How to Watch Twitch on Roku Tv 2023


You can easily access the Twitch app through the Roku Channel Store to watch Twitch on Roku. First, ensure that your Roku device is powered on and connected to the internet. On the Roku home screen, select “Streaming Channels.” From there, choose “Search Channels” and use the on-screen keyboard to type “Twitch.” Look for the Twitch app in the search results and select it. Install the app by clicking “Add Channel.”

Once the installation is complete, return to your Roku home screen and locate the Twitch app among your installed channels. Launch the Twitch app, and you will receive an activation code. Finally, open a web browser on a computer or mobile device and visit Twitch. Tv/activate to activate the Twitch app on your Roku device. Enjoy streaming your favorite Twitch content on your Roku!

What is Twitch?

Watch Twitch on Roku

Twitch is a well-known internet network that mostly focuses on live video broadcasting. It was first released in 2011 and quickly acquired recognition within the gaming world. Twitch enables users, known as streamers, to broadcast themselves in real-time while playing video games, live streaming esports events, making art, cooking, or participating in other activities. Viewers may communicate with the broadcasters and other viewers through chat messaging while watching these broadcasts.

Twitch has evolved beyond gaming to encompass various content categories such as Just Chatting, Music, IRL (In Real Life), Creative, and others. The site has also evolved into a community center, encouraging relationships and involvement among individuals with similar interests. Twitch provides tools such as subscriptions, emotes, channel points, and Bits, enabling viewers to financially or virtually support their favorite broadcasters.

Twitch has become an important component of the online entertainment scene, drawing millions of viewers and broadcasters from all over the globe. It has played a significant part in the growth of esports, providing a platform for content producers to display their abilities, entertain audiences, and develop communities.

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How to Watch Twitch on Roku (2 Options)

Watch Twitch on Roku

While the official Twitch app for Roku has been removed from the Channel Store, you may re-install it if you’ve already used it. Go to your Roku account page, select Add channel with a code, then enter the code twitchtv. You’ll receive a warning sign during the procedure, but it should be safe to continue.

If you haven’t already downloaded Twitch, you may still use Twoku, a defunct third-party client. You’ll need the code C6ZVZD for that one, which is also missing from the Channel Store.

Twitch on Roku

When you read this, none of these applications is guaranteed to operate forever or even at all. Amazon might break backend connections that the applications depend on since they are not officially supported.

1- How to Install Twoku on Roku

Twoku is an unauthorized program that enables access to Twitch as an alternative to the unsupported official app.

Navigate to the Add Channel page using any web browser. Enter “C6ZVZD” as the channel code and click “Add Channel.” If the code no longer works, you may install the Twoku app directly on your Roku. It is more difficult. However, instructions are available on the Twoku Github Repository.

Twitched and Twitched Zero are two terms you’ve probably heard of. These unauthorized Twitch Roku applications are no longer available. According to its creator, they were “removed by Roku at the request of Twitch Interactive,” however, the app above is a decent substitute.

It would be fantastic if Amazon provided official Roku support, but we believe the business views Roku as a competitor to the Amazon Fire TV. You may need to sign in again. Follow the on-screen instructions until the channel is added. If the Twoku app does not display in the Home menu immediately, restart your Roku by going to Settings > System > System Restart from the Roku Home screen.

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2-Roku users should install the old official Twitch app.

Roku users should install the old official Twitch app. The Unofficial Twitch app will install the previous version of the official Twitch app on your Roku. This app was still functional when we tested it in March 2020.

Because it is not accessible in the Roku Channel store, you must utilize the “Add A Channel With A Code” function. Ensure you’re logged in by going to “” in any browser. To add the secret channel to your account, enter the code “TWITCHTV” and follow the warning prompts.

Watch Twitch Roku

Alternatively, you may follow the steps to add the private channel by clicking this direct link to the app page. If the Unofficial Twitch app does not display in the Home menu immediately, restart your Roku by going to Settings > System > System Restart from the Roku Home screen.

Watch Twitch on Roku

When Amazon removed the Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store, Roku customers who already had it installed could continue to use it. The Unofficial Twitch app directs your smartphone to the now-private official Twitch app.

On your Roku device, launch the Unofficial Twitch app. A message will display with the words “Official Twitch Channel Now Available.” Select “Yes.”

How to Watch Twitch on Roku

The official Twitch app page will load. Choose “Add Channel.”

Watch Twitch on Roku

Follow the on-screen instructions and input the code that appears.

Watch Twitch on Roku

Your Roku will display “Twitch has been added to the end of Home.” You may now uninstall the Unofficial Twitch app.

You may now begin viewing streams based on popularity or genre. By clicking the star button on your Roku remote, you may sign in to your Twitch account in the app and access the channels you follow. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about upgrading this app anytime soon.

Watch Twitch on Roku

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How to make Twitch to Roku?

Go to Settings > System > Screen mirroring on your Roku device and change the mirroring mode to Prompt or Always allow. If you pick the former, you’ll have to permit each time you wish to mirror anything using your remote. If you have a Roku TV or soundbar, ensure Fast TV Start is activated by heading to Settings > System > Power. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through a lengthy boot procedure every time you switch on your TV.

Watch Twitch on Roku

Screen mirroring is an option that Amazon cannot derail since it is handled locally. However, it is still flawed since mirroring shows the complete interface of a device, and there is the possibility of audio latency.

Android, Windows, and Apple AirPlay are all supported systems. For output, any current Roku player may be utilized. However, Express users must ensure that their model number is 3900 or later. When connected to HDMI, the Express Plus 3910 only allows mirroring.

Watch Twitch on Roku

Unfortunately, there are no consistent solutions for beginning mirroring from Android – phone manufacturers put the command in various locations and frequently call it other things, such as Display Mirroring, Wireless Display, or Smart View.

Watch Twitch on Roku

One of the names is Cast, which is perplexing. Remember that full-screen mirroring is required, not just standard casting, which would cause a Roku to load content in a native app – one that is very likely non-existent in this situation.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Insert Subtitles in OBS?

Create a new window capture source in OBS. Click OK and give it a descriptive name, such as Captions. Select the window that says Google Chrome and Web Captioner from the window list. Captions should now appear in OBS.

Why are there no captions on Twitch?

First, go to Settings, then to General, then to Accessibility, then to Subtitles & Captioning, and lastly to Closed Captions and SHD. If it’s already turned off, but viewers still see subtitles, they must turn it back on (this seems to be a glitch in certain iOS versions).

Is it possible to caption live-streaming content?

A caption encoder is required to add real-time subtitles to a Facebook Live feed. A caption encoder is a piece of hardware or service that embeds closed captioning data into your live audio/video feed.

What are Twitch quotes?

The Quote is a default command with no UI for administration. Any viewer may publish a random/specific quotation in chat by using! Quote or! quote #.

Why am I unable to text on Twitch?

You may be unable to submit messages in Twitch chat at any given time for several reasons: You are not currently signed in to Twitch. You have been banned or timed out. Follower-only, subscriber-only, or emote-only chat is enabled for the streamer.


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