Alan Wake 2: Witchfinder’s Station Computer Guide


In the mysterious realm of “Alan Wake 2,” the Witchfinder’s Station Computer serves as a portal to a cache of FBC secrets. Using this computer is completely voluntary. In this enthralling sequel, you will have the opportunity to discover previously unknown information and solve the riddles surrounding Nursery Rhymes, both of which will enhance your trip. This article will explain Witchfinder’s Station Computer Guide in Alan Wake 2:

Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station?

The Witchfinder’s Station is well marked on any Cauldron Lake map, so finding it won’t be difficult. In the picture on the right, the station may be seen in the top left corner. The game begins in Cauldron Lake, but getting to the Witchfinder’s Station early on is hampered by several challenges.

Witchfinder’s Station Computer

If you are playing as Saga, you must return to Cauldron Lake after visiting Bright Falls to proceed with the quest. In addition, you should have accomplished some of the story’s goals. As soon as you’ve finished this mission, you’ll have more flexibility to explore the area around Cauldron Lake, including a trip to the Witchfinder’s Station.

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Where to find the computer in the Witchfinder’s Station?

Once you have arrived at the Witchfinder’s Station at Cauldron Lake, finding the computer will not be difficult. When you are close enough to the station, proceed to the front door to enter. You should be able to see the computer in front of you at this point.

How to Obtain the Witchfinder Station Password

In Alan Wake 2, the password for the Witchfinder Station can be found on a Post-it note stuck to the floor beneath the computer. Two emails are ready for you to read if you type this code into the computer.

The purpose of the FBC’s use of nursery rhyme riddles at various sites will be detailed in these emails. Saga’s ‘Nursery Rhymes’ case file hint requires reading both emails. Additional notes about the nursery rhymes can be found up the stairs and added to your case file.

The note hidden beneath the bed next to the playpen contains the coordinates for all of the nursery rhyme puzzles in Cauldron Lake. You can benefit greatly from reading this.

When you find one of these nursery rhyme puzzles, it’s in your best interest to solve it so that you can win Charms, which Saga can then equip for special perks like health restoration. There is even a Charm that can be used once and might save Saga’s life.

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Witchfinder Station computer password in Alan Wake 2

We found the proper computer code for Witchfinder Station in Alan Wake 2 was 2547 while playing on normal difficulty. However, this code could be arbitrary, or it could vary based on the difficulty setting you use.

What Information is on the computer in the Witchfinder’s Station?

When you finally get on the computer, you’ll discover that the FBC made up those nursery rhymes for a school assignment. In the Alan Wake universe, the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) exists as a branch of the United States government; players of the Control spin-off will be familiar with this agency.

The purpose of this government organization is to research unusual phenomena that defy explanation by standard scientific theory. If you look through the paperwork lying around the Witchfinder’s Station, you’ll find out that the FBC made the nursery rhymes to see how much of an impact fiction could have on the real world. Similar to Alan Wake’s manuscript pages, these documents serve a similar purpose.

The data you uncover on the computer and the station documents you collect are now yours to add to the Nursery Rhymes case file on Saga’s Case Board whenever you’ve gotten your hands on them. When you have them in your hands, you can proceed.

Additional FAQs

Is Control and Alan Wake connected?

The Remedy Connected Universe is a wider linked universe between games developed by Remedy Entertainment, and it includes the games Alan Wake and Control. The events and characters of Alan Wake are referenced in Control, and Alan Wake himself makes a cameo appearance.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

Over the past decade, Mr. Scratch has become a major opponent in the sequel. Since Alan’s absence, he has been a constant presence in Alice’s life, and it has been speculated that he is having the time of his life heading a cult that commits horrible murders.

Is Alan Wake 2 a horror game?

After two minutes, Alan Wake 2 made me leap. Remedy Entertainment’s new sci-fi thriller offers jump scares from the start, not just the chilling Twin Peaks-esque ambience.

Is Alan Wake 2 an AAA game?

Epic Games’ own publishing business, Epic Games Publishing, has made its debut with the publication of the critically acclaimed video game Alan Wake 2.


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