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In this Blog, We’ll talk about How to Find Saved Reels on Facebook. Facebook Reels is the company’s response to the immensely successful TikTok app, which focuses on short-form video content. Users of Facebook may now make and share their own 15- to 60-second movies with music and special effects using a feature called Reels, which is quite similar to Instagram’s Reels feature.

If you have any Reels that you have bookmarked or liked on Facebook, you may be wondering how to access them. Don’t be concerned; we’ve got you covered in every way. In this piece, we’ll walk you through locating Reels that you’ve liked and saved on both the mobile app and desktop version of Facebook.

So, let’s get started and find some of those hidden treasures that you’ve saved to view later, shall we?

How to Find Saved Reels on Facebook

The videos that you have bookmarked to view at a later time are stored in your Saved Reels. You may access the Reels you’ve saved on Facebook either via the app or on your PC by following these easy steps:

On FaceBook Mobile App

Tap the three dots that appear in the lower-right corner of a video on Facebook, and then pick the Save Reel option from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • Click on three Dots.

How to Find Saved Reels on Facebook

  • Click on Save Reel.

Saved Reels on Facebook

  • Then, to access your saved reels at a later time, choose View saved from your profile page by tapping the profile button that is located at the very top of any reel video.

  • Click on the “View Saved” Button.

Find Saved Reels on Facebook

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On Desktop

  • Click the symbol that looks like three dots at the very top of a video, and then pick the Save Reel option when prompted to do so.

  • To access the reels that you have already stored, go to your profile page and click on the Reels tab. Then, choose the reels that have been saved.

How to see liked Reels on Facebook.

When you are viewing a video, you may indicate that you like it by hitting the thumbsup button. This adds the video to your Liked Reels collection. Here is how you may locate the Reels that you enjoy:

On the App

  • Then, to locate the reels that you have liked in the future, press the profile symbol that is located at the very top of any reel video, and then pick your favorite Reel from the drop-down Menu on your profile page.

  • Click on “Liked Reel

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On Desktop

When compared to Facebook’s mobile app, the process of locating your favorite movies on the desktop version of Facebook is rather more involved. To begin, go to the top right of the page and click on your profile image. Next, pick Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.

  • The next step is to choose the “Interactions” tab on the left side of the screen, then pick “Likes and Reactions” to begin refining your activity. You should notice the videos that you have liked most recently on the right-hand side of the log activity.

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Additional FAQ’s

Where are my reels now being kept?

To begin, launch the Instagram app and go to the feed associated with your profile. Tap the Menu Icon that is located in the top right corner of the screen next. When the Menu appears, go to Saved and choose it. After you’ve done so, go to All Posts and check for the stored Reel you were looking for there.

Is it possible for me to upload a stored reel to Facebook?

It is necessary to link both your Instagram and Facebook accounts to the same Accounts Centre in order for you to be able to post your reels on Facebook. At this moment, the Instagram app for Android or iPhone is the only way to post a reel on Facebook. You will be able to upload your Reel to Facebook after all of your accounts have been consolidated into the single Accounts Centre.

Why don’t my Instagram highlights appear on my Facebook feed?

It’s possible that your accounts aren’t correctly linked. Check to verify that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected correctly. To do this, go to the settings menu of your Instagram account, pick “Account,” then “Linked Accounts,” and finally choose “Facebook.” Check to verify that you have really permitted the connection between the.

What gives with my Reel not being shown on Facebook?

First, you’ll need to enter the App Info menu on your Android by holding down the “long press” button on the Facebook app icon and then tapping the “i” symbol. Step 2: From the App Info menu, choose ‘Storage and cache.’ Step 3: Attempt to load reels on Facebook after clicking the option to clear the cache.

Last Words

Communication is essential in today’s fast-paced society because it allows individuals from different backgrounds to interact with one another. The internet and other technological advancements have had a revolutionary effect on human interaction.

For many of us, using a social networking site like Facebook to share memories, learn about new topics, and connect with friends and family has become second nature. The ‘Saved’ and ‘Liked’ tabs provide quick access to the Reels you have bookmarked and liked, respectively, on Facebook. These options make it easy to revisit past conversations and video recordings.

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