How to Presave on Spotify Guide 2023


The presave on Spotify is a tool that offers forthcoming songs and albums is just another way it assists users in this regard. If your collection is pre-saved, any newly released music will be added as soon as it is available. Suppose an artist has enabled a pre-save campaign for forthcoming music.

In that case, you can save that album to your Spotify collection in advance by visiting the artist’s website, selecting the pre-save option, and then saving the album.

When it is made available, you will be notified that it is now accessible to listen to, and you will already have it stored in your library so that it can be accessed quickly.

You may think that it’s not easy to keep up with the most recent music from your favorite band or artist, but with the pre-save option that’s available on Spotify, you can be ready to listen to the most recent EP or album of the same second that it’s made available to the public.

Because Spotify has over 80 million songs, it would be a gross understatement to claim that a good deal of music is available to stream on the platform. Thank goodness our platform offers many tools to help you maintain maximum concentration while listening.

There are customized playlists, suggestions on the home page based on what you’ve been listening to, and plenty of sharing capabilities to let you find out what your friends are listening to on the platform.

What is Spotify?

Presave on Spotify

Spotify is a popular digital music streaming platform that allows users to access a vast library of songs, podcasts, and other audio content. It was launched in 2008 and has since gained worldwide popularity.

With Spotify, users can create playlists, discover new music based on their preferences, follow artists, and share their favorite songs with friends.

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The platform offers a free version supported by advertisements and a premium subscription service that provides additional features, such as ad-free listening, offline playback, and higher audio quality.

Spotify’s extensive music catalog includes songs from various genres and artists from around the globe. It also provides personalized recommendations and curated playlists based on the user’s listening history and preferences.

Users can access Spotify through its website or download the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

How To PreSave Songs on Spotify Library

Everything you said sounded wonderful! But how exactly does pre-saving on Spotify work? You should visit the artist’s website to check out their future songs since this is the first step.

If they have enabled pre-saves for their future songs, you should notice a button that reads ‘PreSave‘ with a Spotify logo. Click or press the icon labeled “PreSave.”

When you click on the link, you will be prompted to enter your Spotify username and password and approve access to the artist’s website if you are not already connected to your Spotify account.

Presave on Spotify

After signing in to your account, follow the steps on your screen and hit the ‘Complete’ button. The future songs will then be pre-saved to your Spotify account.

You may even be able to pick a particular playlist for the music to be added to when it is released if the artist has set up their website in such a way that allows you to do so. This will depend on how the musician has set up their website.

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Remember that pre-saving songs on Spotify do not immediately allow you to play that music. You cannot stream the song until it is first made available for purchase and then distributed. When you pre-save an item, it will be added to your library immediately.

This eliminates the need to search for new music when it is made available. Given how cluttered and disorganized things can become on Spotify sometimes, any assistance in this area would be appreciated.

Pre-Save Songs On Spotify App

Users can now pre-save albums straight from the Spotify app thanks to a new feature called ‘Countdown Pages’ that Spotify launched. Until now, users could only pre-save albums by visiting the respective artists’ websites.

Users will also be able to watch a countdown timer for the release, preview the track list for the album, and listen to songs that have already been published from the album. In addition, users can pre-order new merchandise and view video clips the artist shares.

Presave on Spotify

After a user has pre-saved an album on Countdown Pages, that user will get a push notification in the Spotify app when the album is finally made available for purchase.

The user’s album collection will be updated with the new addition immediately, allowing them to begin playing the music without delay. In addition, Spotify will send top fans an automated notification when a new album is about to be released, allowing them to pre-download the record in advance. The Countdown Pages from Spotify will be presented in the “Upcoming Release” section of an artist’s profile page.

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Is Spotify Free?

Presave on Spotify

Yes, Spotify offers a free version of its service. Users can access Spotify for free, but it comes with certain limitations and advertisements. The free version lets you listen to music on-demand, create playlists, and discover new songs and artists. However, you’ll have to listen to occasional advertisements between songs.

Spotify also offers a premium subscription service called Spotify Premium. This paid version removes advertisements, provides higher audio quality, allows offline playback, and offers additional features like unlimited skips and the ability to play any song on demand. Spotify Premium is available for a monthly fee, and it provides an enhanced listening experience for subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the process behind a Spotify Presave?

When a fan hit the pre-save link on your page, they are sent to a page that allows them to “pre-save” the next single or album you will be releasing. The “pre-save” function is the streaming industry’s answer to what was formerly known as the “pre-order” function. This function assures that your music will be uploaded to a user’s Spotify collection when it is made available.

Is there a charge for using presave on Spotify?

Pre-saving content on Spotify is a completely free feature, and it is the best approach to ensure that no one will overlook the release of your new music. The best strategy to guarantee that you are launching to a following is to generate excitement before releasing a new song or album to build anticipation.

Is Spotify presave safe?

When you pre-save a song, potentially malicious actors or record companies might have access to your personal information, like your e-mail address, private playlists, and listening history. They also can control the playback on your account, allowing them to play any tune they choose via your account manually.

What is the optimal number of pre-saves for Spotify?

After being Pre-saved, your song will be added to their collection when it is made available. Since of this, there is a high likelihood that they will hear it since their streaming platform will give new songs added to their mix more priority. Finally, address your question: how many pre-saves do you consider to be a sufficient amount? It’s going to be as many as we can get.

Is it possible to play Spotify offline?

Premium subscribers of Spotify may listen to any streaming service’s extensive catalog even when not connected to the internet. This article will show you how to download albums, playlists, and podcasts so that you may listen to them offline.


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