How to Sign Out of Roku Account on TV


When preparing to sell a Roku device, logging out of the account is crucial. If you want to switch Roku accounts, you must sign out of your current Roku account. The main entry point to the downloaded apps, bought subscriptions, and personalized preferences is the Roku account. While other device users are using it, you can protect these by signing out of your Roku account. In this post, you may learn how to log out of your Roku account on your TV. Consequently, let’s begin:

How to Sign Out of Roku Account on TV

The Roku TV is simple to set up and takes only a few minutes. Signing in and out of your Roku account on TV is simple. If you already have a Roku account, all you need to do is sign in. If you don’t, you’ll need to make an account first. Although it could take longer, this method isn’t laborious. You may monitor your subscriptions and any additional channels with this account.

You might want to switch or change your Roku account on your TV at some point. Log out of the current Roku account before adding a new one is crucial. Here are some methods for signing out of your Roku account on TV because locating the sign-out, switch account, or log-out buttons can be challenging.

Method 1:

1. Go to the My Roku page on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

2. Login with the sign-in information to access your Roku account.

Login with the sign-in information

3. The devices on which your Roku account is signed in can be found if you scroll down.

4. To disconnect from a device, click on it.

How to Sign Out of Roku Account on TV

The simplest approach to signing out of your Roku account on TV is in this fashion. But not everyone may find the approach above effective. You can use the alternate approach described below if the preceding method doesn’t work for you.

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Method 2:

You attempt to do a factory reset using this technique. You will lose all of the data that was saved there, which is the sole downside of using this procedure.

1. Visit Roku‘s remote home page.

2. Go to Advanced System Settings right away. It may be found in the Settings menu under the System section.

Go to Advanced System Settings

3. You can easily reset from there because the option for Factory Reset is present.

click the option for Factory Reset is present.

4. You might need to buy the subscriptions again because of this. Make sure to terminate any trial plans that may be in effect.

The well-known TV streaming business Roku unites all the top content suppliers on one platform. On a single screen, you have access to all the service providers, including Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and many more.

How to Deactivate Roku Account

The actions listed below can be used to deactivate your Roku account if you no longer need it.

1. Launch any web browser and go to the official Roku website.

2. To log into your account, enter your login information.

3. Select the My Account button in the top right corner.

4. In the Manage Account area, scroll down and click the Deactivate Account button.

5. To confirm your choice, click the OK button.

6. Your Roku account will then be shut down.

Why Do You Need a Roku Account

The short answer is that you need it to use your Roku device. To store all of your preferences and settings, you must connect your device or devices to a single account. You must enter a valid email address to receive notifications and information about upcoming updates and upgrades. You may manage your subscriptions and see your viewing and purchasing history information through your Roku account.

Although it costs nothing to open a Roku account, you will need to offer a payment method. Although you can always go back and change your payment method, you’ll need it to pay for premium channel subscriptions and to purchase some movies and TV series.

Additional FAQs

Can someone use your Roku account?

Your guests won’t be able to access your personal streaming channel accounts or use your Roku account to make purchases when you have Guest Mode enabled. Instead, they are free to use their own subscriptions safely and do not need to log out before leaving.

Can you use your Roku account on someone else’s TV?

The Roku gadgets are indeed designed to be portable. Remember to bring the Roku remote with you because without it, connecting to the new network at the new residence would be challenging.

Can two people use the same Roku account?

You can use numerous devices simultaneously on the same Roku account, yes. Please be aware, nevertheless, that certain channels may have a limit on the number of concurrently streaming devices that are active.

How many people can use a Roku account at once?

You may use the same Roku account to use up to 20 Roku devices. For initial configuration, you must log onto each device. One Roku accounts at a time can only be connected to each Roku device. The channels and purchases will be the same on any Roku device if you connect them to the same account.

Does Roku have a camera?

You can bring up your camera’s feed on your Roku TVTM or Player by simply hitting a button on your remote or utilizing Roku Voice.


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