How to Get Fennec in Rocket League


Even though a high degree of skill is required to play Rocket League, there are times when players want to jump on their favorite vehicles and show them off. These moments can be frustrating because Rocket League takes a high skill level. Even amidst all of the drifting, sliding, and flying across the arenas, a good technique can be to distract the opposition team with your decal. This can be an extremely effective tactic. The Fennec is a car in Rocket League that has a plain appearance; despite this, it is one of the most popular cars in the game and is used by many pros in various competitive tournaments. In addition, the Fennec is a vehicle that can be customized in various ways. In Rocket League, the Fennec can be acquired through blueprints, trading, or any other accessible options. In this tutorial, you will learn how to acquire the Fennec in Rocket League by following the steps below:

How to Get Fennec in Rocket League

In Rocket League, obtaining a Fennec can be accomplished in one of two ways. You may first launch a web browser and navigate to the “” website.

How to Get Fennec in Rocket League

It is the most popular website for trading Rocket League items; after selecting your platform, you may type “Fennec” into the search bar to find the website. You have no choice but to purchase the Fennec accessory for your vehicle for 9.59 dollars for an unpainted Fennec. The next step is to buy it by selecting the item from the shopping cart and clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

In Rocket League, this is the second method for acquiring a Fennec. To begin, head over to and register for an account there. Suppose you have been playing this game for a significant amount of time. In that case, you will have accumulated a collection of blueprints and free stuff by completing weekly challenges and dropping in weekly drops. You are required to list those products for sale on our website; you can list them singly or collectively so that interested parties can check them out and get in touch with you.

Click the option

After entering the things, you have to trade, navigate to the Wants tab on the right side of the screen and enter the number of credits you are willing to accept in exchange for the items you are trading. You may acquire an accurate price estimate of any item by going to the website. An example of this can be seen in the image found further down on this page.

going to the website.

You should emerge from the trading session with a respectable stockpile of credits and significantly improved versions of the products you started with. You must next use those cash to look on for a Fennec that is available for trade. When you come across a decent offer, add that individual to your list of friends and then negotiate a price with them.

negotiate a price with them.

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Alternative Ways to Unlock the Fennec in Rocket League

1. Drops

The Blueprints given out by Drops in Rocket League come from a broad variety of series, and depending on how lucky you are, you might acquire a Fennec Blueprint from one of them. In Rocket League, the following are the most common places to find Drops:

  • Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare Drops are rewarded to players that purchase the seasonal Rocket Pass.
  • Rare Drops can be obtained by completing Weekly Challenges.
  • The Season Challenges each award three Rare Drops regardless of the stage.
  • When the 22 Free Season Challenges are completed, you will receive Rare, Very Rare, and Import Drops.
  • Drops can be won as prizes in daily and weekly tournaments if you place high enough in the competition.

Get Fennec in Rocket League

It is essential to emphasize that none of these Drops are certain to provide you with a Fennec as their reward. Put in a lot of work to gather up enough Drops, and if you’re fortunate, one of those enemies will drop a Fennec Blueprint for you.

2. Trading

Rocket League features its very own trading system, which enables users to buy and sell vehicles, such as the Fennec fox. You can request a Fennec from a friend who plays the game or search for an affordable version on a third-party website such as RL Exchange. The unpainted versions are, of course, available at a lower cost, and you may paint them any way you choose later.

It is prudent to establish a second account that serves as a go-between when conducting business with individuals you do not know personally or do not have complete faith. Since Rocket League is a free game, there shouldn’t be any issues with this.

3. Trade-In System

Although the Trade-In system in Rocket League operates a little bit differently than the player trade system, it is still possible to acquire a Fennec through it. It allows you to obtain one item of a higher rarity in exchange for five items of a lower rarity. The operation is as follows:

  • 5 Uncommon = 1 Rare
  • 5 Rare Items = 1 Very Rare
  • 5 Very Rare = 1 Import
  • 5 Imports = 1 Exotic
  • 5 Exotics = 1 Black Market

Because Fennec is an item of Import quality, you will need to trade five Very Rare goods to receive it, and you will have to cross your fingers and hope that it is the randomized prize you get. You will be getting rid of unnecessary designs, and there is nothing to lose in doing so, even though the likelihood of this occurring is extremely low.

4. Blueprints

In Rocket League, if you have a Fennec Blueprint (part of the Awesome series) in your inventory, you can create a Fennec. In this game, there are a few different ways to acquire Blueprints:

Get Fennec in Rocket League

  • Obtainable through chance after playing an online game.
  • Conduct business with other users of the same platform.

Be aware that to turn a Fennec blueprint into a functioning car. You will need somewhere in the range of 500 to 800 credits. You can either purchase Credits with real-world currency from the in-game shop or shell out twenty dollars for the Premium Rocket Pass. The second option is a wonderful deal since you will receive enough Credits to purchase the Pass a second time and some extra Credits that may be used to create vehicles by following Blueprints.

5. In-game shop

Always watch the Rocket League in-game shop since you never know when a Fennec Blueprint will be available there. You’ll need Credits to make the purchase, but there’s no denying this is the quickest and easiest way to get your hands on the automobile.

Additional FAQs

How rare is the Fennec in Rocket League?

Players are awarded rare blueprints at the end of every Rocket League match. The blueprints can then be used to create a Fennec car. Fennec car blueprints are rare, so be patient and hope for the best.

How much is Fennec in credits?

For instance, customers who bought a Crimson Fennec will get 500 Credits back today because the price of a Crimson Fennec has been reduced from 1200 Credits to 700 Credits.

What is the most expensive item in Rocket League?

The White Hat is the Rocket League item that costs the most money to purchase. It is difficult to place a price on it because there are so few of them, but their value is far over 1 million Credits, making them worth more than Gold Rush.


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