How to Get Lapis in Minecraft Legends


Lapis is one of the most significant resources for players to locate in Minecraft Legends since it can be used to feed the Flames of Creation and create friends to fight against the Piglin forces of the Nether. Players can find more Lapis by mining it. This evergreen item can be obtained in bulk by various means, including the possibility that the game’s primary antagonists will drop it. Lapis is shown to players right away in the beginning tutorials, and it continues to be an essential tool that they must collect practically all times. Minecraft Legends players can amass various helpful resources and commodities while playing the game. Each resource has its own unique set of applications, but Lapis is arguably the most valuable material you can acquire throughout the game. This post will walk you through obtaining lapis in Minecraft Legends. Let’s jump right in:

How to Get Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Piglins free to roam the Overworld can frequently be found while players are adventuring. These Piglins are the quickest way for players to acquire Lapis. Lapis is dropped by Piglins that are defeated, but players have a limited amount of time to collect it before it disappears forever after a brief period. In Minecraft Legends, going out into the environment and harvesting lapis from wandering Piglins might almost be considered a side mission for players attempting to collect other vital resources like Redstone.

How to Get Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Chests are another type of item that can randomly appear in any biome, and players have a chance of finding them among other resources and treasures. There is a possibility that these containers will include some lapis, typically somewhere between 30 and 40 individual pieces at any particular moment. Since players are sure to obtain beneficial loot as a reward no matter what, they are strongly encouraged to conduct frequent exploration to locate sufficient amounts of lapis lazuli through these Chests.

How To Collect The Most Lapis

The opening of Village Chests that have been left behind following an attack by Piglins is yet another option for harvesting even more Lapis. Players are rewarded with a Chest adjacent to a big Tower when they save a hamlet from Piglins. This Chest contains items that reflect the player’s heroic actions in saving the villagers. These Chests are refilled throughout time and carry approximately 150 Lapis. Players can return to these Chests if they have trouble finding hostile Piglins to kill out in the open world.

Players can return to these Chests

Piglin assaults on the player’s main bases in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft Legends are an excellent way to farm Lapis owing to the more significant number of opponents encountered during these encounters. However, this choice should only matter when players are prepared to fight because enormous swarms of Piglins could pose a substantial hazard in massive numbers. Players should only consider using this option when they are prepared to fight. Players can better prepare themselves for these attacks in Minecraft Legends by becoming familiar with the locations of more Lapis deposits. This resource is used to power spawners constructed to form a defensive army.

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What Does Lapis Do In Minecraft Legends?

In the entirety of Minecraft Legends, lapis is often considered to be one of the most significant resources that players can discover. It can be utilised to spawn golems and other creatures once it has been secured. Players who want to rid the planet of the Piglins plaguing it will need to summon these monsters since they will assist the protagonist in combat anytime they are called. This makes their presence extremely crucial.

presence extremely crucial.

While interacting with a Spawner, the player must pay 1 lapis to produce a golem; however, the player must spend 2 lapis to spawn other monsters such as creepers, skeletons, and zombies. Players can generate the Cobblestone Golem and the Plank Golem during the game’s tutorial, but to recruit other monsters, players must advance the game’s plot.

players must advance the game's plot

After the Night Beacon Base has been destroyed, players can gain the Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie Spawners by defending each mob at their respective Homesteads. However, the Night Beacon Base must first be destroyed to summon Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies.

destroyed to summon Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies.

Players will have a much easier time acquiring lapis if they are successful in their battles against the Piglins that they encounter while adventuring in the globe. Having said that, the quantity of lapis required to take on particular hostile strongholds is very demanding, which means that players are likely to run out of it occasionally.

Where To Find Lapis

In Minecraft Legends, acquiring lapis can be done in several methods, some simpler than others. The Village Chests are dispersed all across the landscape, and opening one of these chests is the most surefire way to obtain a significant sum. The player can open the chest next to the great tower once they have successfully defended a hamlet from an assault by Piglins. Inside the trunk, they will find a reward of 150 Lapis.

reward of 150 Lapis.

These chests are replenished over time. Therefore, whenever a player is low on Lapis or has trouble finding Piglins to loot, they should go back to a village they have guarded and loot the chest located there.

After mining for it yourself, pursuing roaming Piglins is the second most incredible way to earn Lapis. Simply venturing out into the massive globe of Minecraft Legacy, particularly during the night, will almost certainly lead to the discovery of one of these Piglins. When one is overpowered, it will drop Lapis, but players will have to act swiftly to gather it because it will disappear briefly.

massive globe of Minecraft Legacy

Both of these approaches to farming lapis are relatively effective, which means that players who find themselves in a position where they require more lapis will be able to do so in a reasonable amount of time whenever they do so.

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Additional FAQs

What is the best Y level to find lapis?

In the past, you may find lapis lazuli somewhere between the vicinity of Y=0 and Y=28. As you got closer to Y=15 or so, the dispersion of lapis increased, which meant that around there was the most significant area to dig. The majority of individuals, however, just relied on the Y=11 above strategy because it offered superior odds for all other elements and contained sufficient lapis.

What is the best level to find lapis lazuli in Minecraft?

Around level 0 is where you will find it the most frequently, whereas higher levels and lower levels will find it less regularly. The second batch makes an effort to produce four times for each piece, ranging from 0-10 in size and spanning levels -64 to 64 equally. Ore from this second batch of lapis lazuli cannot be broken open and exposed to the air; any ore blocks that would generate if exposed do not breed.

What is the blue stuff in Minecraft?

Sculk blocks are not only interactive blocks but also collect data from the environment around them! They are available in various forms and dimensions, but their origins may be traced back to the Warden, a formidable mob in Minecraft. They derive their energy from the crowd’s movement and the deaths that occur among them.


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