How to Start Podcast on Spotify


You could want to get your podcast on Spotify, a site that is well-known for listening to podcasts. Millions of prospective listeners in more than 170 countries can access podcasts submitted to Spotify. If you’d prefer, you may still host your podcast somewhere else and use Spotify’s discovery and distribution tools. Spotify allows you to communicate with your listeners, look at your data, and more. This increases your freedom and control and makes joining the podcasting community easier. You may learn how to launch a podcast on Spotify by reading this article. Let’s begin, then:

How to Start Podcast on Spotify

How to Submit a Podcast

You must send your episodes to Spotify through a hosting service like Anchor as Spotify does not host podcasts. The fact that Anchor is free to use is one of the benefits of using it to host your podcast. Here’s how to use Anchor to upload your podcast to Spotify.

1. Click Get Started on the Anchor website to create an account.

2. Enter your account information in the pop-up box, including your name, email address, and birthdate. To send a verification link to your email address, click Sign up next.

3. To verify your email address with Anchor, check your inbox and click the verification link. To display the dashboard, click Continue.

4. You can create your first episode by clicking. Let’s do it.

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify

5. Next, drag your audio or video file here or click the Upload button to start uploading. Using the tools on the left side of the page, you may add things like music and sound effects. To access the episode options, click Save Episode.

click Save Episode.

6. Include the episode’s title, synopsis, and publication date. Then, choose whether the episode is explicit or clean by scrolling down. You may further personalise the show by using surveys, Q&A, and episode art.

7. When finished, click Next to enter your podcast’s name, description, genre, and language. To make a podcast cover using Photoshop, click Continue and select a cover image. Next, select Publish.

click Continue and select a cover image

Your podcast will show up on Anchor and Spotify after it is released. Remember that not all podcast hosting services immediately distribute their content to Spotify. In such circumstances, you must manually submit Spotify with your RSS feed from your hosting provider.

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Select Podcast Availability in Settings as we’re utilizing Anchor. Enable RSS Distribution by scrolling down. Copy the RSS feed link after that.

1. Click Get Started after logging in to Spotify for Podcasters.

2. Copy the link, then paste it into the box labelled “Link to RSS feed” and click “Next.” Your RSS feed’s linked email address will get an 8-digit number from Spotify.

submit a podcast on spotify

3. Press Next to reveal a screen asking you to enter more details about your podcast. Copy the code, paste it into the submit form, and then click Next. Then, include podcast details like your nation, the main tongue used on the show, and the show’s main category.

click Next.

4. Use the dropdown menu that appears after selecting a primary category to choose up to three subcategories that most accurately reflect your podcast’s genre. Next, select Next.

5. After reviewing the podcast’s details, click Send. Then watch for its approval. Most podcasts launch in a matter of hours, although Spotify normally approves new episodes within 24 hours.

Additional FAQs

How much does it cost to start a podcast on Spotify?

The cost of publishing a podcast on Spotify is nothing. You will require podcast hosting to broadcast your podcast to any podcast directory. There are various choices for hosting free podcasts that you can select from. Listeners of podcasts are free on Spotify as well.

Will Spotify pay me for my podcast?

Everyone can use our adaptable podcast monetization tools. Earn money from commercials or directly from your most devoted fans. Available only in certain markets for programs hosted with Spotify for Podcasters.

Do listeners have to pay for podcasts?

The term “subscribe” frequently raises anxieties in consumers who feel they must make a purchase. But no, downloading a podcast is similar to downloading a website’s newsletter. Every time a new episode of a show airs, you receive the content for free.

How long does it take to upload a podcast to Spotify?

Getting your podcast on Spotify can take as little as a few hours, but it frequently takes up to five days to go live. You’ll have to keep an eye out for yourself because, somewhat regrettably, Spotify doesn’t email you to let you know that your show is live.

How successful are podcasts on Spotify?

Over the previous year, we observed a 175% growth in the number of monthly users on Spotify who specifically listen to podcasts. New podcasts appear daily in nations like Brazil and Mexico, where the format is still gaining traction.


Given the rising number of active listeners worldwide, there has never been a better moment to launch a podcast on Spotify. Additionally, Spotify makes it simple and cost-free to share your podcast. Additionally, you don’t require technical expertise to launch a podcast. You can accomplish it if you’re a creative or publisher and have the drive and openness to try new things.


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