How to See Who Made Changes to Your Google Doc


Google Docs is an excellent tool for cooperation because it prevents folks from becoming confused about who is doing what by allowing multiple users to make modifications and additions to a single document simultaneously. This feature alone makes Google Docs a good tool for teamwork. Knowing who on the team viewed which document and when might be helpful if you or your company uses Google Docs. It is also helpful to know what time the page was viewed. If your line of work is in a regulated industry, controlling the versions of the data you work with is paramount.

One of the domains in which Google Docs has excelled for a considerable amount of time is version control. Within Google Docs, it will soon be possible to view who made modifications to a document, who saved it, and who shared it. To tell you the truth, this feature works with G Suite and individual Google Documents accounts. By reading the following article, you will discover how to identify the individuals who are responsible for making modifications to your Google Doc:

How to See Who Made Changes to Your Google Doc

You can find out if someone has made changes they shouldn’t have done without locking down the file if you follow these procedures, which you can do if you are interested in version control or if you want to make sure nobody has made modifications they shouldn’t have made:

  • Launch the Google Sheet that will be used for tracking.

How to See Who Made Changes to Your Google Doc

  • Choose to view the version history of the file.

How to See Who Made Changes to Your Google Doc

  • Select Check out the previous versions.

How to See Who Made Changes to Your Google Doc

  • You should see a pane on the right side of your screen that lists all of the saves and edits made to the document in question.

How to See Who Made Changes to Your Google Doc

You should also have the opportunity to view the earlier version of the document, before the changes were made, within that same window. This should be the case. Because of this, you will always have a record of who made what modifications, when those changes were made, and who made them. Version control is impossible without this. It is also helpful if you make some changes, then sleep on it, then wake up and decide you don’t like them and want to revert them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does deleting a shared Google Doc delete it for everyone?

It is essential to keep in mind that deleting a file that has been shared with you will only erase it from your disk; it will have no impact on anyone else’s drive.

Why can’t I delete a Google Doc that was shared with me?

Visit the Google Drive website. Choose “Sharing with me” from the list of options on the left sidebar. Move the pointer to the file you no longer require, right-click on it to bring up a menu, and then select “Remove” at the bottom. You also have the option to inspect the file and then delete it by pressing the icon that looks like a trash can in the top right corner.

Why can’t I remove a shared doc?

Before deleting anything, ensure that the shared drive is empty.

Users cannot remove Shared Drives in Google Drive while there are still files and folders stored in those Shared Drives. This is because the accidental deletion of data by one team member could result in a significant loss for the entire team.

Is sharing Google Docs safe?

Your Google Drive files will remain secure even if you invite others to view them by email rather than providing them with a link that can be copied and pasted. On the other hand, the other individual is responsible for ensuring that your Google Drive link remains secure.


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