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Instagram has been one of the most popular social media sites for a long time now, with millions of users sharing everything from personal updates to commercial promotions. Learn in this article how long do Instagram stories last in your audience’s feed. Viewing Stories in the feed, the Explore tab and individual profiles will also be covered. In addition, we’ll fix the issue where Stories can sometimes remain live for more than 24 hours and the 15-second time limit we impose on each one. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

What are Instagram Stories?

Stories on Instagram disappear after 24 hours. That’s right, a Story you publish on your profile will disappear after one day. Make the most of it by providing your followers with interesting content (pictures, videos, and text) during that period.

You can make your Stories more permanent by adding them to your profile’s highlights. Like regular Instagram posts, these highlights will be viewable to the public even after the 24 hours have expired.

How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?

Perhaps you’re curious as to how long Instagram Stories last. Let me tell you, they last for a full day. Any media you add to your Instagram Story will automatically be deleted after 24 hours.

How Long Do Instagram

However, your followers will be able to watch and enjoy them for as long as possible before they disappear forever. You can make your Stories more permanent by adding them to your profile’s Highlights section. Stories from verified accounts or those with a strong following can be saved indefinitely.

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Instagram Stories in the Feed

Users can access the full-screen version of your Instagram Stories by tapping on the small circular icons that represent them in the stream. Use this function to add some visual flair to your written or video posts. Your Stories will only be visible for 24 hours before they disappear from your profile, so use that time wisely.

Stickers, polls, and questions are just some of the interactive features you can add to your Stories to make them more engaging and entertaining for your audience. After watching your Stories, users will be taken back to the main feed, where they may browse and interact with posts as usual.

Instagram Stories in the Explore tab

Explore more material from other users based on your interests with the new Instagram Stories, which can be found in the Explore tab. Discovering new accounts to follow and engaging with content of all kinds is easy, thanks to Instagram Stories under the Explore tab.

When you click the Explore button, you’ll find a section labeled “Stories We Think You’ll Like” appear. These Stories are handpicked for you based on your preferences and the most-read articles on the site.

You can view the full-screen Story of a user by pressing on their profile picture and then swiping left or right or sending a direct message in response. It’s a great way to meet new people and check out interesting posts on Instagram.

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Instagram Stories in the Profile

Visit the Stories section of your profile to quickly view and appreciate all the time-limited posts you’ve made to Instagram. A Story that you publish to your profile will only remain there for 24 hours before it disappears. But don’t worry; your expired Stories will still be available to watch and enjoy even after 24 hours have passed.

You may also highlight specific Stories on your profile to ensure they remain prominent for a longer period. You may expand a user’s Story by tapping on their profile image. In addition, you may find all of your published Stories in the Stories section of your profile.

How to View Expired Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Last

Tap the profile image and slide up to access your archived Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories may be accessed via the round profile picture icon at the top of your feed. To view the Story in full-screen mode, tap on the profile image.

Even though the Story has ended, you can still see the entirety of it by swiping up from the bottom. You can use this to view any stuff that you may have missed before it was removed permanently.

Additional FAQs

Why do Instagram Stories disappear before 24 hours?

It appears that Instagram has been experiencing an issue that causes many users’ stories to be removed before the 24 hours is up. If your Instagram story was accidentally deleted, it appears that it will not be recoverable (at least for the time being) unless Instagram fixes the bug.

Can we extend story time on Instagram?

The duration of Instagram Stories, whether recorded outside the app or published, is now capped at 60 seconds. If you try to upload a video from your Camera Roll that is more than 60 seconds long, Instagram will force you to shorten it.

Can we reduce Storytime on Instagram?

In Instagram Story, you can’t schedule when a post will go live. The standard is 24 hours. If you wish to save a certain slide for later reference, you can do so under Highlights. Go to your Story and remove the photo if you want to cut down on the length of the video.

How long is an Instagram reel?

Instagram Reels are 90-second-long videos that can only be posted on the platform. Users can make their music videos by recording, editing, and splicing together pictures and videos.


In conclusion, Instagram Stories is a well-liked function that permits users to post temporary content that disappears after a certain amount of time has passed. There is a 24-hour time limit on these Stories before they are removed permanently.

On rare occasions, though, a bug will allow a Story to stay up for longer than 24 hours. Instagram, however, ensures that users may still enjoy and interact with expired Stories by providing many ways to save and view such material.


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