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In this Blog, we’ll talk about How To Leave a Review on Facebook. You undoubtedly want to tell someone about a company you just visited, whether it was amazing or not so amazing. Whether it was amazing or not amazing, you probably want to share your experience. You might write something about it on one of your social media accounts; however, this would only be seen by your friends. It is likely going to be more beneficial to provide this knowledge to the individuals who genuinely want it.

One of the numerous methods to do this is by making a post on the Facebook page of a company, provided that the company in question has such a page. You don’t need to write a general comment on the Page, and the star rating system that you are used to using is not the one that is employed here.

Facebook has switched from using reviews to recommending content, and these suggestions may now contain photographs and tags in addition to text. At this time, the ratings of a company are determined by taking into account both previous evaluations and suggestions from other clients. Everything you need to know about Facebook recommendations is included in this article.

How To Leave a Review on Facebook

  • Visit the Facebook page of the company whose product or service you wish to evaluate.
  • Navigate to the tab labeled Reviews.

Review on Facebook

  • Below or within Would you suggest [Name of Business] to others? Click either the Yes or the No button.

How to Review on Facebook

  • Please share your thoughts about the company in a review. The minimum required length for reviews is 25 characters.
  • In the area labeled “Sharing,” choose the people who will have access to your review. You have the option of limiting access to only friends or making the post public, in which case everyone may see it. When you are done, be sure to click the Post button.

how to leave Review on Facebook

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What makes Facebook suggestions unique from reviews?

There are certain fundamental distinctions to be made between reviews and suggestions despite the fact that both serve a comparable goal.

To begin, everyone who uses Facebook may see a review, but suggestions can only be seen by friends of the person making the recommendation. While Facebook suggestions do not have a star rating system, reviews on the platform do.

To what extent do Facebook’s suggestions help?

When you are recommending a business, you have the option of adding photographs to go along with your writing and selecting tags to emphasize important aspects of the business (such as being kid-friendly or having a comfortable ambiance).

In addition, if one of your Facebook friends recommends a company, the recommendation will show up first on the business’s own Facebook page as well as on the timeline of your friend who made the recommendation.

Major Difference Between Facebook reviews vs. recommendations?

Users are able to write evaluations and suggestions on Facebook business pages using the reviews and recommendations features. For a number of years, Facebook made use of a conventional rating system that consisted of a scale from one to five stars and an area where users may voluntarily provide a remark in support of their star rating. In 2018, they changed the star rating system to one called “Recommendations,” which inquires users as to whether or not they would suggest a certain company.

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Facebook reviews

Facebook reviews had a rating out of five stars, and users could remark on their rating. Everyone has access to the ability to like and comment on reviews. Users of other social media platforms may still access existing star ratings and reviews on Facebook, and the platform will continue to show such ratings and reviews.

Facebook recommendations

The reviews feature on Facebook has been modified to become recommendations. The “Recommendations” part of this website does not display ratings of five stars at this time. Instead, it informs users of social media platforms about whether or not their social network promotes a certain company.

When users select the “Reviews” link, they are sent to the “Recommendations” function on Facebook, where they are prompted with the question, “Do you recommend (Business name)?” Users are prompted to answer with either a yes or a no and are given the option of adding tags, photographs, or a written review or suggestion of up to 25 characters in length. Facebook’s suggestions are meant to be more tailored to the individual, and the platform enables users to see the opinions of their friends about local companies.

How can I give a Facebook seller a star rating?

Facebook extends its reach beyond traditional commercial enterprises by enabling vendors to list their wares on Facebook Marketplace, where all Facebook users may see the post and engage in conversation with the vendor. After a buyer has interacted with or purchased from a vendor, only then are they eligible to rate that seller. The following are the actions you need to do in order to leave a rating for a seller:

  • Launch Facebook and sign in to your account.
  • To access the Market, choose the tab.
  • Click the person symbol that appears next to the search button at the very top of the screen.
  • To begin a conversation with the vendor, go to the “Buying” tab.
  • Just hit the “Rate Seller” button.
  • You have the option of providing the seller with feedback by selecting either a happy face or a sad face.
  • If you would like, you may specify why you gave the rating that you did and then click the “Done” button to make your rating public.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why is it that I am unable to submit a review on Facebook?

What’s wrong with me that I can’t write a review on Facebook? When you first establish a Page on Facebook, the reviews function will already be activated due to Facebook’s default settings. If, for some reason, it isn’t already enabled when the Page is created, you have the option to activate it manually via the Manage Page section located on the left side of the Page.

What is the proper format for a review?

Bring attention to the aspects that distinguish the location from others, and make an effort to impart something fresh and original. Be true to yourself: Reflect on your personal experience and describe both the atmosphere of the location and the level of service you experienced there. Make an effort to be as factual as possible, and make sure to include both the enjoyable and frustrating elements of your trip.

Is it possible for Facebook to erase a review?

Page administrators on Facebook are unable to delete specific user reviews on their own. However, people can flag reviews in order to alert Facebook’s staff that the reviews should be removed. However, in order for people to flag a review, there must be at least one remark attached to it. Commenting on unfavorable reviews is a complex scenario that requires a lot of care and attention to be handled properly.

How exactly does one go about writing and publishing a review?

The review paper needs to be produced using appropriate literature, an in-depth discussion, enough data/results to support the interpretation, and a convincing language style. A finished review article has the responsibility of delivering significant fresh, original ideas to the audience on the basis of a comparison of previously published works.

What exactly is meant by “review with example”?

A review is either a survey that covers a whole topic or a section of it, or more specifically, an essay that makes a critical reassessment and summary of anything written: a review of the most recent book on Chaucer. A critique is a judgment, often presented in the form of an article, that may be positive or negative, or both: a criticism of a proposal that has been suggested.


Reviewing a business, product, or service on Facebook is easy, and it can help other people make better choices. Leaving a review can be a great way to help the online community, whether you had a great time and want to give a good review or you had problems and want to share your thoughts. Remember to be honest, helpful, and polite in your reviews so that the site stays trustworthy.

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