How to Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6


Wall leap is only one of many move sets in Street Fighter 6 that might give you the upper hand over your adversary. Mastering this move is crucial in many fighting games, and Street Fighter 6 is no exception. Your unique world-tour character can also learn it. However, only one in-game character can access it. In Street Fighter 6, the ability to conduct an attack while jumping gives players an advantage over the opposition. In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour Mode, you can travel to various intriguing locations and interact with 18 different characters, each with its own special abilities. Reading this guide, you may learn how to wall jump in Street Fighter 6. So let’s get started:

How to Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6

You are now prepared to use Wall Jump if an enemy attempts to pin you on a side where you won’t be able to move or launch attacks after gaining access to Chun-Li’s playing style. In Street Fighter 6, get close to the edge of the stage and jump in the direction of the wall. Press forward or backwards while in the air, depending on your position. Only a select few characters, like Chun-Li, are inherently capable of using this move.

Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6

However, you can grant your customized character access to Wall Jumping in the World Tour mode. In Chapters 2-1, enrol in Chun-Li’s class to get started. Once mastered, you can create dynamic and surprising fight scenarios by switching sides with your adversary or using the Wall Jump as an escape tactic. Remember that strategic placement on the stage is essential for successful Wall Jumping.

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What Is Wall Jump In Street Fighter 6?

Like other video games, Street Fighter 6‘s wall jump feature allows you to jump to avoid enemy hits quickly. Over it, you can also deceive opponents and strike them while in the air, which is very advantageous. But only Chun-Li can wall jump in Street Fighter 6 World Tour. Therefore, to discover this, you must first advance across the open world until you locate Chun-Li.

Wall Jump Requirement

Finding Chun-Li is your first task because he is the only person who can perform the Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6. Chun-Li will be introduced to you automatically in Chapters 2-1 of the game as you proceed in the World Tour mode and explore the wide world. You can adopt Chun-Li’s playing style once she teaches you how to wall jump when you first meet her.

Adopt Chun-Li’s Playing Style

The next step after learning Wall Jump from Chun-Li is to adapt her playing style; only then will you be able to execute it. To do this, take the following actions:

  • Click the screen button, then choose the Status tab.
  • Click the Gear Tab.
  • The first selection under the Gear Tab will be Chun-Li’s Style.
  • Press it to confirm that Chun-Li’s playing style is activated.

If, when you select the gear tab, you are unable to view the “Chun-Li’s style” tab at the top, your gear tab is now set to display Gear Appearance rather than the effects. To do so, locate the “Gear Appearance” tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on it once to change it to “Gear Effects,” and you’ll then be able to access Chun-Li’s look.

In Street Fighter 6, mastering the Wall Jump unlocks a new level of strategic complexity that combines evasion, attack, and stage control. Although it was initially Chun-Li-only, your custom character in the World Tour mode can get it.

Click on it once to change it to "Gear Effects,"

A tough match can be turned around by adopting Chun-Li’s technique and effectively using the Wall Jump, giving you the upper hand in tense encounters. Remember that location is essential; your skill with the Wall Jump could spell the difference between an amazing win and a heartbreaking loss. To succeed in Street Fighter 6, continue to train, maintain focus, and turn obstacles into launching pads.

Additional FAQs

What are the unique attacks in Street Fighter 6?

A simple action (such as forward, down-forward, back, etc.) plus a button, typically a specific one (such as Medium Punch, Light Kick), are typically used to execute a distinct attack. The majority of characters have at least one distinctive attack.

Can you air block in Street Fighter 6?

Another rookie mistake in Street Fighter 6 ranking is jumping WAY too frequently. The quickest method to reduce the gap is to jump, but doing so exposes you to practically everything. Jumping means you risk being struck again because there is no air block in SF6.

How do you wake up in SF6?

To wake up, a back roll must be executed in Street Fighter 6 right before hitting the ground following an attack. The manoeuvre makes a recovery faster and compensates for the frame penalty of being knocked down.

How do you block grabs in Street Fighter 6?

Players must accomplish this by pressing Square and X (PlayStation) or X and A (Xbox) when the other fighter tries to start a throw. However, they will only have a little window of time to achieve this, so they must pay great attention to when the other fighter attempts a grab move.


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