How to Join and Become an Xbox Insider


The tool that enables users to beta test Xbox updates before being made available to the wider public, the Xbox Insider Program, has undergone some significant modifications from Microsoft. Even though the service is accessible to everyone, some levels determine how soon you can test impending system improvements. Players can access a variety of early releases of content for PC and console users through the Xbox Insider program. Early access to console upgrades and a limited number of game or application beta tests are included in this package. Through surveys and mistake reporting, the program also enables you to give Microsoft feedback and receive first access to new announcements. It’s really simple to join the program, and once you do, you may see some of the most interesting new Xbox features. This article lets you learn how to join and become Xbox Insider. Consequently, let’s begin:

How to Join and Become an Xbox Insider

What Is the Xbox Insider Program?

You might want to learn more specifics about Xbox Insider before looking at how to sign up for the program. Particularly, the Xbox Insider program is a tool that lets customers test new Xbox features and even system updates and provide feedback. You can give comments and report any issues or defects you encounter while using Xbox Insider, which functions similarly to Xbox Game Preview.

This enables you to use features before they are officially made available to the general public, such as joining Discord chats directly from your Xbox. Because early access features and upgrades are inherently different, Xbox Insider offers a few tiers where you can choose the kinds of previews you want to receive from the company. The following are these tiers:

  • The Alpha tier: This level enables you to get brand-new features and upgrades as soon as they’re ready.
  • The Beta tier: Only Xbox Insiders who have been members for three months or more are eligible for this tier, which gets upgrades soon after Alpha.
  • The Delta tier: Closer to the upgrade or feature’s general release time than Beta, this tier gets changes.
  • The Omega tier:  Anyone can join this tier, and they get early access to previews of upcoming books.

How to Join and Become an Xbox Insider

You start in the Omega tier when you join Xbox Insider, but as you evaluate more early access content through the program, you can choose higher-level tiers and access even more updates and features.

Several Things to Consider Before Joining Xbox Insider

Even though you can customize the Xbox Insider program to meet your needs, there are still some aspects of the program that you should be aware of before enrolling:

  • You have the option to discontinue your Xbox Insider membership at any time.
  • Because the trial program is in early access, some of the issues and malfunctions you may encounter may impact how smoothly your Xbox system operates.
  • To join some of the tiers that provide you early access to Xbox updates and features, you must apply for an invitation from Xbox.
  • While they are inconsistent in previewing specific updates or features, you can collect Insider XP by participating in Activities to enable future feature and update previews.

specific updates or features

The ability to preview new features through Xbox Insider has some drawbacks that may be overly intrusive to your Xbox experience. Still, even in those cases, you may always change your Insider tier or discontinue using Xbox Insider altogether.

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Sign Up to Xbox Insider

You may want to join up for Xbox Insider and begin previewing updates and features now that you understand what it is and the main parts of the program in general. If you do not already have the Xbox Insider application installed on your Xbox, you must first install it by hitting the Xbox button and selecting the bottom option for Store.

Then, while the store is still open, press the Y button and look for Xbox Insider Hub. To sign up for Xbox Insider and begin evaluating early Xbox features with the Xbox Insider Hub installed on your console, follow these steps:

1. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button.

2. Choose My Games & Apps, then See All.

3. Select the Xbox Insider Hub program from the Apps tab.

Select the Xbox Insider Hub

4. Highlight Previews while the app is open to see all available early-access content.

5. Select Xbox Update Preview to receive early Xbox updates and features.

Select Xbox Update Preview

6. Select Join, then select the tier level through which you want to obtain your early access content.

7. Select Save after you’ve picked your tier list.

With your chosen Insider tier for updates saved, you will be advised that the benefits of Xbox Insider may take a few hours to apply to your account.

Additional FAQs

How much does Xbox Insider cost?

This is a fast one: the program is entirely free no matter what tier you reach.

What are the benefits of being an Xbox Insider?

You may get early access to new games and features on PC, Xbox console, or mobile, participate in playtests with our developer partners, and contribute valuable input to help define the Xbox experience. Your feedback can even earn you extra XP!

How much does it cost to publish to Xbox?

Microsoft unveiled the ID@Xbox Program, which allows independent creators to publish games for the Xbox One. You must first apply for the developer program.


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