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In this Blog, we wil get to know How To Turn Off Professional Mode on Facebook. Are you attempting to find out how to elevate your presence on social media to the next level? If that’s the case, your search is about to come to an end. You may have access to a variety of tools designed specifically for creators on Facebook by switching to the professional mode. You are able to cater to a broad variety of audiences using sophisticated capabilities that are not accessible to normal Facebook users if you enable this mode inside the Facebook app that is installed on your iPhone and utilize it.

Within the scope of this tutorial, I will discuss what exactly “professional mode” on Facebook entails and how you may activate it on your iPhone. We won’t keep you waiting any longer; let’s get started!

What is Professional Mode on Facebook?

The Professional Mode is for people who want to make things, so it is turned off by default. By turning on “professional mode,” qualified users can use different tools to make money by making new material. You can grow your audience, learn more about them, and see how well your content is doing with the help of a set of professional tools.

When you switch your profile to “professional mode,” your fan setting changes to “Public.” This means that anyone can see your widely shared content in their Feed. But you can still choose who sees your content and share things with your friends in secret.

All of this is great because you can do it all from one place: your Facebook page. Since the professional mode feature is added to your current profile, you don’t have to make and handle a different profile or public Page.

So, some Facebook users may want to turn off “professional mode.” This could be because they no longer want to be a digital artist or because they want their material to be on a different page.

Don’t worry; you can turn off Facebook’s business mode at any time, both on your computer and on your phone. Before you move on, take a look at what changes and what stays the same when you leave business mode.

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How To Turn On Professional Mode on Facebook

  • Open the app for Facebook on your iPhone.
  • Tap the button in the bottom right corner of the menu bar to go to your profile.

How To Turn Off Professional Mode on Facebook

  • Press the button with three dots next to “Edit Profile.”
  • Choose “Start professional mode.”

Turn Off Professional Mode on Facebook

  • To keep setting up the business mode, tap “Turn on.”

Professional Mode on Facebook

  • You can also make your page look good for the viewers by putting in the necessary information.

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How To Turn Off Professional Mode on Facebook

If you’ve tried this option and want your account to be private again, the steps below will help.

  • Open the app for Facebook. Go to your account. Tap the sign with three dots.
  • Select “Turn off professional mode.”

  • When told to, tap Continue to Turn Off.

  • Wait for the changes to take place and the Confirmation page to show up.

  • Tap “Close

Following this step, the user interface of your account will be restored to its usual state, as it was before.

How to Find Facebook Username on PC or Mobile

How To Turn Off Professional Mode on Facebook on Computer

  • Open up a web browser on your PC and go to
  • To access your Facebook profile, click on your name in the column on the left.
  • To access the menu, choose the three dots located to the right of the ‘Add to narrative’ heading.
  • To disable the professional mode, choose the “Turn off professional mode” option.

  • After making your selection, click the ‘Continue’ button and then the ‘Turn off’ button.

Comparably, you can switch Facebook to its professional mode whenever you choose.

What happens when I disable Professional Mode?

Things that happen

  1. Any of your old material or information about your readers will no longer be available.
  2. When professional mode is turned off, you’ll still get payments that are due to you, but you won’t make money on your page.
  3. You won’t be able to use the professional panel or any of its tools or the safety features that have been improved.
  4. You will no longer be able to find new things on Facebook.


  1. Your present friends, followers, and the information on your page won’t change.
  2. Your setting for “Who can follow me” is set to “Public.” In Settings, you can change this at any time.
  3. Your choices for privacy will stay the same.
  4. You can turn on business mode at any time if you change your mind.

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Facebook Professional Mode tools and features

If this is your first time working in Professional Mode, you may be curious about the features that come standard with the mode. Let’s take a look at the updates, tools, and safety features that become available to a user after they switch on Facebook’s Professional Mode.

Profile Update

Users can edit their profiles in a professional style to reflect their life outside of the internet. They have the option of adding details about themselves, such as their work titles, credentials, career history, and achievements. These changes might help showcase their area of expertise to prospective customers or business partners more effectively.

  • Fans: Users can get more fans by asking friends, boosting their page on other social media sites, and sharing their content with related groups. This helps users reach a wider audience and meet with more people.
  • Profile Category: You can put your profile in a certain category, such as “musician,” “artist,” or “journalist,” to make it easy for people to find your page.

Tools for professionals and chances for creators

As the name suggests, this mode gives you access to a lot of really cool tools.

  • Professional Dashboard: Use success measures, like the number of new followers, to keep track of your observations. You can do a better job of managing your posts and messages.
  • Ask people to follow: Invite your friends to follow your page to get more people to see it and spread the word about it.
  • Post author: You can easily make high-quality material like pictures, movies, and stories. You can plan your posts to go up at the best time. This will make sure that your content is shared at the best time.
  • Creator support is a one-stop shop for all the tools, training guides, and community help that Facebook has to offer. Use this tool and improve your skills to get more people to see your page.
  • Find out how: Lastly, users can get more attention and reach on the site by using the right hashtags and terms.

Get paid for your work (Monetize your content).

With this tool, people can make money off of their content by selling packages to fans and sharing ad revenue. It is very helpful for people who make material that is easy to use, of high quality, and popular with users.

  • Ads on Facebook reels: If you want to make real money, you can redirect ads on your reels that other people can see.
  • In-stream ads: People who make movies can make money from them by putting ads before or during them. It is the easiest way to make money for your business and bring in money.
  • Payments: If you offer your users exclusive material, you can get them to sign up for payments. This can be behind-the-scenes video, early access to your material, or special items that are only available to your subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Question

Which is better: a Facebook page or the business mode?

Even though some features in expert mode are best for businesses and leaders, anyone can use the extra data and customization options.

If I turn on Professional Mode, will my Facebook feed or page look different?

No, putting on Professional Mode won’t make your Facebook feed or page look different. It will only give you access to tools that aren’t in the regular version of the app.

If I turn on Professional Mode, will hackers or other security threats be able to get into my Facebook account more easily?

No, putting on Professional Mode will not make your Facebook account more open to hacking or other security problems. But it’s always a good idea to do basic things to protect your account, like use a strong password and turn on two-factor authentication.

Can I turn on Professional Mode for just some of the pages or groups I run on Facebook instead of for my whole account?

No, your whole Facebook account is affected by the Professional Mode setting. But once you turn on Professional Mode, you can use its additional features to choose which pages or groups you want to control.

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