Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33


The 1.7.33 patch for Starfield has been released and is already reaching PC and Xbox users. Starfield was hyped up to be the most polished Bethesda release ever before it came out. Starfield appears to have generally delivered on that promise, though that doesn’t mean it’s been entirely bug-free for fans. Want to find out about Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33? Okay, so here we go:

Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33

Bethesda has patched several bugs in Starfield as of version 1.7.33. General upgrades have been made to the game’s characters, star stations, and vendors, making for a more satisfying experience overall.

Blurred textures and overly sensitive lighting have been fixed in the updated graphics, and the game’s performance and stability have been improved to eliminate crashes and freezes.

Items placed on mannequins within a ship or in Razorleaf Storage Containers or Weapon Racks after a ship was captured no longer vanish after the update. Let’s talk about how these changes affect the game and how they make Starfield more enjoyable.


You should check out the Starfield Update 1.7.33 Patch Notes for the latest improvements and fixes in the game.

The update addresses various issues, such as characters not being in the proper location and star stations being mislabeled as player-owned ships. Accessibility problems with vendors’ complete inventory have also been resolved.

  • Characters: A problem that could have caused characters to be shown incorrectly has been resolved.
  • Star Stations: Star Stations should no longer be misidentified as player ships.
  • Vendors: Fixed a bug preventing access to a seller’s complete stock.


Take a moment to appreciate the improved graphics in the latest Starfield update. This update has resolved blurry textures and photosensitivity issues in the inventory menu scrolling.

  • AMD (PC):  Fix for AMD GPUs where lens flares from stars previously seemed incorrect.
  • Graphics: Fixed an upscaling issue that sometimes made textures look pixelated.
  • Graphics: Fix for a problem that could make you overly sensitive to light when you flip through the inventory menu.

Performance and Stability

With various improvements to prevent crashing and freezing, the performance and stability of Starfield have significantly improved in the latest update. Players have reported fewer game crashes and freezing instances, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

  • Hand Scanner: Fixed a bug that could cause lag when using the Hand Scanner.
  • Performance: Numerous enhancements to stability and speed have been made to prevent crashes and freezes.

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The update 1.7.33 for Starfield fixes issues with the ships, including disappearing items in storage containers and weapon racks after commandeering another ship. With this update, you can rest easy knowing that your precious items will no longer mysteriously vanish when you take control of a new vessel.

  • Displays: When applied to in-ship mannequins, this issue no longer causes the displayed objects to vanish.
  • Displays: After capturing a ship, your possessions no longer vanish from your Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks.

How to Update Starfield

Once the update becomes available, Starfield will automatically begin installing it if you have enabled automatic updates on your device. However, if you have disabled automatic updates, you must manually download and install the most recent version.

For Xbox:

  • Start up your gaming system and sign in.
  • Get to “My Games and Apps” right now.
  • To handle updates, click the “Manage” button.
  • The ‘Updates’ button can be accessed by navigating this tab and clicking on it. The number next to it often represents the total number of required updates.
  • The games that are overdue for updates will be displayed on the following screen.
  • Choose “Starfield,” and then verify that you wish to upgrade.
  • If you wish to update all of your games at once, use the option to “Update All.”

Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33

For Steam:

If you haven’t set up Steam to automatically download updates, you may still update Starfield in a few different ways:

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  • Right-click Starfield in your library, then select “Update.”
  • Launch the game page as though you intend to play it, and click the ‘Update’ button instead of the ‘Play’ one.
  • Choose ‘Update’ for Starfield after clicking on it under ‘Manage Downloads’ at the screen’s footer.

Starfield Update Notes 1.7.33

Additional FAQs

How long will Starfield be?

Starfield’s main story can be finished in about 17 hours compared to other Bethesda games. However, if you take time exploring and doing side missions, that period can easily be extended to 30–40 hours.

What type of game is Starfield?

Starfield is a role-playing video game that focuses on action. The first-person and third-person views are available to the user at any moment. The game’s open world is a Milky Way galaxy region that features fictitious and real-world planetary systems.

How many hours is 100% Starfield?

Starfield’s primary plotline may be completed in around 30–40 hours. You may finish the game in as little as 23 hours if you don’t stop for any of the story’s cutscenes.

Will Starfield have multiplayer?

No, multiplayer gameplay is not available in Starfield. Bethesda has indicated that there are presently no plans for developing a multiplayer option for their game.


Finally, Starfield’s update 1.7.33 repairs and improves the game. Bethesda wants to improve gameplay by fixing character location and merchant inventories. Overall, gameplay will improve with graphical fixes, performance, and stability. Bethesda appears devoted to fixing technical issues and improving Starfield as we await further updates.


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