How to Pair a Non-Firestick Remote With Your Fire TV


The Amazon Fire Stick can transform a standard television set into a smart one. Nevertheless, if your remote isn’t functioning, it won’t be nearly as clever. Your Fire TV Stick and its remote should automatically pair with each other the first time you set it up after you’ve taken it out of the box, but sometimes the connection between the two can be lost. If you own an Amazon Fire TV, the Firestick remote can be an extremely helpful accessory. Nevertheless, to make it work with your television, the remote control must first be paired with it.

The procedure may differ significantly if you already have other Bluetooth remotes associated with your device and if you are using a Bluetooth remote that the original brand does not manufacture. In this article, we will explain how to link a remote control that is not a Firestick with your Fire TV:

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How to Pair a Non-Firestick Remote With Your Fire TV

Remote controls for devices other than the Firestick need to be compatible. Some kinds of Bluetooth profiles, such as advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP), human interface device profile (HID), and serial port profile, are recognized by Amazon Fire TV (SPP).

The user manual with your remote control should specify the kind of Bluetooth profile it uses. It may also state whether or not it is compatible with Amazon Fire TV. The following is the procedure for pairing your remote:

  • Open the menu for your Fire TV and navigate to the Settings section.
  • Choose your preferred Bluetooth devices and controllers.
  • Choose Additional Bluetooth Devices from the drop-down menu.

How to Pair a Non-Firestick Remote With Your Fire TV

  • Go to the menu and select Add Bluetooth Devices.

How to Pair a Non-Firestick Remote With Your Fire TV

  • After that, your Amazon TV will look for your device using a scan. Choose its name from the list of devices displayed on the screen once it has recognized it.
  • You should get a confirmation message that your remote, not for the Fire Stick, has been paired successfully. After that, you may begin using it in the same manner as you would a standard Firestick remote.


Is there a difference between a Fire TV remote and a Fire Stick remote?

The buttons on the two remotes are made of different materials, which is the only significant distinction between them. On the Fire TV voice remote (left), the buttons are made of hard plastic with a glossy finish, whereas on the Fire TV Stick voice remote (right), the buttons are made of rubbery material.

Can any remote work on Fire TV?

Interchangeability is built into several of Amazon’s Fire TV remotes, but not all of them. If you need to replace a remote that you’ve misplaced or one that’s broken, check that the replacement remote is compatible with the model and generation of your Fire Stick.

Is Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick the same?

The Fire TV Stick, in contrast to the Fire TV, has a slimmer design, which makes it ideal for portable streaming whenever and wherever you need access to entertainment. You will receive an Alexa Voice Remote when purchasing a Fire TV bundle.

Do you need a Fire Stick with a smart Fire TV?

The Fire Stick is used to stream TV shows and other entertainment from your favorite sources. The same is true for your smart TV and its capabilities. You do not need the Amazon Fire TV Stick if you already have access to your preferred streaming applications on your television.

Can you jailbreak a Fire TV?

Go to the My Fire TV menu. To access the Developer Settings, scroll below. First, ensure that ADB debugging is turned on, and then click the Install unknown programs button. This enables you to bypass the restrictions placed on your device.


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