How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Account


If you have concluded that you would like to deactivate your account for good, the next step is to figure out what to do with your servers and any data stored on them before you delete your account. It would be a terrible waste to close down a popular online forum, let alone fragment a tight-knit community of people who have become close friends. Your legacy on Discord can, happily, live on long after your account has been removed. This is one of the many benefits of using the platform. Your only responsibility will be to transfer administrative authority to the new owner when the time comes. The process of transferring ownership of a Discord account may be broken down into the following parts, which will lead you through each step in turn:

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How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Account

You can pass over the keys to anybody you like, regardless of who they are, as long as the user you pick is a part of the server. This is made possible by the platform, which enables the user you choose to be a part of the server. Someone involved in the community or a close friend could fit this description. Choose carefully because, from that point on, this person will be in charge of everything on the forum.

After you have determined that a trustworthy person will be the one to take over, you should proceed with the following steps:

1. Start the server you will hand off to another administrator as soon as it is ready.

2. After clicking on the Server Name, go to the settings menu and select Server Settings from there. This will grant you access.

click on the server setting

3. Go to the “User Management” part, then click on the “Members” category when you get there.

choose the member option

4. Look through the list of members to find who you think will make the best administrator once you step down from your current position. After moving the cursor over their username, three dots appear to the vertical right of it. Click on those dots.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Account

5. Select ” Transfer Ownership “ from the list of options that appear when you pull down the menu, select “Transfer Ownership.”

click on transfer ownership


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get ownership back on Discord?

Therefore, service members cannot achieve ownership independently, even if they have complete privileges like the owners. This is true even if the member is the administrator of the server. Contacting Discord Support and asking them to intervene would be the most effective course of action to take at this time. Here is how to request that Discord Support do an ownership transfer on your account.

Can you sell your Discord?

You can take a few different approaches to sell your Discord server. You can personally find a buyer for your server or use a platform such as Discord Server Listing to advertise it for sale. You will need to transfer ownership of the server once you have found a buyer and agreed on the price with that buyer.

What happens to a server if the owner’s account gets deleted?

Your server won’t be erased; instead, it will give the impression that it belonged to a user who has since been removed. For ownership to be changed, a request must be submitted by one of your administrators or moderators.

How many days will Discord delete my account?

There is a possibility that the account will not be deleted from the servers of Discord for up to a week after it has been terminated. During this time, access to the user’s account will be temporarily disabled, and any messages, friends, and server memberships will be removed permanently. In addition, the user will be unable to regain access to their account after it has been deleted.

Will Discord show what I’m playing?

Discord will automatically list the games and software you are currently running on your computer and the applications you are manually adding to it. Nevertheless, Discord will not reveal the URL of the website that you are now visiting on the internet.

Is ownership the same as admin Discord?

The platform’s owners and administrators have access to all of its features and capabilities, including the ability to submit listings, modify the organization’s profile, and manage the permissions of other administrators. However, a proprietor wields authority not only over administrators but also over other proprietors of the business.


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