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Most people are familiar with Spotify, which has over 300 million users worldwide—with such widespread popularity, having a problem that causes Spotify Keep Stopping. This may appear when you get a message indicating Spotify has ceased responding, followed by the app crashing and returning to your device’s home screen. Otherwise, the program may freeze, and Spotify may stop playing at random or return to the main screen without warning. You may also notice that Spotify occasionally stops playing when the screen is turned off. If you are experiencing any of these troubles, look no further…try the following techniques to get the app to work properly on your smartphone, whether it is an Android or an iPhone.

Is Spotify Down?

Spotify Keep Stopping

If Spotify’s servers are down, you won’t be able to play anything, but it’s still worth investigating if you’re getting poor service. You may find out by following the Spotify Status Twitter account. This is how the corporation announces any potential outages. You may also visit Down Detector, a crowd-sourced website where users report problems with any service, including Twitter.

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Why Does Spotify Keep Stopping-Fix it?

1. Reboot your phone.

Why Spotify Keep Stopping

If Spotify regularly stops working on your device, consider turning it off and then resuming it. To do so, long-press your phone’s ‘Power’ button. Then choose between turning off or restarting the computer. One reason this could work is that there are often too many processes running in the background and several programs we move between during the day.

Restarting your phone will clear all this, freeing up any previously congested memory. This should allow your device to work effectively with Spotify.

How to Restart Phone

Use Your Phone’s Power Button

Almost all Android smartphone brands and models feature a power button. To access the power menu, press and hold the Power button for 5-10 seconds. After that, choose Restart to turn off and on the device.

Spotify Keep Stopping

Perform a Hard Reboot

The power menu may not appear when you press and hold the power button on an Android device that is frozen or unresponsive, the power menu may not appear. Force restart the device (also known as a “Hard Restart” or “Hard Reboot”) to turn it off and back on.

Hold down the Power button for 15-30 seconds. Hold the power and Volume Down keys for 7-10 seconds. Your phone will go dark for a few seconds before automatically turning back on. If nothing occurs, your device is likely incompatible with the key combination. Hold the power and Volume Up buttons together for at least 15 seconds.

Spotify Keep Stopping

If you hard reboot a non-frozen phone, the device may take a screenshot while holding the Power and Volume Down buttons. Continue to hold the keys after the screenshot to start the hard reboot.

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2. Disable and then re-enable your device’s internet connection.

Spotify Keep Stopping

An unstable internet connection is another typical cause for Spotify to halt while in use continually. It needs consistent network access to broadcast music without latency as a music streaming app. However, if you are experiencing connection troubles, it may result in a bug in which Spotify stops playing randomly.

In this situation, switch off your phone’s internet connection and rejoin to refresh the network. Another approach is to switch off your device’s data connection while within the app. Then, use Spotify offline for 30 seconds before turning on your device’s data connection.

3. Clear the cache of Spotify

Do you ever wonder why Spotify keeps pausing amid a song? An overcrowded cache on your device might be one of the causes. Why does cache accumulate so often despite regular clearing? This is because all data linked to the music you listen to accumulates here, including lyrics, album information, songs paused midway during the download process, and so on. This consumes phone storage, slowing the app and even causing it to crash.

As a result, cleaning your cache frees up space on your phone, enabling the app to run efficiently. Long-press the app icon, then pick App Info, followed by the ‘Clear Cache‘ option.

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How to Clear the Cache of Spotify

The cache argument rages on. Should you empty your cache memory or preserve it? Cache speeds up your experience by keeping data locally and accessing it only when required rather than downloading it every time you visit anything. This is why cache memory is typically excellent, although it may get old and damaged, leading to failure. In these cases, clearing an app’s cache is a good way to check whether it clears any damaged files.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Navigate to Apps.
  • Spotify Keep StoppingSelect See all applications.
  • Spotify Keep StoppingLocate and pickSpotify.
  • Spotify Keep StoppingSelect Storage & Cache.
  • Spotify Keep StoppingChoose Clear cache. You may also Clear storage to restart the program from scratch.

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Log out and log back in

Spotify Keep Stopping

.Most smartphones now include background battery and memory optimization functions, which may pose issues when applications run for extended periods. Thus, the simplest trick to attempt if Spotify keeps halting is to log out of the app first. This may imply preventing the program from operating in the background entirely. To do so, go to your device’s ‘Recent Apps’ section and pick ‘shut All’ or shut just Spotify from the list. After that, restart the app and attempt signing in again.

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5. Experiment with alternative login methods.

Many Spotify users check in using their social network accounts. Sometimes these sites’ privacy regulations change, creating issues when login into third-party applications like Spotify. A simple workaround would be to log in using a different social networking site or email account.

To do so, sign in to Spotify with your original account. Then, go to ‘Profile Settings‘. In the ‘Account Settings’ box, enter the new account you’ll be using. After you’ve made an account, you may use it to access Spotify.

Examine the app’s version.

Listening to your favorite music, and then there’s quiet…’Why does my Spotify keep stopping!’ you wonder. One explanation might be that you are using an older version of the app that is no longer supported by your device.

In this scenario, make sure the app version on your smartphone is up to date. You may do this by heading to the App Store or Google Play Store, picking Spotify, and clicking on ‘Update’. It is usually advisable to upgrade a program since it eliminates any bugs or flaws that may have existed in prior versions.

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Reinstall after uninstalling

You should delete the program if Spotify suddenly stops playing on your smartphone. To avoid losing your data, log out of the program and remove it. This will delete any data linked with the app from your smartphone, perhaps removing the source of the issue. This is because when you use applications more often, more data and files connected to the app are saved on your smartphone. This may cause links to fail and files to disappear, causing Spotify to stop playing. Reinstall the app on your device if necessary. Log in using your username and password to see whether the issue still exists.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why does Spotify automatically stop playing after 10 seconds?

Spotify may stop playing music you’re listening to after 10 seconds due to WiFi connectivity difficulties or corrupted data inside the app connected to your account, preventing you from properly listening to songs.

Does Spotify ever stop playing?

When you approach the conclusion of an album, playlist, or song selection, Spotify automatically plays comparable tracks to keep the music going. Choose your device to learn how to turn Autoplay on and off.

Why is my music always pausing?

Why do applications continue to pause my music? Several factors might cause it, but the most probable is that your device has entered “sleep mode,” which pauses or prevents audio from playing. To resolve this, ensure you have auto-lock activated on your device so it is not endlessly awake.

What does cleaning Spotify cache accomplish?

When you use Spotify, temporary files are stored on your device to make the program work efficiently. These files use storage space and might cause your device to slow down. By clearing the cache, you erase all temporary files from your device, freeing space.

What’s the deal with my Spotify glitching?

To resolve the problem, forcibly shut and reopen the app and restart your Android smartphone. Check for and install any outstanding updates. If it doesn’t work, clear the app data and cache.

How can I make Spotify play indefinitely?

Once you’ve tapped on Repeat, Spotify will play your current album or playlist on repeat. Tap the Repeat button again, and Spotify will repeatedly play your current song.


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