How to Get Merchant in Terraria


Get Merchant in Terraria is not difficult. Players in Terraria must endure a protracted and punishing journey to purge the globe of evil forces that disturb the natural order. One of the most crucial components of playing Terraria is the town NPCs. Each NPC offers a variety of bonuses and can sell you special things, which will make your gaming much simpler as a result. Some NPCs, however, are finicky and won’t appear until certain conditions are met. The Merchant is among the first few NPCs you can convince to settle in your town. He is a useful NPC from the start because he will buy anything you want to sell to him. He also sells medicines and other things and is the only place to get the piggy bank item. You may learn how to become a trader in Terraria by reading this article. Let’s start now:

How to Get Merchant in Terraria

Terraria’s requirements for merchants:

  • 50 silver or more in the player’s inventory
  • 1 valid, vacant house

Exploring the underground is a quick and easy way to acquire enough cash for the merchant to move in. There are numerous pots to break open and boxes to loot underground. Pots can appear anywhere underground at any time.

How to Get Merchant in Terraria

Even though smashing them will provide a range of goods, these pots typically hold cash. Brown chests, known as surface-level chests, can be found near the surface layer. These chests contain 10-29 silver coins.

contain 10-29 silver coins.

Plan where your merchant will live once you’ve collected enough silver. To qualify as NPC housing, houses must meet some criteria. The total number of tiles inside the house, including the walls and ceilings, must be 60. The dimensions of the house could range from 5 by 12 to 15 by 4 or somewhere in between. Of course, it can be larger, but it must have a total tile count of no more than 750 to qualify as a dwelling.

range from 5 by 12 to 15 by 4

The house above has a 5-block-long floor and a 12-block-high wall. The house below depicts a 5-block high wall and a 12-block long floor. Both are suitable for dwelling. If you choose the taller house, you must use a crafting table instead of a regular table for the table.

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To the area, add some walls, a table and seats, and at least one light source. If you have more than 50 silver, the merchant should be there the next day. Because NPCs only arrive in the morning, you may have to wait all night to see the merchant move in. The arrival of NPCs in town will also lower the amount of creatures that spawn. Do this to protect yourself and your NPCs.

Additional FAQs

How to get villagers in terraria?

The player must construct a sufficient 10×6 home to spawn all but three of the 25 NPCs (the Guide, the Old Man, and the Travelling Merchant). This comprises a light source, a flat surface item, and a comfort item surrounded by blocks with a door or platforms to access the outside and correct walls.

Is there a love potion in Terraria?

Like Thrown Water in function, the Love Potion is a Hardmode-thrown potion with no practical use. All players, NPCs, monsters, and beasts will receive the Lovestruck debuff after being struck by a solid block, which will cause them to spew red hearts for 30 seconds like the Water Gun’s drip.

Can you have kids in Terraria?

You might opt to have a child once your world improves (certain bosses are eliminated, a particular level of corruption is attained). Possibly not a family. Just a creature that will continue to exist in your universe after you pass away.

Are there vampires in Terraria?

Hardmode opponents, known as vampires, appear only when there is a solar eclipse. If the player is above them, they will change into a bat and try to fly close to them before changing back into a humanoid.

Is there a princess in Terraria?

The Princess, an NPC vendor, will appear after the following circumstances: There is a vacant home. She cannot spawn until Plantera has been defeated. The Cyborg NPC may enter the town (Santa Claus and town pets are excluded).


Congratulations, you can now access one of Terraria‘s original NPCs. A vendor that lets you sell unwanted things offers helpful consumables early in the game and, with enough happiness, can power a tower that will be made available to you by the merchant. You are well on your way to founding a town with the merchant. To ensure that your pylons are energized and that you earn discounts from vendors, keep a check on the happiness of your NPCs.


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