How to Turn Off Explicit Filter on Alexa Without App?


Searching your Alexa-enabled device’s settings may lead you to disable the explicit content filter. This function, designed for child protection, can limit browsing. But fret not—we’re going to reveal an Alexa-free option. Regain Alexa content filter control with us. This article will explain to you how to turn off explicit filter on Alexa without app?

How Does the Alexa Explicit Filter Feature Work?

You may question how Alexa decides whether or not a piece of music is sexually explicit, especially if the function disables a piece of music you feel is sexually obscene. If the music you’re listening to has been labeled “explicit” by the rights holder, Alexa won’t be able to play the whole song for you.

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It’s worth keeping in mind that there’s a chance that the explicit filter isn’t 100% accurate and that the disparities you experience while using the explicit filter might be because some non-explicit music was mistakenly labeled as explicit.

How to Turn Off Explicit Filter on Alexa Without App?

Alexa’s explicit filter only applies to the music and podcast sections. If you turn this off, Alexa will still learn other words. This makes sense, given that the server processes all other responses. You can tell Alexa to turn off the explicit content filter without downloading the Alexa app by saying:

You may turn the profanity filter on or off with just a voice command. There is no work required on your behalf to alter the settings. However, the “Voice Deactivation” setting in the swear filter must be activated for the voice command to work.

To activate the “Voice Deactivation” feature, launch the Alexa app, tap the More button, Settings, and then Music & Podcasts.

Turn Off Explicit Filter on Alexa

Now, you can control what you see simply by saying “no” to certain things. Just tell Alexa, “Unblock explicit content.” In contrast, the explicit filter can be activated simply by saying, “Alexa, turn on the explicit filter.” The steps required to activate and deactivate Alexa’s swear filter are complete.

Alexa Profanity Filter Won’t Turn Off – What to Do?

Alexa’s profanity (explicit) filter is normally easy to turn off. However, there are cases where it remains enabled even after the user has done so.

Follow the steps below to perform a hard reset on your Echo device if you notice that the profanity filter remains enabled after you have disabled it.

  • Stop using any Echo gadgets right now.
  • Disconnect and power down any Echo devices.
  • Unplug the electronics for a couple of minutes.
  • The Echo devices’ power cords must be reconnected.
  • Please activate all of your Echo devices.

You should check the Alexa app and turn off the explicit filter option if necessary after power cycling your Echo devices. However, if the issue persists after restarting your Echo devices, you may need to disable an explicit filter setting in the music streaming service.

Turn off the Alexa explicit filter and the explicit content switch in Spotify’s Settings if you want to listen to music while streaming it to your Alexa devices.

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What if the Alexa Profanity Filter Won’t Turn Off?

There are two potential causes for the Alexa Profanity Filter to be active even after it should have been turned off.

  • Disabling Voice Deactivation: You can no longer switch off the filter using a voice command. You still have the option to disable it within the app.
  • Alexa must be rebooted:  There are hiccups with the profanity filter occasionally. If you turn off the filter, but your device cannot play music with explicit content, consider unplugging it and then plugging it back in.

Which Music Services Work With Explicit Filtering?

When the explicit filter for Alexa is activated, the Echo will only play music from streaming sources that can filter out explicit language. At the moment, that amounts to just three services:

  • Amazon Music
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn

Additional FAQs

What does Alexa’s explicit filter do?

The explicit filter disables the playback of Amazon Music tracks with frequent explicit language. A song’s content, rather than its lyrics, determines whether it is “Explicit.” In this mode, explicit lyrics in songs are not censored. The playback of the song has been disabled.

How do I get Alexa to Uncensor?

Use the Alexa mobile app. To access the Settings menu, click More. The Explicit Language Filter can be found under the Music & Podcasts menu. Make the option active or passive.

Does Alexa have a video camera?

No. Using only your voice, Alexa is a virtual helper. Amazon’s primary Alexa screen device, Echo Show, is a tablet that works with various peripherals, including cameras.

Do Alexa devices listen in?

No. Alexa is only there for you when you want her to be. By design, Alexa doesn’t listen in on private conversations until she hears the wake word from your Echo device.

Can someone else access my Alexa?

A voice ID, phone ID, and enabled notifications are all prerequisites for using Guest Connect with Alexa. Your target Echo device needs to have Guest Connect enabled for you to connect to it. Start by enabling Guest Connect in Your Profile inside the Alexa app’s Settings.


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