How to Play Music in Discord Using Mic?


Discord is a popular communication platform widely used by gamers, communities, and businesses alike, but many people don’t know How to Play Music in Discord Using Mic? It offers a variety of features, including voice and text chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. One of the most popular features of Discord is the ability to play music during voice chat sessions. This feature allows users to share their favorite tunes with friends, engage in sing-alongs, and even host virtual DJ sessions.

There are several ways to play music in Discord, including using bots, playing music directly through your microphone, or using a streaming service like Spotify. Each method has pros and cons, and the best option for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you want to play music directly through your microphone, there are a few things you need to do to get started. First, you will need a microphone that is connected to your computer. This can be a built-in or standalone mic you have plugged in. You will also need a music player that is installed on your computer. This can be iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other music player you prefer.

The use of a Discord music bot

Discord bots are AI-powered tools that can automate actions on the platform. A music bot may be added to your Discord server if that’s what you want, seeing as how the goal is to play tunes. Remember that it is possible to disable bots. If that occurs, you’ll need to look elsewhere for a trustworthy bot to add to Discord.

FredBoat is a music-playing bot that may be fed a URL to a track on YouTube, Bandcamp, Twitch, SoundCloud, or a local file to play. Adding the FredBoat bot, a favorite among Discord users, is a breeze.

To install a music-playing bot on Discord:

  • You may add the FredBoat bot to your Discord server by visiting its website.

How to Play Music in Discord Using Mic

  • Choose the correct server, and then provide the bot access to the selected server.

  • Instructions, such as ;; play song name> for five random songs, are available once the bot has been installed on your server.

  • If you choose this path, a series of unrelated songs will load, and you may choose one randomly. To play the second track in the playlist, type ;;play 2>.

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Play Music Through a Mic on Discord

Instead of a bot or Spotify, an external microphone may be used to play music. This alternative’s sound quality isn’t as high (depending on your gear).

Verify that your computer’s microphone is configured as the primary input device. The next step is to access Discord’s Settings and pick Voice & Video.

While the audio quality won’t be great, it will do in a pinch if you only need to play a few songs or other recordings.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Discord support playing music from a local computer?

There are two primary ways to listen to music on Discord. You may listen to your music collection through Spotify or download a music bot like FredBoat. The automation and interesting extras, like voting to skip a song, make using a bot worthwhile.

Does Discord allow for sound?

Using Discord to keep in touch with loved ones is a fantastic idea. The Discord software makes it easy to send them audio files from your PC or mobile device.


In conclusion, there are several ways to play music in Discord, each with pros and cons. Whether you choose to use a bot, screen sharing, or a virtual audio cable, consider your server’s needs and choose the best method for you. Remember to follow Discord’s community guidelines and respect copyright laws when playing music on your server. Another way to play music in Discord is to use the screen-sharing feature. Discord’s screen-sharing feature allows you to share your computer screen and audio with others in a voice channel. You can play music on your computer, and others on the voice channel can hear it. This method is great if you want to share music from a specific app or service not supported by a bot.


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