Lies of P: Wine Quest Location Guide


Chapter 6 of Lies of P takes place on Rosa Isabelle Street, and the first thing you’ll notice is the sound of a woman talking from a neighbouring window. When spoken to, the woman will indicate wanting a bottle of wine from Lorenzini Arcade. Don’t bother looking any farther; you’ve found the wine. Learn about the Lies of P: Wine Quest Location Guide with the help of this article!

Where to Find the Wine for the Old Lady

Lies of P: Wine Quest Location

In Lies of P, the wine is hidden away until Chapter 7. Defeating Chapter 6’s final monster, The King of Puppets will bring you to Chapter 7’s opening area, Lorenzini Arcade.

Chapter 7's opening area,

To find the wine and end the Old Lady quest in Lies of P, go to Lorenzini Arcade and complete the following procedures.

  • The Stargazer at the Lorenzini Arcade can be reached through the massive double doors.
  • A tiny stairwell entry can be found off to your left. Drop down the stairwell.
  • Just keep going straight, and you’ll eventually reach the wine cellar.
  • The wine for the elderly lady is in the cabinet on your right.

The wine for the elderly lady is in the cabinet on your right.

You can also take your time and wander about the Lorenzini Arcade until you find the wine. That is to say; you won’t have to go out of your way to obtain it, as it will be really difficult to overlook while playing the level normally.

Once you’ve located the wine, head to the Stargazer at the Rosa Isabella Street entrance, return to the lady and offer her the bottle of wine. Your kindness and gratitude will overjoy her, and she’ll present you with a commemorative coin honouring the Venini.

You can obtain a Half Moonstone from Pulcinella in exchange for the Venigni Commemorative Coin. Half-moonstones are a crucial component of any upgrade for weapons with a plus seven or higher.

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Where To Find La Bleiwies

The quest-giving lady says to head to the Lorenzini Arcade’s underground wine cellar in search of La Bleiwies. If you’ve made it this far, you know the arcade is a confusing labyrinth of chambers, tunnels, and dead ends.

Finding a certain object in the arcade’s disorganized mess is difficult, but you should be able to acquire it as you explore the space. Miniboss, the acrobatic puppet, must be overcome. Defeating the boss should have earned you the La Bleiwies bottle; if you still don’t, you must have missed it in the following area. You can retrieve it by following these steps:

  • Transport yourself to the Stargazer in the Lorenzini Arcade. When you vanquish the King of Puppets, you gain access to the following stage after the one in the Estella Opera House.
  • Leave the spawn area and head left. To enter the arcade for the first time, you must pass via this corridor.

To enter the arcade

  • Take the underground entrance to the left of the shortcut door to avoid having to step outdoors at all. Likely, you haven’t gotten the wine yet since you haven’t unlocked the shortcut.

Lies of P: Wine Quest

  • If you follow the road that twists and turns down several flights of stairs, you’ll eventually find a spotless room crammed with wine barrels. You may also encounter monsters trapped behind gates and attempting to escape.
  • You can’t move on to the next area until you’ve defeated the Miniboss in this room, which you must do now.
  • Once you’ve defeated the Miniboss, you can go to the next area, where a massive cabinet is stationed against the left wall.
  • Use it to get your hands on that hard-to-find bottle of La Bleiwies. If you comply with Gemini’s request, he’ll bring up the Old Lady again.

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Lies of P: Side Quests

Get your well-deserved Quest Reward by giving the bottle of La Bleiwies wine back to the Old Lady at the Window, and then check out the interesting Lies of P Side Quests. Side quests in Lies of P allow you to learn more about the game’s enigmatic world of Krat and interact with the game’s intriguing characters.

These quests can be obtained by talking to NPCs and setting off certain events, rewarding you with experience resources and special equipment for your adventure. Side missions like Toma’s Quest and Adelina the Actress’s Quest are a great way to learn more about the game’s setting and gain valuable experience.

Lies of P: Quest Reward

But if you give the La Bleiwies wine back to the Old Lady at the Window, she’ll give you your reward for completing the Quest. Return to the Old Lady at the Window on Rosa Isabelle Street after retrieving the wine from the dry wine storage in the Lorenzini Arcade.

Give her the bottle, and she’ll give you a commemorative Venigni coin in exchange. Please have Pulcinella at the Hotel Krat evaluate this coin. As payment, he will give you Half Moonstone, an item used to enhance the quality of blades. This component is required to upgrade weapons from level 7 to level 9.

Additional FAQs

What does the main plot of “Lies of P” hope to accomplish?

Pinocchio’s creator, Mr. Geppetto, is sought after in Lies of P to make Pinocchio human. You make your way around the dreary city of Krat, fighting enemies and making decisions that affect the plot.

Do Other Optional Quests Exist in Lies of P?

Lies of P does have more optional tasks. Interact with fascinating NPCs, explore the depths of Krat’s foreboding universe, and get exclusive benefits. Dig deep into the game’s story and see what you can find.


Join the fascinating Wine Quest in Lies of P to discover the dark and mysterious realm. Search the Lorenzini Arcade’s unflooded wine cellar for the rare La Bleiwies wine bottle. Earn the Venigni Commemorative Coin by returning the bottle to the Old Lady at the Window. Pulcinella at the Hotel Krat will appraise this coin and give you Half Moonstone blade upgrade material. Lies of P promises an exciting adventure.


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