How to Unlock Agents in Valorant in 2023


As the world of Valorant changes all-time in 2023, hopeful tacticians are almost ready to unlock the game’s most sought-after agents. Valorant is still free to play and doesn’t have any impossible-to-climb paywalls, but getting these unique influencers to work for you is an interesting journey that you should take. This article will explain how to unlock agents in Valorant in 2023.

How to Unlock Agents in Valorant

By playing in matches and finishing Daily Missions, you can earn VALORANT agents free with Kingdom Credits. Each agent will cost you 8000 Kingdom Credits, and there is a maximum of 10,000 Credits you can have in your possession at any given moment. To raise your revenue, it is important to spend it on new agents.

In addition to the Kingdom Credits system, new players can permanently unlock two free agents of their choosing by completing a Free Welcome Contract. You can level up and access the next tier of the Free Welcome Contract by completing Daily and Weekly Missions or just by playing the game.

Unlock Agents in Valorant

The Free Welcome Contract allows you to unlock any player for free at the fifth and tenth tiers. Starting in Season 7, players can also take advantage of Agent Recruitment Events to gain brand new agents at no expense to themselves.

  • A fresh round of Recruitment Events starts whenever a new Agent becomes available.
  • For the first 28 days, you can unlock the agent at no cost.
  • Unsuccessful Agent Recruitment Event participants will have 28 days to purchase the agents they want.

Completing your Dailies, Weeklies, and matches in VALORANT will grant you XP for Agent Recruitment Events, much like accumulating Kingdom Credits would. If the prospect of grinding out VALORANT agents puts you off, you may be able to acquire them unlocked much more quickly and for a larger fee.

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Agent Gear

You may be wondering what happened to the agent-themed skins and gear. They’re now over in the “Agent Gear” area of the site. Still, you can get an Agent Gear from one of 10 tiers, split across two books.

Unfortunately, you can no longer access them via gaining experience points. However, they are still available to all players at no cost but behind a higher level of grinding. Kingdom Credits can now be used to purchase each tier.

agent gears

The full price to gain access to all levels is 43,000 Kingdom Credits. Tier 5 does come with a bonus of 2,000 KC, bringing the total down to 41,000 KC.

Some VALORANT Points

The quickest way to access VALORANT agents is outlined below, but it will cost you if grinding isn’t your thing. One thousand VALORANT Points (VP) is the going rate for a representative. These are available for purchase with real money.

valorant points

  • To purchase VALORANT Points (VP), navigate to the top right of your screen, select the VALORANT Points icon, and input the desired amount.
  • Check Out Old Documents
  • Choose the agent you wish to buy and pay 1,000 VP for them.

In no circumstances should you spend more money than you have.

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The fastest way to unlock VALORANT agents for free

We suggest playing modes that will get you the most experience toward active agent contracts without spending real money. You’ll make a little less headway per game played in modes like Team Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation, earning 20 Kingdom Credits instead of 25.

Gekko agent

In the meantime, you’ll earn 10 Kingdom Credits for each completed round in the Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, and Premier game modes.

Additional FAQs

Can you still unlock Agents with exp?

Each agreement contains ten steps that must be accomplished skillfully. Although it takes 975,000 XP to finish a contract, players must achieve stage 5 (which costs 200,000 XP) to unlock the agent. The best way to level up quickly is to complete the daily and weekly objectives.

Who is the upcoming Agent 21 in VALORANT?

Harbor is now known as Valorant’s Agent 21. Teasers for the upcoming character Harbor have started appearing in-game and on Riot’s social media channels, indicating that he or she will debut in Act 3 of Episode 5.

Who is Agent 23 VALORANT?

On June 28th, Episode 7, Act 1 will be released, and with it comes Deadlock, Agent 23 of VALORANT. Norwegian Sentinel agent Deadlock knows how to survive in the harsh climate thanks to her traps and hunting skills.



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