Payday 3 Guide: How to Stealth Gold & Sharke


In this blog, we will talk about How to stealth Gold & Sharke. The Gold & Sharke heist in Payday 3 is one of the game’s biggest levels. But how do you beat it without being seen? How to sneak through the big bank. In Payday 3, the Gold & Sharke heist occurs in a big New York bank.

You need to steal a computer and a lot of money. The idea for this mission came from the Benevolent Bank task in Payday 2. It’s just as hard to get to the vault as you’d think. We have a guide that will help you get through it, though.

For starters, make sure you have our suggested secret loadout. Having some of these skills will help your heist go a lot better. Here’s how to sneak through Payday 3 Gold & Sharke. We tried it on Normal and Overkill, so expect big differences in where the guards are placed and the objectives appear.

Payday 3 Guide: How to Stealth Gold & Sharke

The front lobby, the top level, and the vault lobby comprise the three primary components of the Gold & Sharke bank. The following guard spawning was found while playing on the Normal difficulty level:

  • 2 guards in the first-floor lobby
  • 2 guards on the second floor
  • 1 guard in the camera room
  • 1 guard in the parking lot area
  • 1 guard in the vault area

You should save your radios for the top floors for this heist. We don’t think you need to dress up in the lobby area because you can finish all the goals without doing so.

First, go into the hallway and walk up to the gate. For this to work, you’ll need a Red Keycard, which is kept in the office of the Loan Officer. A similar office can be found in this bank. One is in the far left corner on the far side, and the other is on the far right.

Stealth Gold & Sharke

You’ll need a QR code to get into the office. Like in Dirty Ice, these codes can be found on cell phones all over the map. Look in the parking lot and the other offices to see if any phones are lying around. One was on a desk next to the office of the Loan Officer.

Enter the office and look for a red keycard once you have the code. This room is a Secure Area, so be careful not to be seen by the civilians or guards going through it. Return to the gate, look through the files and cases until you find the key, and then leave.

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Gold and Sharke door cheat code

Open the gate with the keycard and go up the stairs. You need a vault lobby door code to enter the door leading to the vault lobby. Go back the way you came and keep going up the stairs. Shade will say that you need to hack into a server room to get the right code, so search until you find a room with many computers and servers.

Based on your difficulty level, at least two guards are walking around this area, so it’s best to stay covered for now in case you get caught. Also, if you see a Blue keypad on a desk, take that too, because we’ll need it later.

Stealth Gold & Sharke

Once you’ve found the server, hack into it and wait for Shade to confirm. A mistake will appear during the hack, telling you to get permission from a different PC in a different office. Find your way over there and get clear. Watch out for anyone from the outside who goes into the server room; the hack will let them know.

After the other PC gives you the all-clear and the hack in the server room is done, you’ll get four codes that you can use on the door to the vault lobby. The thumbprints on the keyboard only match one of these codes, so check them all until you find the right one. One of the codes might say 3901. Check each of those numbers to see if there are thumbprints on them. That’s the right one.

Gold & Sharke Vault Lasers

Pay attention to the lasers in the Vault Lobby. Shade will ask you to hack four switch boxes when you use the code next to the door. Each switch box has a colour and a sign that goes with it. It would be best if you pressed the right button in each box.

The vault houses these switch boxes on lesser difficulties. Therefore, you merely need to avoid cameras. On harder challenges, they go to the second story. When you flip a switch, a new colour and symbol appear, so return to the vault to read the clue (or have another player do so).

You may mask up now, but be cautious when you return to the higher level. After switching the final switch, return to the vault entrance and use the interface again to turn off the lasers.

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Gold & Sharke Open Vault

Finally, activate the manager’s office remote signal to open the vault. The top level is on the bank’s other side from the vault lobby. You need a Blue Keycard to enter. It may be found on a desk in any second-floor office or by a dark-blue-suited bank teller. He will roam the top level.

It would be best if you timed the following portion well. To open the vault doors, use the manager’s office PC. Also, utilise the keycard on the vault reader. Both tasks must be done almost simultaneously.

Gold & Sharke Escape Van

Bags must be locked in the underground parking lot van. Without the elevator access favour, this is problematic. Each luggage must be carried through the lobby and underground. Any people or guards passing by may catch you.

How to stealth Gold & Sharke

Walk down the steps to the bottom and turn right. Turn right again towards the end to discover the underground entryway. It would be best if you lockpicked it. You should avoid detection if you’re fast. Bring the luggage down and put them in the vehicle.

You may transfer bags in the vault lobby lift with lift access, reducing danger. This will instantly transport the luggage to the parking lot, where you may relocate them without being seen in the lobby.

Stand in the escape zone and exit to finish Gold & Sharke stealthily after securing all bags. See our other Payday 3 guides.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you remove your mask in Payday 3?

It’s worth mentioning that once players put on a mask, they can’t take it off until they repeat the heist. As a result, single players will need to think twice before putting on their masks and beginning a robbery.

How can one get a vault portal?

To build the portal, the player must first construct a rectangular vault stone (and polished vault stone frame) with a minimum of 4 blocks, 5 blocks and a maximum of 23 blocks, 23 blocks. Once the frame has been constructed, it may be activated by inserting a vault crystal.

In Payday 3, how many heists are there?

When Payday 3 is released, there will be eight heists accessible, each with a unique location, goal, and difficulty that players must meet to finish them.

Can you be barred from working on payday?

Payday does not prohibit players from cheating; the sole anti-cheat feature is the lobby auto-kick. The anti-cheat only applies on deployable objects; thus, if you have three grenades and activate cheats, throwing four is a kick.

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