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Occasionally, a YouTube channel may upload content that is either inappropriate for your viewing or simply uninteresting to you. When you block a YouTube channel, it will no longer appear in the recommended feed that you receive. Sadly, it does NOT completely prevent the problem from occurring. You will STILL be able to find it in search results, but at least you can remove the channel from the list of recommended videos. This scenario applies to each and every device. You are able to get around YouTube’s overall lack of channel-blocking capabilities on most devices by requiring a pin. This article will walk you through the steps of blocking YouTube channels on both your personal computer and your mobile device. So let’s get started:

How to Block YouTube Channels

On PC:

If you already know the username of the person you want to block, this step won’t take you more than a minute to complete.

  • You can block a channel by going to, logging into your account there, and then opening the channel in question. Clicking on their username within a comment or video is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish this task.
  • To learn more about them, select “About” from the drop-down menu that is located just below the banner and username at the very top of their page.

How to Block YouTube Channels on PC and Mobile Phones

  • Simply select “Block user” after clicking the flag icon located on the right side of the page.

How to Block YouTube Channels on PC and Mobile Phones

  • Click Submit.

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On Mobile Phones:

Block YouTube channels on your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet, is just as simple.

  • Launch the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device, sign into your account, and then navigate to the channel whose content you wish to restrict before closing the app. To do this, tap the username of the channel wherever it appears (either on a comment or a video).
  • Select the option to Block user by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of their channel page.

How to Block YouTube Channels on PC and Mobile Phones

  • Block the tap.

How to Block YouTube Channels on PC and Mobile Phones

Block Channels on YouTube for Smart TVs

Blocking a YouTube channel from appearing in your home feed/recommended lists depends on the operating system (OS) used on the TV. Follow the directions above for the appropriate OS (Google, Amazon, or Roku TVs). As for TVs with a custom OS, the app may or may not offer the “Don’t recommend channel option.” Why? The reason is that custom OS TVs are not linked to primary accounts like Amazon, YouTube, or Roku that continually update the software from their servers. A standalone OS does offer updates, but only when the manufacturer makes changes. In addition, those YouTube app versions often become unsupported after so many years, as well as many other apps offered on a particular TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I block content on YouTube?

You cannot block individual YouTube channels as a user, but there are simple ways to prevent certain videos and content from interfering with your viewing experience on YouTube. The issue is that once you watch a video from a channel, YouTube is unaware of whether or not you enjoyed it, even if you later decide you do not want to see videos from that channel again.

What is the restricted content mode on YouTube?

You can use YouTube’s Restricted Mode, one of the site’s settings. This feature can help screen out potentially mature content that you or others using your devices may prefer not to view. It can do this for both you and for anyone else using your devices. A network administrator may enable Restricted Mode on the computers used in public institutions such as libraries, universities, and other public institutions.

Why do blocked YouTube channels still appear?

Even if you block channels, you can still watch their videos and view their other content. It will only prevent the channel owners from leaving comments on their videos or from liking or disliking your content.

How long does YouTube block last?

When you receive three strikes within the same period of ninety days, your channel will be permanently removed from YouTube. Each strike will remain valid for ninety days after it was initially issued.


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