How to Find Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2


In the creepy environment of Alan Wake 2, taking on Nightingale necessitates the use of a reliable shotgun. The actual process of unearthing the weapon turns out to be simple, but deciphering the secret code that protects its display case is a mystery that needs to be solved. This article will explain to how to find shotgun code in Alan Wake 2:

Where to Find Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2

The spooky, abandoned general store in Cauldron Lake holds the sawed-off shotgun, the first of the huge sites you’ll investigate. But you won’t obtain the shotgun until your second lake excursion in chapter 1. (We couldn’t acquire it on the first visit, and you won’t need it until chapter 2).

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Find Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2

When you return to Cauldron Lake from town, use the case files to progress the quest until Saga must find Nightingale’s heart. This takes you to the general store. However, you can grab the shotgun anytime during your second visit, before or after finding the heart.

Turn left from the general store door (not the washing machines). Keep heading toward the back wall and prepare for a jump scare. Cultists will smash through walls to kill you. Crank up your flashlight on him to eliminate darkness. Kill him when he’s weak and enter his hiding place, the small office.

Turn around after taking the heart from the left fridge. A bag to enlarge your stuff (a priceless upgrade in Alan Wake 2) and a lockable display case with the sawed-off shotgun are on the opposite wall.  Unlock the gun, and you’ll have a new tool to defeat Nightingale.

General Store Code for Shotgun

The accurate General Store code for the shotgun in Alan Wake 2 is 739, according to our testing while playing on the standard difficulty setting. Because the code works its way down from the top, you should start by entering 7, then 3, then 9.

Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2

On the other hand, this code may be randomized or altered in some other way depending on the difficulty setting that you choose.

How to Get the General Store Code

To unlock the shotgun at the General Store as Saga in Alan Wake 2, you must first glance at the cash register at the store’s rear entrance.

General Store

Then, examine the lottery ticket on top of the notepad containing the earlier codes. You’ll see that the first digit follows a consistent pattern, while the last two are drawn from the lottery ticket’s numbers in a left-to-right fashion.

You can now utilize this scheme to retrieve the sawed-off shotgun from its display case by returning to the original location.

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How to Get Sawed-Off Shotgun Code

  • Check out the pad of paper sitting on the General Store’s counter
  • To win the lottery, add the first number from the notepad’s combinations to the fifth number from the ticket you have handy.
  • Our game’s code was 739.

General Store's counter

The notebook at the General Store counter is worth a look. Scratched-off numbers should appear for players, all of which begin with 7. Take a look at the Lotto Washington ticket that you placed on the notepad.

Add the first number to the fifth lottery number to get the secret phrase. Enter the code and retrieve the shotgun. The saga had to be cut down to size. In Alan Wake 2, you can take control of multiple characters, not just Saga. Later in the game, players assume control of the game’s namesake, Alan Wake, who doesn’t share Saga’s arsenal.

This means they have to start acquiring a shotgun from scratch. Players won’t need to solve any challenges to acquire Wake’s first shotgun because it’s impossible to overlook. Saga’s sawed-off does a better job than the other shotguns and weaponry in the game, which require players to solve puzzles and uncover codes.

Additional FAQs

Where is the streamside stash of Alan Wake 2?

Cauldron Lake’s Streamside Stash Container is located in the southwest corner, not far from the Crow’s Foot Hills, as was mentioned earlier.

How many chapters is Alan Wake 2?

There are 19 chapters in Alan Wake 2, split between Alan and the new protagonist, Saga. It could take a while to get through all of these levels, as the game is longer than its predecessor by a factor of two.

What are the missable achievements of Alan Wake?

“Whirlwind,” “Heartbreaker,” “Creative Space,” “Go Gentle Into That Good Light,” and “Iron Will” are the five upcoming trophies that you shouldn’t pass up.

How many DLCs are in Alan Wake?

The answer is yes: Alan Wake 2 will feature downloadable content. Both the Night Springs and The Lake House expansions, as well as free upgrades like Photo Mode and New Game Plus (The Final Draft), will be available to players.


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