How to Set Up Xbox Series X or S


Microsoft has introduced its two new next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. These are successors to the Xbox One. Suppose you are one of the fortunate few with either of these consoles, which both represent significant performance improvements compared to earlier systems. In that case, you are probably reading this. This includes improvements to the game’s aesthetics, increased framerates, and cutting-edge technology like ray tracing. Additionally, load times have decreased, making the overall experience more enjoyable.

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S can run all of the same games. However, the Series X often provides higher resolution and framerates than the Series S. Although their inner workings differ, new owners can set up the software and consoles for their Series X and Series S systems in comparable ways. In this article, we will walk you through the process of set up Xbox Series X or S. Okay, so here we go:

How to Set Up Xbox Series X or S

Expect to download some system updates and have the Xbox app on your phone, or have your login information ready if you already have an Xbox account for the first Xbox One Series X or S setup.

1. Plug your console into an electrical outlet using the power cord that came with it.

2. Use the HDMI cable with your Xbox One X or Xbox One S to hook your TV to the game system.

3. Join the TV’s cable end to an HDMI input.

4. You can use an Ethernet cable to link your Xbox to your home network.

5. The Xbox Series X and S can be activated by pressing the Power button located on the front of the system.

6. Install the Xbox app on your mobile device if you haven’t already.

7. Launch the Xbox app and select the Console icon from the menu that appears.

How to Set Up Xbox Series X or S


9. Choose the New Console Setup option.

10. Keep an eye on the TV for a code.

11. The Xbox app will prompt you to enter the code before connecting to the console.

click connecting to the console

12. Watch for the Xbox app to establish a link with your game system. If prompted, allow the Xbox app to access your location and any other permissions to function properly.

Watch for the Xbox app to establish a link

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13. Tap Next once the app confirms it has successfully connected to your gaming system.

Tap Next

14. Keep going in the direction your phone is telling you to go. If an Xbox One is associated with your Gamertag, you will be given the option to import your settings.

15. Press and hold the Guide button on your Xbox controller until a controller diagram appears on your TV screen.

Press and hold the Guide button

16. To continue, press the A button on your controller when instructed.

press the A button

17. Pick the UPDATE CONTROLLER option.


18. Do not proceed until the update is complete.

Tap on next

19. To finish setting up your Xbox One S or X, choose TAKE ME HOME.

choose TAKE ME HOME.

Tips for Successfully Setting Up an Xbox Series X or S:

If you’ve been following along, your Xbox One Series X or S should be all set up and ready to go. Potential snags and solutions can ease the installation procedure or enhance your gameplay later.

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If you want to get the most out of your Xbox Series X or S, both in terms of setup and gameplay, consider implementing the following suggestions.

  • If you plan to gift an Xbox One S or X, set it up in advance. If you plan on giving the console to a kid or teen for a special occasion like a birthday or the holidays, you might want to set it up in advance. When they could be playing, nobody likes to wait around for system updates.
  • Select a suitable site carefully. You should set your Xbox near the TV, but not right in front of it. It’s best to keep your console out of small rooms where it can’t get a good Wi-Fi signal and could overheat. Set it up somewhere that gets plenty of air and isn’t too far from your router.
  • Get a TV that’s compatible with your gaming system. While the Xbox One S can only output in 1440p, the Xbox One X can deliver true 4K resolution. A high-end 4K TV isn’t the best match for the Series S, and a 1080p TV isn’t the best for the Series X.
  • Your antiquated accessories may still function. Do you have an Xbox One? Don’t toss out the controller you used with your Xbox One since it may be used with your Xbox Series X or S. There is no assurance that other accessories will function, though many will.
  • Previous games can be used. Xbox One games are compatible with both the Series X and S consoles. However, physical discs are not. Many of them have been improved visually and functionally as well. Many Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles are compatible with the Xbox Series X.
  • Plan your storage needs. The Xbox One Series X has 1 terabyte of space, while the Xbox One has 500 terabytes. The Seagate 1TB extension drive is the sole authorized means of increasing the capacity. This external drive may be pricey, but it’s as quick as the one that came with your computer. Consider upgrading to a standard USB drive if you live with longer transfer times.
  • For media files, a slower USB device is recommended. The Xbox Series X or S drive should be used first if you must connect a standard USB drive. It’s not as evident if you store movies, programs, and other non-game items on the slower USB device. You can’t run games from a USB drive if it’s too slow to handle the workload.

Additional FAQs

Is it better to get an Xbox Series X or S?

On the other hand, the Series X is the better option if you want to play games on a 4K display. The graphics hardware of the Series S is less powerful and is built more for 1080p and sometimes 1440p images, whilst the Series X is designed for games with resolutions of up to 4K.

Why is my Xbox Series S screen blurry?

If the visuals on your television or computer monitor are hazy or unclear, altering your display’s settings may improve the video’s quality. The following guide will show you how to alter the settings for the screen resolution, colour depth, and colour space of an HDTV or monitor linked to an Xbox console by an HDMI cable.

Does the Xbox Series S run smoothly?

Players of all stripes have discovered that the Xbox Series S is more than capable of matching the frame rate performance of the Xbox Series X and that it typically falls below 30 FPS in only a few of the more populated cities. The version of the Series X is not diminished by moving down to the Series S.

Is the Xbox Series S noisy?

The volume of the noise increases dramatically after the game console has been turned on for ten to fifteen minutes. The vent in the top of the console (black colour) can get quite hot. To ensure the greatest possible location, I ensured that none of the vents were blocked.


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