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To say that Flimsy Hammers are crucial tools in Sea of Stars would be an understatement. They’re not just the hardest to get your hands on; they’re also the key to the game’s biggest secret, which the developers have been guarding so jealously that they haven’t even told the press about it. You’ll find an explanation for Sea of Stars: Flimsy Hammer guide here.

Where to Use the Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars – Exact Location

The Flimsy Hammers’ intended function in Sea of Stars can be found in the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island. Once you’ve docked at the island, head up the trail through Mirth. On top is where you’ll find the Ancient Crypt.

Sea of Stars: Flimsy Hammer

There are teleporters within the crypt that connect to rooms adorned with the names of donors. In the northeastern corner of the chamber, you’ll find a broken gravestone. To access the secret corridor, place the Mistral Bracelet on the tombstone.

Flimsy Hammer Guide

The walls in the subsequent large chamber are quite fragile. Use the Weak Hammers to smash through these barriers and learn their secrets. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your quest to find all the hidden gems.

Don't leave any stone

How to Get All 4 Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars

In Sea of Stars, you can get all four Flimsy Hammers by capturing every single fish in the game, defeating every Wheels Champion, taking on The Watchmaker, completing all 11 Question Packs, and getting the True Ending.

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When you have finished these objectives, you will obtain the keys to the game’s mysteries. Settlers Island is northeast of Wraith Island, and it is here that the Flimsy Hammers are put to work in the Ancient Crypt.

The Crypt houses teleporters leading to rooms adorned with tombstones bearing the names of donors. Using the Flimsy Hammers, you can smash through the thin walls of the long room and access a secret closet housing a hidden easter egg.

How to Get All 4 Flimsy Hammers

Flimsy Hammer 1

The first Flimsy Hammer can be acquired from the Fisherman in Mirth after collecting all of the fish species. After netting every fish in the game, you’ll need to head to Mirth and track down the Fisherman. You can earn the Flimsy Hammer by chatting with him.

You can’t get very far in the game without this hammer. In the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island, it is employed to shatter paper-thin barriers and reveal long-guarded secrets.

Keep this hammer close as you travel further into the Sea of Stars. You will be one step closer to finding the ultimate secret of the Ancient Crypt after you acquire the Flimsy Hammer.

Flimsy Hammer 2

After defeating all Champions and taking on The Watchmaker in Sea of Stars, you have earned the second Flimsy Hammer. Now that you have this potent instrument, you can investigate the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island in greater detail.

The vast room conceals mysteries, and you can access them by using the Flimsy Hammer to smash through the walls. However, do not enter the Crypt without adequate preparation; the trials that lie ahead are not easy.

Investigate the rooms, figure out the riddles, and locate the easter egg in the secret storage area. Use the Flimsy Hammer judiciously to get to the bottom of things and find out what really is going on in the Sea of Stars.

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Flimsy Hammer 3

Finding all of the Question Packs will reward you with the third Flimsy Hammer, allowing you to continue exploring the Sea of Stars and learning more about the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island.

Get yourself to Settlers Island, which is located between Mesa and Wraith Islands. To get to the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island, you need to take the way through Mirth.

Break through the thin walls of the lengthy room using the Flimsy Hammers. Remember to grab the middle warp panel from the top of the warp panel area and head northeast to find a damaged tombstone.

Put your Mistral Bracelet to use on the tombstone and you’ll find a secret entrance. Discover the final secret in Sea of Stars by searching the tomb for graves that were designed by Kickstarter contributors.

Flimsy Hammer 4

Did you know that if you go through Sea of Stars and reach the True Ending, you’ll unlock the fourth Flimsy Hammer? It’s the pinnacle of achievement for seeing the game through to its conclusion.

As you go through the game and learn its secrets while vanquishing its formidable foes, you’ll get that much closer to obtaining the legendary hammer. The fourth Flimsy Hammer is yours to keep once you’ve seen the True Ending.

When you have collected all four of the Flimsy Hammers, you can enter the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island and learn its secret. Use the hammers to smash through the paper-thin walls and reach a secret chamber housing a hidden easter egg.

How to Use The Four Flimsy Hammers

This code, 361241, was discovered by user Asterisk on Discord and published on Reddit; to access the Kickstarter status page, travel to the Ancient Crypt on Settlers’ Island and present it to the Cryptwalker there.

This code, 361241, was discovered

To access a hidden underground route, enter this code into a specific room. Under the damaged gravestone on the right of the tomb with the inscription “Never forget Enki – Papa Poule – Dupaquier” is the entrance to the hidden corridor. However, you will still need to use your Mistral bracelet to move the shattered gravestone and expose the ladder leading down into the crypt.

Use Flimsy Hammer

Once you get it, you’ll see how the Flimsy Hammers fit into the game and appreciate Sabotage Studio’s work.

Additional FAQs

What do you do with the flimsy hammers in Sea of Stars?

Go to the Crypt on Mirth if you want to try out your Weak Hammers. This section brings attention to the thousands of Kickstarter donors, but it also conceals a major spoiler. Talk to the Crypt Walker to be instantly transported to any location within the Crypt.

Who is making Sea of Stars?

On March 19, 2020, Sea of Stars was unveiled as a Kickstarter project. The developers at Sabotage Studio set out to create a role-playing game that would surpass the scope of The Messenger.

How many characters are in the Sea of Stars?

There are six main characters to choose from, and a few more that occasionally tag along but don’t get involved in combat. The most notable of these is Teaks, and Sea of Stars would be incomplete without a little nod to her.

What is the highest level in the Sea of Stars?

There is a level 30 cap in Sea of Stars. This limit may appear modest in comparison to other games in the genre, but leveling up requires a lot of experience points, thus the process is actually quite lengthy.


Obtaining the Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars is difficult. To access these formidable abilities, players must defeat difficult battles, collect fish, and pass quizzes. The Flimsy Hammers unlock a tunnel in Settlers Island’s Ancient Crypt.


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