How to Find Model Number on Samsung TV


If you are having difficulties getting your TV to function regularly, knowing the equipment’s model number is the quickest way to identify the problem and find a solution. If you do not know the device’s model number, you will need to contact the manufacturer. You can accomplish this task on your own, with the assistance of Google, or by inquiring with the retailer. All three methods are available to you. Access to crucial information can be gained by using the model number of the Samsung TV. You will require it to make an accurate diagnosis of the issues. You may learn a lot about the history of your Samsung television by looking at its model numbers, such as the location where it was built, the generation to which it belongs, the country to which it was created, and much more. You will learn how to find model number on Samsung TV by reading the following information. Okay, so here we go:

How to Find Model Number on Samsung TV

On an Older TV:

In most older Samsung televisions, the model number can be located on the back of the television set. There ought to be a label affixed to the goods that read “Model Number.” On top of that, the label should include the product’s serial number and the version number.

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On a Smart TV:

You will need to navigate to the system menu on a Smart TV manufactured in recent years to locate the model number. Because of your specific television model, this strategy may work differently for you than it does for other people.

Please proceed in the manner specified in the following paragraphs to achieve this goal:

1. One can activate the system menu by utilizing the remote control for the television.

Model Number on Samsung TV

2. Select “Support” from the navigation menu to communicate with Samsung and then “Contact Samsung.”

Select "Support"

3. A window will appear independently, revealing the serial number, model number, and software version. This window will appear automatically.

A window will appear

If your Samsung TV does not support the preceding method, you can try using this alternative option instead.

1. Utilize the remote control for your TV to bring up the system menu and get started.

Utilize the remote control

2. Select “Settings” from the menu to access the support options, and then select “Support.”

Find Model Number

3. To learn more about your TV, select the option that says “About This TV.” A window will instantly emerge on the screen and display various information, including the model number, the serial number, the software version, and other data.

see the option "About This TV."

As was previously stated, the method of identifying the TV’s model number may vary slightly from one model to another, depending on the specific TV in question. The model number of your Samsung TV can be found in the menu options, which can be found anywhere on the device.

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Why Do You Need a Model Number?

Samsung developed the model number for a range of internal and external uses. Having the model number on hand is beneficial for several reasons, as discussed below.

  • Retail businesses use this to organise and ensure customers purchase the correct television set.
  • For Samsung to support your smartphone, they will want the device’s model number.
  • If you decide to resell the television, the new owner can search for the model number to get more information about what they are buying.
  • If your TV does not support automatic updates, you will require the model number to download the updates online.
  • Suppose you are about to purchase a new television. In that case, you may check to see if you are getting an updated model by comparing the model number of your existing television to the model number of the new television you intend to buy.

Additional FAQs

Is there a fake Samsung TV?

Because it is difficult to copy the logo without people noticing, a knockoff Samsung television would not have the same logo as the real thing. Instead, counterfeit Samsung televisions feature deformed logos or have their logo printed on stickers that may be removed.

How do I know if my TV is 4K Samsung?

It is possible to access the settings menu in various ways, depending on the type of your TV, but, in most cases, you may find it by hitting the “Settings” button on your TV remote. After reaching the menu of options for your TV, you must go to the “Display” or “Display Settings” area. You can check in this section to see if the resolution on your TV is set to 4K.

Is Samsung TV good or not?

The performance of Samsung TVs is high enough that it is adequate for most purchasers, although, in comparison to other brands, Samsung TVs can be more expensive. They deliver excellent performance and are among the best televisions available, particularly if you are looking for gaming features.

What makes a Samsung TV “Smart”?

Using the remote control that comes with your Samsung TV is the quickest and easiest way to determine whether or not your earlier model Samsung TV is a Smart TV. You can confirm this by using the remote control for your television and pressing either the “Home” or “Menu” button. If there is a list of boxes on the screen displaying the logos for popular applications like Netflix, YouTube, or the Weather Channel, then the television in question is a smart TV.


You can take a few different routes to track down the model number of your television set. It can also help you find information that you are looking for regarding the gadget, or it can help you find things that you did not know previously. Both of these things can be helpful. You may access the model information and any other information relevant to your search by looking at the back of your TV or going to the settings on the device.


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