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Now you can play Snake on Spotify. Spotify users can play Snake straight within the app, knowing where to look. Snake began as an arcade video game but gained popularity once Nokia began pre-loading it on its feature phones. Snake has been published in many variations over the years, but the principle remains the same: feed an ever-growing snake while navigating it left, right, up, and down, all while avoiding obstacles.

The Snake was so popular that Google included it in their search engine. Spotify now has its version of Snake, which is predictably focused on music. The function is known as ‘Eat this playlist.’ Launch any playlist in the Spotify app, whether a user’s or public or shared playlist or one of Spotify’s suggested or ‘Made for you’ playlists. Tap the three dots next to the download button, then scroll to the bottom and choose ‘Eat this playlist.’ On the screen now appears a variant of the Snake game.

What exactly is Spotify Snake?

You can now play a musically-inspired version of Snake on Spotify, an action video game in which the player grows in size as they eat. The snakes in the original were consuming short forms or food items such as apples or eggs. In this latest iteration, you ‘consume’ what seems to be playlists on the streaming platform.

The game aims to consume as many playlists as possible, expanding in size with each mouthful.

The classic Snake game principles apply: you try to swallow as many playlists as possible, lose if you hit the boundary, and drop in size each time you contact the Snake’s body.

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Play Snake on Spotify


Play Snake on Spotify

Anyone who has played Snake will recognize the ‘Eat this Playlist‘ game on Spotify. The main difference is that the Snake consumes individual music from the playlist rather than apples or eggs. A little square with the album image represents every song. Spotify also plays the tune that is shown on the screen. When the Snake finishes a piece, the next one on the playlist appears as food and starts playing. It’s a beautiful way to listen to all of the songs on the playlist while reminiscing about the ’90s.

Spotify includes other effects. The screen’s backdrop color changes to match the album image, and the expanding Snake represents a chain of songs in the playlist. Users may also add the currently playing music to their collection by pressing the ‘+’ button in the upper left corner, but they must act quickly to prevent the Snake from hitting an obstacle.

Players may restart the game using the ‘Try again’ button if the Snake dies. While this results in the user starting with only the head of the Snake again, Spotify does not restart from the beginning of the playlist but rather starts up where the user left off. Once the Snake has ‘eaten’ all of the songs in a Spotify playlist, the game restarts from the beginning, creating a nearly limitless game that lasts as long as the player lives.

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How to play Eat This Playlist

The brand-new Spotify Snake game may be accessed in a manner that is not too complicated. To access Eat This Playlist, use the Spotify app on your device and choose a playlist. The playlist may be one of your own or belong to someone else.

After launching a playlist, you may expand the information about the playlist by clicking the three dots. If you go down to the bottom of the page, you will see a button that says “Eat This Playlist.” If you tap on this, the game will begin, and the playlist you have selected will serve as the food for your Snake.

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Spotify fans playing the new Snake game

Users of Spotify have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with some recent modifications made to the music streaming site over the last few months. Recently, the team behind Spotify has been under intense criticism for various decisions and actions, including switching the like button from a heart to a plus sign and receiving instances of the app crashing when users attempt to listen to music. However, they seem to have succeeded with this most recent update since many gamers have reported getting “addicted” to playing the new game.

One person noted on Twitter, “Saw this on TikTok and thought it was a joke, but for some reason, you can play snake on Spotify now.” (Saw this on TikTok and thought it was a joke).

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the proper way to consume a Spotify playlist?

After accessing a playlist, scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page. You will notice a selection that allows you to “Eat this Playlist.” The game will start if you choose this option and tap on it. You are free to play the game using the guidelines we outlined before.

Why can I only play music in shuffle mode while using Spotify?

If nothing works, try restarting the app: Sometimes, Spotify may save undesired bugs in the cache, leading to problems such as the permanently stuck shuffle function. The application may be reset to its original state by simply restarting it.

Is it possible to play games on Spotify?

Spotify is now available on gaming consoles. Improve your gaming experience with background playback, easy menu access, and top gaming playlists.

What is the deal with Spotify?

The idea is straightforward: Users will be shown two songs and asked to choose the one with more plays up to the current time. If you choose the right track, another competitor (song) will become available. If you select the incorrect music, the game will be over.


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