select 'Deactivation or deletion'

  • Choose the Instagram profile that is connected to your Threads account. Select “Delete account,” then press the “Continue” button.

Select "Delete account,"

  • Tap ‘Continue’ once more, after which you will be prompted to select a justification for terminating your account.

Tap 'Continue'

  • The next step is to enter your password and then click the ‘Continue’ button.

click the 'Continue' button.

  • Tap the ‘Delete account’ button to complete the account deletion process and validate your request.

Tap the 'Delete account'

  • Your account will be removed from the system in one month’s time. As soon as this procedure is finished, Meta will also permanently erase your Threads account.

Additional FAQs

Do you have to delete your Instagram to delete threads?

According to the terms of service for Threads, if you delete individual posts inside Threads or your Instagram account, the content you previously posted within Threads will be removed from Threads servers. You are unable to deactivate your Threads profile until you have also deleted your Instagram account.

Can you see deleted threads on Instagram?

Remember that messages that are deleted on Instagram cannot be recovered in any way. The content that is located in Recently deleted will be automatically erased after a period of 30 days, or it may take up to 24 hours if the story is not located in your stories archive.

Why do message threads disappear on Instagram?

The vanish feature on Instagram causes chats to disappear after you have viewed them and then leave the conversation in which they are taking place. A simple tap is all that is required to switch this feature on or off.

Are Instagram messages deleted forever?

A function similar to that of WhatsApp is included in Instagram, and it enables users to delete messages that they have previously sent. Instagram does not actually remove the messages from its database if you want to “unsend” them. Instagram is alerting its users to the fact that unsent messages are not actually removed from the app’s servers.



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