Lies of P Patch Notes


Neowiz Games has released patch notes for version of Lies of P. Since this is one of the first major updates since the product’s initial release, it’s safe to say that it covers a lot of ground. There are several modifications, such as brand-new options, reworked mechanics, and altered monster rewards. It also fixes annoying problems, like the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium’ only using Legion Gauge when grinding with Grindstones. Let’s have a look at what was fixed in the Lies of P Patch Notes

Lies of P Patch Notes

You should read the patch notes if you want to know what’s new in Lies of P This update includes many modifications to the gameplay, the bosses, and the general quality of life. Field monsters’ HP have been lowered, and their chances of breaking their stance have been raised as part of the balance improvements. Drop rates have also been tweaked, with Moonstone and Ergo goods now more likely to appear in your inventory.

Field Monster Balance Changes
Decreased the HP of certain field monsters
Increased the chance of breaking some monsters’ stance and the frequency of stagger
Increased the stagger-able window time
Decreased the HP of all 3 types of Dimensional Butterflies
Adjusted the rewards for some monsters
Increased the drop rate of Moonstone-type items
Decreased the drop rate of Star Fragments
Increased the drop rate of Ergo items
Increased the Ergo rewards of certain monsters that appear after “Lorenzini Arcade.”
Boss Monster Balance Changes
Decreased the HP of ‘Fallen Archbishop Andreus’
Decreased the HP of ‘King of Puppets’ in the first phase
Decreased the HP of ‘Simon Manus, Arm of God
Decreased the damage of ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God’
Increased the chance to break the stance of ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God'”
Increased the Specter’s HP and damage
System Changes Related to the Character Progression Reset
Added the feature to reset the character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms at the ‘Gold Coin Tree.’
Characters created after this patch will now receive 8 Gold Coin Fruits instead of 5 for their first harvest
Adjusted the required amount of gold coins to reset the character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms
Additional Changes
Players will now be able to carry more weight for each point spent on Capacity
Decreased the weight of Amulets that could be purchased with Boss Ergo
Players can now land attacks better when they use fable arts that consume three or more slots. (includes Fable Arts that stack)
Successfully performing the Fable Art ‘Guard Parry’ will now break the monster’s stance
New Features
Now supports the DUALSHOCK®4 & DualSense™ controllers on Windows OS devices
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug with the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium II – Acid Charge’ rarely not working correctly.
Fixed a bug that the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium’ consumed only Legion guage while using Grindstones
Fixed a bug that caused Geppetto’s face to flicker in the cutscene after defeating the ‘Nameless Puppet’ with Graphic Quality Presets – Low
Fixed a typo of Carlo Collodi in the End Credits.

Lies of P balance changes

See how the decreased monster HP and greater odds of breaking their stance in Lies of P have enhanced the gameplay experience. These adjustments have severely harmed the field monsters, as their HP has been lowered.

Lies of P Patch Notes

Players will experience less punishing and more bearable confrontations with these monsters. It’s also now more likely that players will be able to break the monsters’ stances and stun them, giving them a significant advantage in combat.

Additionally, the drop rate of Moonstone-type and Ergo items from specific enemies has been enhanced. As a result of these adjustments, playing Lies of P is now a more pleasant and rewarding experience for players.

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Additional changes to Lies of P

The ‘Guard Parry’ Fable Art can now be used to break a monster’s stance, and the maximum weight can now be increased by an extra 100 pounds. Amulets have also had their weight reduced.

These alterations are made to better the game play and provide players with more tactical alternatives in battle. Players will be able to better prepare for bouts thanks to the more excellent weight capability.

Because of their lighter weight, players will have less trouble carrying and using these potent Amulets. The enhanced attack landing afforded by fable arts also improves players’ ability to put their moves to use efficiently in combat.

And last, the ‘Guard Parry’ Fable Art’s power to break a monster’s stance adds a new dimension to battles, allowing players to shatter their opponents’ defenses and take the upper hand. The reworked aspects of Lies of P will undoubtedly improve the game for players.

Lies of P bug fixes

The Lies of P patches correct several bugs, including those with Legion Arms, the cutscenes, and even a typo in the credits, so that’s something to look forward to. The developers have been working tirelessly to improve the game for the players’ sake.

Lies of P bug fixes

Significant improvements have been made to the Legion Arm, namely the ‘Pandemonium II – Acid Charge,’ which occasionally malfunctioned. In addition, the issue where Grindstones would only drain Legion gauge from the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium’ has been fixed.

There was also a glitch where, after killing the “Nameless Puppet,” Geppetto’s visage would flicker in a cutscene if the Graphic Quality Presets were set to Low. The error in Carlo Collodi’s name that appeared in the closing credits has also been fixed. The developers’ commitment to making Lies of P play smoothly and feel immersive is displayed in these changes.

Other new features in Lies of P

Experience the many improvements and additions included in Lies of P, such as breaking a monster’s posture with the ‘Guard Parry’ Fable Art and improved controller compatibility.

The latest version of Lies of P has improved compatibility for controllers like the DUALSHOCK 4 and DualSense on Windows OS devices. These controllers have a convenient touchpad menu that can be accessed during gameplay. Each point invested in Capacity also increases the player’s maximum carry weight, giving them additional options for equipping things.

The ‘Guard Parry’ Fable Art has also been included, which may be used to break a monster’s stance and provide players an advantage in combat. These new additions make the already fascinating universe of Lies of P even more so.

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Known Issues in Lies of P

When [Use X button for Enter] is not selected, controller settings cannot be saved. This function is only available on PS4s sold in Asia. If you’re having issues with resetting your PS4 controller’s settings, you can prevent this by using the [Use X button for Enter] option, as detailed below.

Known Issues in Lies of P

The ‘Confirm’ key binding is now set to the O button, but you can easily change it to the X button by following these steps:

  • The ‘Settings’ menu can be accessed by clicking.
  • The ‘System’ option must be chosen.
  • Ensure the box next to the “Use X button for Enter” is checked.

Additional FAQs

What are the patch notes?

Even if the changes you’ve made aren’t something most people would care about, it’s still crucial to let your most involved gamers know about them in a patch note. Players’ games will automatically update in Steam whenever a new build is released.

What is the summary of the Lies of P?

Lies of P provides its players a sophisticated setting, a complex fighting system, and an exciting tale. Take control of Pinocchio and live through his arduous transformation into a real boy. As Pinocchio, the puppet mechanoid, you must overcome various obstacles to locate this unknown individual.

Is Lies of P similar to Bloodborne?

From its gameplay to its atmosphere, Lies of P resembles Bloodborne quite a bit. It looks like it was influenced by FromSoftware’s action RPG, but is it as challenging?


In conclusion, the Lies of P patch notes for version include numerous intriguing updates to improve your gaming. This version features boss modifications, gameplay improvements, and quality-of-life changes for everyone.

No matter your experience, these upgrades will make your gaming sessions more fun and rewarding. Get ready to face the difficulties in this thrilling and immersive environment.


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